Packing Tips & Tricks: Part 2

July 6, 2012

Now that I’m in the unpacking phase, I thought I would give you the rest of my Tips & Tricks for the packing process. I learned A LOT this move. Lemme share it with you:

Start the moving process early. Once you get the green light and the keys to your new place make every trip to your house WORTH SOMETHING. Even if you are dropping by to check on something, bring a car load with you! These little trips add up. Bring cleaning supplies over to your new place ASAP. You can’t put ANYTHING away until your rooms are clean.

Decide which rooms are the most priority rooms to set up & pack accordingly. Cooper’s room, our bathrooms & the kitchen were my high priorities for our move. These were the rooms that would help us feel at home right as soon as possible.

-Put all of the priority stuff LAST in the truck. For this move, we rented a Pod. It was great  because we could pack up our house in the middle of the night and take our time with it. We found out after we confirmed our reservations that there were hidden fees. If you have the time and money, a pod is a good way to do it.  Here is my advice with a pod or any type of truck you might be packing: PUT THE LOW PRIORITY STUFF IN FIRST. Some of the boxes I needed were in the way back and I had to move boxes to find them. It’s not a fun process. Have a game plan of what needs to be moved at what interval with whoever might be helping it. Team work!

-Be smart about packing things up! Don’t load stuff on top of fragile boxes. If you have suitcases, fill them up with stuff! Use every inch of space you can AND when you’re packing a truck/pod, it’s super important to build a walk way into the space.

-Keep a check list. Online spreadsheets are great. It’s really good to have a place to brain dump. Moving is stressful and can keep you up at night. Put your thoughts somewhere.  Make a list for things to sell/buy/addresses to change/chores to do, etc.

– Be good at anticipating how much time you’re going to need to pack  & move. Hire someone if you have to! On the last day of packing/moving I had Casey call in some help. We had three professional movers come in to help with the last few bits. What took them two hours would have taken me 12. It was well worth the time and stress! I know that this will be our last time moving for AWHILE so it was important for us to invest in this.

-Use reusable grocery bags to help transport stuff. I have a surplus of these bags, and it was easier to throw items in a bag & carry them into our new place than load up a box, label the box and then move the box.  The only drawback is that it’s hard to see what’s in each bag.

-Don’t hold onto junk- evaluate if it’s worth moving! Don’t be lazy about it. Don’t say that you are going to sort it out when you get to your new place because if you open a box and don’t want to deal with it, you are likely to never open that box until your next move.  Remember that you are starting a NEW home. Not all of your stuff will fit in your new home (both psychically and emotionally).

-Box up your essentials for living. Toiletries, plates, cups, dishware…. It could be just enough for a couple of days.

-If you are moving with kids, make sure their favorite toys are with you and you have enough stuff to make their new room feel like their space. Moving can be really hard on them and YOU so prepare yourself for that.

-Don’t be cheap. If you have money to afford movers, DO IT. Taking shortcuts to save money can sometimes cost you in the long run. Your time is valuable!


If you are having movers help you, be ready & organized for them!

3 comments on “Packing Tips & Tricks: Part 2

  1. Jenny Jun 10, 2012

    I wish I had the money for movers >

  2. When I was moving from a 4-story walkup with no AC in the middle of a hot Chicago summer, I hired movers, even though I thought I couldn’t really afford them. They moved all my stuff in 2 hours. Best money I have ever spent.

  3. sashaanne Jul 24, 2012

    I’ve moved twice (more than a thousand miles each time) over the past year. I’d also say pay for a cleaner if you can (and are moving out of an apartment). It was so stressful trying to move and clean our old place just to get a security deposit back. Start packing early- like a month and set small goals for yourself!

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