July 5, 2012

Another project completed around the house! Hall Closet BEFORE & AFTER!

Here’s the BEFORE:

We are still in the process of moving in/moving my parent’s stuff out of our new/old house so things are a little chaotic around here. The hall closet has been sort of a dumping ground. I had two boxes of shoes & some random bits in there. See?

I was getting really frustrated with this situation so I put a little high straightenence on it! Booya.

Since I don’t have as many shelves in this new kitchen as I did in my old, I decided to make this Hall Closet part prop closet.

I’ve got tons of space!

I moved everything out and sorted.

I took out all of my shoes and counted them. I am not telling you how many I have.

If you tell me I have too many, we can’t be friends.

So I counted to see how big of a shoe rack I needed to accommodate my shoe hoard.

And after a few days (an hour or so each day) this is where we are at!

All of our jackets are hung up. I have all of my napkins hung up too. You can see how I sorted them when I organized my Paper Station. Remember?

Cooper has a little area where he can dump off his shoes & backpack from school. I might put a little rack out for him.

I’m not sure yet!

And the shelves are now filled up with stuff that won’t fit in my kitchen.

I’m still playing around with this, but I like the way it looks so far.

And the shoe rack….I picked it up from the Container Store! I thought that I was going to go for a stackable one, but this whole unit fit the bill!

It fits a lot!

Casey’s shoes are to the right now, using the old racks we had.

I hung up this canvas bag on the coat rack so I could have a place to store all of my reusable shopping bags.

I’m sure I will probably switch some stuff around, but for now I’m pretty happy with it all.

Now if I could just get everyone in my household to put their shoes away…





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20 comments on “ORGANIZED: HALL CLOSET

  1. What a great hall closet, so HUGE!! I wish mine was even half that big. Great job, it looks amazing!!

  2. spectacular job!! that is one great shoe rack full of great shoes! i need one 😉

  3. Amanda J Jul 5, 2012

    That shoe rack is totes amaze. Link, please?

  4. Wow what a transformation! I just LOVE before and AFTERS!!!! Your new/old house is really coming together. Whoever invented THE CONTAINER STORE is a god to me!

  5. You have inspired me! My hall closet is nowhere near as big but I love the tip of hanging up tablecloths – much better than squishing them up [like I currently do].

  6. Holly Jul 5, 2012

    I’m trying to keep up with you, but I’m still working on my linen closet. With four cats who love to hide in in there when company comes, I had to rearrange everything and will need to install baby locks for the upper cabinets. I also need to paint the doors. Next I’ll dive into the hall closet. Love the shoe rack!

  7. Your closet looks great! Thank you so much for giving me permission to store kitchen gadgets with clothes! I’ll be moving soon and have been toying with storing kitchen stuff, well, everywhere. I’m glad to see that wouldn’t make me too weird.

    • Tracy Jul 6, 2012

      As long as there’s a door to hide it all, who cares??! You know what I’m sayin’?

  8. I too have a hall closet that is forced to serve as part-shoe, part-kitchen supply, part-holiday decoration storage, and part-tool & cigar humidor storage. You give me hope that it might be possible for my things to live in harmony in a small space!

  9. Cooper needs more shoes :)

  10. Darcee Jul 8, 2012

    I need that shoe rack….and some of those shoes…..and that big closet for that matter!!! I have 3 small hall closets, none of them a practical size, sigh.

    Oh, and if anyone ever tells you that you have too many shoes, ignore them, go buy another pair:)

  11. I’m so envious of all that space. I had to put a moratorium on buying kitchen props because we have no where for them to live. Sad face.

    Also, we have the same fondue pot! Mine was my grandmother’s, and came with a bunch of fondue forks in their original, very 1960s packaging. I can’t wait to use it!

  12. That closet is definitely HUGE. I love it. Also, I really like the idea of hanging napkins.

    • Tracy Jul 12, 2012

      It is pretty big…and there’s actually a lot of wasted space on the floor….

  13. I am so jealous of your closet. I live in a teeny cottage with 2 closets, a small one in the bedroom, and the other is being used as an office! We currently have an epic shoe mess in our hallway, and I just bought two of these shoe racks to whip it into shape (my husband has even more shoes than I do…). Thanks for the inspiration, Tracy!

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