My Crazy Laundry Brain

July 25, 2012

Laundry. Oooooh Laundry.

I’m about to air my dirty laundry here. You ready? OK!

So, I only like putting clothes into the washing machine and washing them. I do not like sorting them out to wash, folding them OR putting them away. Buuuuut! The way it works in our household is that I am the laundry doer.ย  Which means I’m kinda screwed.

Here are the facts: I do an average of 6 loads of laundry a week. Occasionally the husband will step in but I usually don’t like the way he folds things so I get all control freak about it and take over. He’s exceptional at sock sorting so I exploit that strength when we’re watching TV…

This is how it works. I do laundry once a week and it usually takes me 2 days to work my way through it. When the laundry load comes out of the dryer, I dump it out onto my bed to sort. My bed is kind of the designated laundry hub. It’s centrally located between our laundry area & Cooper’s room. I would totally use the laundry area, but it’s usually a mess and it’s right under Cooper’s bedroom. I’d wake him up if I worked there during nap time or bed time.

I’m pretty good at sorting and slightly OK at folding. Although I’m not as good as I want to be at folding I learned early that GOOD ENOUGH is GOOD ENOUGH. Martha Stewart has her linens pristine & styled. I cannot be her. No one can. What are your thoughts on folding undergarments? {Discuss}

Back to sorting…

I like to make piles on my bed while sorting. Here’s what it looks looks like:

My crazy brain takes over and I imagine that I’m an octopus reaching back and forth between piles. I wish I had 8 arms…

I fold things and put them in empty laundry baskets. I only do this for Casey & Cooper’s laundry. If I am working on my own, I immediately put things back in my closet. If I keep stuff in a basket, I never put it away. I just pull items from the basket when I need them and then the basket gets destroyed. I know this about me.

Because my husband is a grown man, I make him put his laundry away. It saves time and I want him to see how much work I’ve done folding his clothes ๐Ÿ˜‰ I let him hang up his clothes too!

But Cooper…Cooper can’t put his laundry away (properly). One day I will have him trained, but for now I am the main person who puts laundry away.

This is what Cooper’s laundry situation looks like:

I have a trick for his PJs (which I secretly like folding).

You fold the pants. Then you start to fold the shirt.

You put the folded pants at the edge of the shirt. Then you fold the shirt up.

And you have a little pajama package. The pants are nestled in the shirt and you can stack them.

Does that make sense? I also have a MISSING SOCK trick. It’s changed my life!

I feel the greatest sense of accomplishment when I fold Cooper’s laundry. It’s so small & compact. But it’s sad when there are items I have to put in the “this doesn’t fit anymore” pile. That’s another post I’m working on… Dealing with kid’s clothes!

I put all of his clothes back in a basket. I have a system.

I line the bottom with the underwear, socks & pants and then I fill in the gaps with the PJs and shirts.

I take this basket full of his clothes and put it by the stairs leading up to his room. When we’re putting him to bed at night, I put all the stuff away.

OK now that you’ve seen some parts of My Crazy Laundry Brain, I need YOUR HELP.

How often do you do laundry? Do you save it up for one day or do you do a load every night? GIVE ME YOUR TRICKS because I want to be better at laundry. I’m really not doing so great at keeping on top of it these days.

Thanks in advance!


73 comments on “My Crazy Laundry Brain

  1. Katie Apr 25, 2012

    I read somewhere and I completely forget where, sorry… but to give each household member a mesh bag (zippered is best I think) for their socks and undies… come laundry day.. throw the whole bags into the wash and drier and when you finish they are ALREADY SORTED! I don’t have any kids yet, but this sounded amazing to me!

    • Adeline Apr 25, 2012

      That is *genius*!

    • Heidi Apr 25, 2012

      I have these mesh bags and they are fantastic (especially for little socks that tend to get eaten by the washer) — the trick is getting everyone else to buy into the system.

    • THAT is amazing.

    • Jenna May 15, 2012

      Good Luck with that :)
      signed–“Hyper-vigilant (don’t ever say anal!) mom of three who must let go of such fantasies :)”

  2. Question! Related to laundry but maybe not so related. Does anybody else also always getting the mysterious hole around the tummy area of your shirt or tanks? It is sooo annoying. I wear shirts with jeans on a regular basis (am a student), and I don’t wear belts, but where did the holes come from? I do laundry with my bf and strangely his shirts do not get holes.

    • Amanda Apr 25, 2012

      YES!!! I have no answers as to why or how to avoid the holes, but I just wanted you to know you are not alone.

      • Tracy Apr 25, 2012

        YESSS!!! I know what it is! When you are wearing pants with a button on it and you’re doing dishes at the sink, the button wears a hole in your shirt. Tuck your shirt in while you’re doing dishes and you’ll avoid it.

        • Ah! I’ll try that trick with my intact shirts from now on. I also do a lot of washing glasswares as a lowly member of the laboratory…

          • Rachel Apr 25, 2012

            Do you wear a lab coat when you’re in lab? I know that some of the chemicals I work with in my lab can eat through clothes. Before our boss bought lab coats we usually had holes in our shirts at “lab bench height” from the chemicals.

