I have nothing to wear!

July 21, 2011

I have nothing to wear! How many times do you think you’ve said that in your life? I’m guilty of saying it CONSTANTLY, but it’s not true. I have plenty to wear! It’s just that I always feel so uninspired by what’s in my closet AND I’m not always able to see what’s hiding in there!

I’m currently in the process of figuring out what to pack for an upcoming trip and I realized that I have a great tip for you!



A couple years ago, I started taking pictures of my outfits in the bathroom mirror at work with my cellphone.

I started doing it to stay inspired and challenge myself to come up with different outfits. A few months later I had over 50 outfits documented! It has proven to be a really good way to help remind me what’s in my closet.

It also really helps my crazy planning brain. Look! I’ve already figured out what dresses I’m packing for my trip:



-Get dressed (duh)

-Take a picture of my outfit on my phone

-Save it to a designated folder on my phone

-Upload it to my flickr account (that way I can browse it from afar on a computer)




-Take photos of your hairstyles/haircuts (this can be useful when you’re going to a new stylist and you want to show them how you like your hair)

-Take pictures of your shoes & accessories

-Take pictures of clothes your trying on in the store. You can figure out if you want to go back and buy them.

-See how much your style has changed throughout the year!

-Track weight loss!

It’s kind of addictive.


34 comments on “I have nothing to wear!

  1. Umm yeah, I’m totally having that “I have nothing to wear” dilemma for Christmas. Love the picture idea.

  2. Elizabeth Dec 21, 2011

    Totally love this idea!! Pure genius.

  3. That is too awesome. Too bad my pictures would max out at about 10. I don’t have a lot of clothes. I know! Let’s go shopping! Because I pretty much want your entire wardrobe. It’s too cute!

  4. manderling Dec 21, 2011

    i love all the anthro in your closet!

    • Whoa! I do have a lot of anthro in my closet! Or maybe I just picked out all the anthro photos for this roundup! 😉

  5. Katie Dec 21, 2011

    Homegirl’s got some serious style! Have fun cruisin’!

  6. Hilary Wood Dec 21, 2011

    Cute dresses and good tips!

  7. So great! You’ve got some very cute clothes and you wear them well!

  8. Love the dresses. Get tips. Love the post….now off to Anthropologie :)

    • I haven’t found any dresses there that I’m in love with. It’s been awhile! Good luck!

  9. Great idea! I too have the same issue… lots of clothes (too many) but never anything wear!
    You could also print out and stick pictures on the inside of your wardrobe doors. That’s where I stand and have my morning dilemas!

    • Whoa! Printout stickers sound like a really fun craft project… brain is turning….

  10. love it ! i gotta do this.

  11. This is the simplest, most awesome tip ever! I can’t believe I’ve never thought of it since I take pictures of everything else around me. This project will commence tomorrow. Thanks so much Tracy!

  12. you are my hero. For realsies.

  13. when i started working after university (about 10 years ago), i used to record my outfits in my dayplanner, because i didn’t have many “office” clothes and i was afraid of repeating my outfits to often. this seems like a very 2012 way of bringing that back into my life!

  14. Brilliant! Can I hire you to shop with me for one day?!? You have such great style. I LOVE this idea! Going to make it a new year TO-DO :)

  15. love this! reminds me of Cher taking photos of her outfits in Clueless (i don’t trust mirrors). thanks for another great idea tracy!

    • I almost wrote that! That was seriously my favorite part of the movie (besides Paul Rudd).

  16. I do this when trying to find a nice bathing suit. It’s about the only way I can objectively see what I look like.

  17. So cute! And a great idea for those, “I have nothing to wear moments”

    I keep a folder of all my haircuts of mine throughout the years as a reminder of what looks good on me and what I should never do again;)

  18. Sign me up for that shopping trip, too!

  19. Gasp! I do this! I’m so excited that I’m not crazy for doing this! The only difference is that I always send the pictures as texts to my much-more-fashionable best gal pal who tells me yay or nay on the outfit before I go out in public. I’ve been deleting the pictures on my phone, though, for fear that my sisters or husband will see them and think I’m self-obsessed. It’s becoming an adiction though. Great idea to upload them to flickr!

  20. Emily D. Dec 23, 2011

    I always take pictures of new outfits to a friend and ask her if it matches.

  21. There’s an app for that! Multiple ones, in fact. I use Stylish Girl. You just take pictures of your clothes and can make and save outfits. Then you can make lists for packing, and there is even a wish-list section so you can take notes on where your wardrobe is lacking. It’s very helpful and has saved me a lot of time when I normally would be standing in my closet wondering what to wear!

  22. angela Dec 26, 2011

    What a great idea! Of course, you have to have a wardrobe that hasn’t been completely destroyed by two pregnancies very close together before this is effective…but when mine is built back up, I’ll keep this in mind.

    I would really love to see any ideas you have for organizing a child’s room/toys in your house so that they don’t absolutely take over, but are easily accessible to the young ones. I don’t want my house decorated by toys, but I want my 2 year old boy to have the ability to play anywhere in the house that he goes.

  23. I love that last dress on your “what to pack!”

  24. you are so cute. and i am so inspired. gonna do this.

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