Art Opening Weekend in NY

July 1, 2011

Dear YFS,
Help!  I’m intimidated by my Art Opening Weekend in New York!
I am totally intimidated by New York.  I’m not an aggressively fashionable person, but I want to break out my most NY fashion self this weekend.  I’m going from Baltimore to New York to meet my boyfriends friends at an art opening.  This is totally not my world.  I want to be able to walk around and explore Manhattan.  I want to be warm enough to walk down the street with gelato,  I want to look like I fit in at Ma Peche on a Saturday night, and I want to be effortlessly cool at brunch in Brooklyn on Sunday morning.  What’s my fashion!?


An art opening AND meeting boyfriend’s friends? This is kind of a situation! You want to look cute and interesting but you cant look like you are trying too hard. PLUS you want to look unique but don’t want to take too much attention away from the artists themselves. What is the right balance? How do you show off your personality while staying sophisticated?

First… daytime!

When you go to meet new people, you don’t wear anything too revealing or sexy because you kind of get the “who does she think she is” look. Try to dress in an approachable manner with my boatneck tops and cozy coats. Then I add a few conversation starters, like these adorable gold robot earrings (with hearts!) or this book-like Alexander Wang clutch (It’s actually a wallet, but large enough to hold you phone AND your lipstick.) Speaking of lipstick, someone is sure to say something when you casually take out this gorgeous Guerlain lipstick compact to retouch your perfectly pinkish coral lips. Lastly, you wont hesitate to walk to the afterparty in these comfortable and cute suede booties.

Now let’s talk about dinner!

New York is the kind of place where you pull out all the stops for the nightlife. You want to have at least one unforgettable dinner with your boyfriend in Manhattan. Go ahead and work your sexiest heels and take a cab to dinner. Besides, how sexy are you going to look when you stretch out to hail a cab? Just hope you don’t cause an accident with those killer legs and that gorgeous Reiss dress. Add a spiky rhinestone bracelet (this one is less than 10 bucks!) and a faux-ponyskin clutch, a cropped blazer,  and you are ready to see and be seen!


2 comments on “Art Opening Weekend in NY

  1. Love that dress! And lipstick case too! Ok fine, I’m in love with all of it. Great post!

  2. Great items…love them all! Check out MY earrings!

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