          • Yes, we do. Ahhh it’s scary to imagine the chemicals that can go through your clothes (or more)! I immediately though of my personal nightmare: hydrofluoric acid.

          • thought*

    • Yes I get that too and it drives me nuts! I have two hypotheses: (1) I get them from leaning against the granite countertop in our kitchen while I’m doing dishes or (2) I get them because I lean up against other things and the waist of my jeans pushes my shirt out and it snags on stuff. Maybe the reason your bf doesn’t get them is because his shirts are looser? I hate that this happens and know exactly what you’re talking about.

      • LOL if so, then the reason he does not get the hole is because he doesn’t do the dishes. Nor the laundry. I hate him. (Not really.)

    • Kayleigh Apr 25, 2012

      My step mom actually told me it’s from your seat belt! I don’t know if that’s true or not but where I get the holes in my shirts it makes sense. But I find I usually get holes in the shirts that are thinner material so I try to avoid getting those types when I’m shopping.

      • Amanda Apr 25, 2012

        Eh…I wear my seat belt once in a blue moon (I know, I know) and I still get them.

        • Noemi Apr 25, 2012

          I once read some sort of reply from a clothing store (American Eagle, maybe?) that they claimed that the holes you get on the bottom of your tank tops or t-shirts (especially those with more flimsy material) are from when you pull them down by the edges. I know I am constantly pulling my tank tops down when I wear them under other clothes, and they do get holes along the bottom.

      • I don’t even drive… but you’re right… women shirts these days are so thin! Most of the time I have to layer so I don’t show my underthings.

    • OMG this was driving me COMPLETELY. TOTALLY. INSANE. for the longest time because I couldn’t figure it out. Finally I discovered that it was my shirt sandwiched between my jeans any my keyboard tray that was slowly rubbing a hole in EVERY SHIRT I owned. I adjusted the keyboard tray and haven’t had a single hole since.

  3. My laundry situation is a disaster, but I am blaming part of that on being in the UK! We have MUCH smaller washers and no tumble driers (at least I have never had one) so I do a load, then hang it up, then a day or two later it is dry. Because of this I pretty much always have some dirty laundry waiting to be washed. The only advantage that I have is that I have no children dirtying up any extra clothes.
    Here is the only laundry trick I use: if you have any greasy spills (butter, spaghetti sauce, etc) I just use a bit of water and a drop of dish soap and rub it with my fingers before putting them in the machine as normal. It totally works.

  4. I don’t fold, I roll shirts,, boxers, etc. Roll em up! It is faster, saves space, and they don’t get wrinkled!

    • I totally do this with my tops, and I agree – they don’t get wrinkled! They’re also easy to find in a drawer because you can have them all in a single layer.

  5. I fold my washing as I take it off the washing machine or out of the dryer otherwise it sits in the laundry basket forever because it’s just to off putting to fold and put away all at once, and it takes no time to put away once it’s been taken off the washing line of its already folded

  6. Monica Apr 25, 2012

    Laundry is the one area that I am organized with. Whenmy boys were babies I did a load a day. Because they are close in age but not the same size I did each child’s clothes as a single load. If they had a new dark item I would wash it with my darks occasionally to let the extra dye bleed out then move it to their loads. I have never colored their whites. I don’t use bleach so I don’t need to worry about that. So my loads would be adult darks, adult lights, boy 1, boy 2, towels, sheets. On the extra day I would throw in the bathroom rugs, or our robes, sometimes I would just take a day off. By doing one load a day and putting it in when I go to make breakfast I could fit in the folding and putting away into my schedule. Usually I could put it in the dryer by the time the kids left for school and then would fold it later that day, sometimes not til night. But with only one load at a time it was never overwhelming. Now that my boys are older they mostly do their own laundry. They put it in before they leave for school, I move it to the dryer and they have to fold and put it away when they get home. They roll their clothes because they fit into the drawers better and they can get what they want to wear without digging through a pile. They also have a dress code so have most of their clothes that hang in their closet. I tend to get two loads of laundry done each weekday now, and don’t do any on the weekends. Now if I could only get my office work this organized and stay that way. :)

  7. Adeline Apr 25, 2012

    Psychic – was just talking at lunchtime with the colleagues about how I wish I could go back to being younger so I could properly help my mum with laundry and stuff. I’ve no idea how she did it for 5 people, with no tumble drier for years.

    My mum’s trick is pre-sorting, even if it’s just piles on the floor in front of the washer, according to colours/temperature. People are responsible for putting their stuff in the piles, and then you only have to toss it in the washer.
    Also, no folding underwear – I put them all in a wire basket!

  8. I do wash DAILY or every OTHER day. For sure Fridays are for sheets and towels. All the other days of the week are for clothes. Since my machines are in my redone kitchen, it’s not so terrible to throw in a load and make breakfast – or lunch or dinner… I just HATE when the family does not take up their PILES that I’ve FOLDED – and yes I am the control freak laundress and folder of the clothes in this house – SADLY!

