June 13, 2012

Now that I’m starting over in our new house, I’m starting RIGHT!! While I was unpacking a few weeks ago, I started to put stuff that belonged in the linen closet in the linen closet with the intention of straightening it up later. Later was yesterday. The linen closet got a makeover!

Towels galore!

I decided that I don’t want to keep the tupperware container in this closet.

It barely fits on the shelf.

Time to get LABELING!!! I also had my eye on these chevron storage bins at Target a few weeks ago.

When I went to pick some up yesterday, they were on sale! Score!

I decided to stick the label on the shelf and not on the bin. I like the way it looks better.

I continued the labeling with all the other shelves.

That way we know where to find things and where to put them back.

It’s easy.

Don’t you just love a nice toilet paper stack?

I made a space for all of our travel bags & put all of our travel toiletry supplies in a small bin.

I have a lot of extra space in the closet right now.


I fought that urge!

If I find another box labeled Linen Closet from my box hoard, I’ll have room to put more away.

Let’s hope I don’t find another box….

Here’s another overview!

It feels really great to have this done.

I almost want to keep the doors open all the time!!!!!



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  1. You labeled your label maker! I got made fun of when I did that.

  2. Wow it looks so beautiful!! My baking takes up so much time that I’ve really let organization slide.. inspired!

  3. fusilliamy Jun 13, 2012

    Give it up for toilet paper stacks!! Haha :) I’ve been eying those chevron bins too. It’s looking great! I may even go home and do something about my linen closet. Or the cabinet under the my bathroom sink *shudders*

  4. Wow this post is VERY inspirational! Love the labeling – love love love. Me thinks you are another Martha S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Love it! Love those boxes, too. I have the mini ones on my stairs as a way to tackle that “dump zone!”

  6. Holly Jun 13, 2012

    You’ve just given me a great idea. I’ll store my towels in my bathroom cabinet and put everyone’s toiletries in separate bins in the linen closet. That will solve the space issue.

  7. I have the EXACT same label maker my college roommates bought me years ago as a gift to mock me, but the joke is on them. The label maker is still used and I just used it to organize my own linen closet!

    • Tracy Jun 14, 2012

      You should them!!! I’ve had mine for YEAAAAARS. I’m gonna pass it down to cooper one day 😉

  8. Love the bins with shelf labeling! I recently started the towel roll instead of fold and stack method. I’m totes into it, looks neat and they seem to fit better. :)

    • Tracy Jun 14, 2012

      I’ve wondered about the towel roll. I think that my OCD brain would be really annoyed if they weren’t perfectly rolled.

  9. so lovely! these posts have really inspired me to get my home in order . thanks for sharing your ideas and for not pretending things get organized magically.

  10. How many towels do you think is a good number to have per person in the family? I have been wanting to clean out our linen closet and I kind of feel like we have too many towels but I wonder if you can have too many? And what should the criteria be for getting rid of them?

    • Tracy Jun 14, 2012

      depends on the hair length of all of your family members. My guess would be TWO per person.

  11. I love all the empty space! That always makes me feel refreshed.

  12. I seriously nerd out with you on these posts, Tracy!

  13. I really love this one! I am really bad about my linen closet. We have our bandages stuff and extra toothpaste stuff and heating blankets and cleaning supplies and more salves and bandages (we have boys…)
    I feel like mine could be purged. I need to do like you’ve done and get bigger bins and just organize that way. I have tiny bins that overflow! :(

  14. rockinchick66 Nov 6, 2012

    I’m just organizing my linen closet this week and you’ve given me some great ideas! Must add label maker to my Christmas wish list! Must also go shopping for some bins!

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