The Office: BEFORE

June 20, 2012

FACT: I spend A LOT of time at the computer in my office.

ANOTHER FACT: If my desk isn’t clean & organized, I’m a basket-case.

For the past few weeks I’ve been tripping over boxes in order to check my email until FINALLY!  I HAD ENOUGH. I slowly started organizing the space this past week. I spent a good 7 hours working in there yesterday while I was working from home and I’m pretty close to done. BUT! I want to wait until I’ve organized the inside of the closets and cabinets before I show the big reveal. I also need to make sure there are no more office boxes to unpack! That would be super tragic if there were!

Here’s a Before photo. It’s just been a place for me to dump stuff.

This was my plan of attack:

People who are High Straightenence like me LOVE to put books away.

I like to put all of my books on the shelf FIRST and then organize/adjust by height.

It calms the beast inside me.

You’ll see the end result in the reveal next week.

With that said… Lemme elaborate.

Always dust & clean off the bookshelves before you put books on them. That’s just common sense BUT I sometimes get the urge to settle into unpacking and organizing and then I think of my husband who always reminds me to DO IT RIGHT the first time around.

The KEY here is to empty out EVERYTHING. Even if there’s a box that is full of stuff you don’t want to deal with, it’s BEST to deal with it now. Sure, everything is going to be chaotic for awhile, but you have to really think about the stuff that you want to keep in your office.

EVALUATE!! Even though I purged a lot of stuff before we moved it, I found that there were many things I don’t want/need anymore.

While I was evaluating my stuff, here’s what went through my mind:

Do I want to keep this?

Can I make room for this?

If I don’t deal with this now, when will I deal with it?

I decided to put all of the tupperware containers away in the closet to see if they would fit. THEY DID! I plan on going back in sometime this week and organizing it. You’ll see that all next week.

Here are some interesting things I encountered while organizing:

-Not everything fits in the same way it used to in my old house. We had three large cabinets that I put all of my stuff in and I assumed that not my tupperware containers would fit in this ONE office cabinet. After going through all of my boxes I found out they did! Now I just need to organize everything in those containers…

-I don’t need all the organizing supplies I used before at my old house. This new office has an actual desk with CABINETS. No more using dressers to keep my supplies in. Nope! In the next week I hope to figure out what I will put in each cabinet.

-I have a TON of artwork from college that needs to be taken care of & art supplies I can donate to a few of my friends who are teachers.

Time for a break! I’m gonna bust my butt this week so I have something GOOD to show you!


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9 comments on “The Office: BEFORE

  1. Great post! All of your packing/moving tips are really helping me get prepped for another big move out of state. It’s really nice to organize books also by color as well as height, just fyi. I like a rainbow motif, but any pattern looks beautiful!

    • Tracy Jun 20, 2012

      YES! I did that with my cookbooks! I contemplating doing that with this office, but I realized that I would have to keep adjusting the shelves (which were a PAIN) if I found other books (and there are plenty!) that I need to put back on the shelves.

    • I love how it looks too, but I am weirdly ocd about alphabetizing, so I would freak out about that! Not for me I guess! :)

  2. Oooh can’t wait to see what you come up with! As an apartment dweller, I’ve learned that what I have in terms of storage in one apartment could be drastically different from what I’ll have at the next place. Should be a challenge when I move again this summer!

  3. can’t wait for your total reveal. btw, i LOVE the built-in shelves and desk area you have goin on in your new space. tons of storage!

  4. I love the idea of donating art supplies to teachers. Great idea, Tracy!

  5. You are such an organizing inspiration. haha. Can’t wait for the final reveal next week!

  6. Tracy…this is bad. I think one of my guilty pleasures has now totally become looking at your before and after pictures. Sooooo satisfying! Good luck with all the work, you are a master organizer.

  7. Sarah McGalliard Jun 27, 2012

    LOVE the built in desk and cabinets. This is a dream for me! I am currently strugging to design our office and I am coming to a screeching halt every time. Can’t wait to see the after.. hopefully it will inspire me!

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