  9. I line dry, indoors and outdoors, year round, so from the washer most items are put on hangers to dry. I sort them by person as I’m placing them on the line. From there, it’s straight into the closets. Done! No folding. No wrinkles. Everyone puts their empty hangers in their bedroom laundry baskets so they come back to the laundry room for the next round.

    When my kids were little they were assigned a single sock and undie colour/brand/make/model each, so it was easy to sort them. No sock pair matching required. And this way a mom can tell who’s going commando by who isn’t putting undies in the wash!

    That’s all I’ve got. The hanger thing works well for us. You’re way more methodical with the folding etc. than I am. I gave up on folding because it all got messed up as soon as a kid would pull a shirt out of the drawer from the bottom of the pile. Maybe Cooper isn’t doing that yet… I use my OCD quite thoroughly in other realms though. lol.

  10. I start the laundry when all of the baskets get full or I just can’t take it.. Husband folds it. We have a large utility room with a big counter by the washer and dryer so it can kind of sit there until Hubby folds it. He prefers to fold it as he is the best. I will take a pick at some point and send it to you. Folds undies into little packages. The first time my parents saw how he folds clothing they were a gasp. I think it is the fact the he has a touch of OCD and is a Math nerd. Serious right angles all over the place.

    Great Post! I see Cooper and my son have similar t-shirt syles…Go Target. Also can’t wait to hear about childrens clothing. Those darn baby socks are the worst!

  11. Heidi Apr 25, 2012

    This is exactly how laundry is in my house (except a little extra, because there the clothes of two little boys with dirty knees in my hamper.) But I LOVE washing it, HATE folding/putting it away. I will get a bunch of stacked up (i.e. my family starts complaining that they have no clean clothes — no, you have them, it’s just in a laundry basket waiting to be folded and put away) and then I tackle it all. I dump it out, sort it by person, then thing, then fold. I also make my husband put his away, because seriously, I’ve enough at that point!
    I’m actually really glad to see how you do things… because now I know that what I do isn’t being lazy, but a system :)

  12. So weird. . . our laundry techniques are pretty much the exact same. Love doing it, HATE putting away. And my dump spot is the couch, which is an extra incentive to get it all folded up and put away. . so we can actually sit down on the couch, not a pile of laundry. But that happens sometimes too. . .

    Love the tip about folding kids PJs. David is really particular about wearing matching PJs so he’s not happy when the pants and top don’t match and that’s a battle no one wants to fight at bedtime.

    • i tried doing the dump spot in the living room and it STRESSES me out. I mean…it’s good motivation but if I get interrupted and can’t finish it it stresses me out too much.

  13. I am so jealous of all you people with washers and dryers in your home! I live in Brooklyn and I need to go to my (rather crappy) laundromat where I have to sit and wait for the washing machine to be done so that I can load the dryer. Then I walk the whole pile home and fold it there while listening to podcasts. I’ve bought a ton of socks and underwear for me and my husband so I can get away with doing laundry every 10 days. But now we have a baby on the way and I am dreading the upcoming laundry situation. :(

    • jenny Apr 25, 2012

      omgggggg. YES! let’s hear it for those of us without our own washers and dryers. I am seriously so over the schlepping laundry someplace (fortunately, it’s in the basement of my building, but that comes with its own sketchiness/issues), saving quarters like some kind of obsessive laundry squirrel, dealing with appliances that have broken because some other tenant has jammed the coin slot, or filled the thing too full, or WHATEVER, etc. when I visited my sister last spring, I watched her do laundry in her own apartment and vowed that I would never complain about doing laundry again if I could just have my own w/d.

      for the time being, I, too, do laundry about once a week, and then it’s a massive quantity that’s all sorted by lights/darks/types of clothes/types of wash cycle/etc. I don’t mind the folding so much–I kind of enjoy it in an OCD way–but putting it away? ugh. it’s the last step that I enjoy the least.

      p.s. this whole discussion really delights the organization nerd in me in a way that’s a little disturbing… :)

    • and the worst thing is if you don’t bring enough quarters….

  14. Jessica Dawson Apr 25, 2012

    three words: rolling clothes rack

    I had one right next to the dryer – its worth making space for, because only HALF of my laundry actually went back into closets – the husband and two girls (4 & 11) took & hung their things. (My work clothes stayed there since I was up the earliest – this way I dressed without waking anyone.)

    Now, unfortunately, we live in a complex and I have to schlep my laundry downstairs and do it all at once etc. I did shorten the laundry rack though, and I use it for the little one’s clothes so she can see and choose her own outfits.

  15. my husband is a sock sorting champ too…which I am so thankful for since sock matching feels like torture.
    up until a month ago I was doing laundry once a week, recently I’ve started doing a few loads a week. I feel like it breaks it up and makes the task seem less daunting, but, I do sort of feel like I am endlessly doing laundry…so, I’m not sure which is better/worse.
    and, for the record, I don’t fold underwear. my husband likes his folded, so he does it himself. I just don’t see the point.

  16. I am kind of lucky in that my husband does the laundry, but he has a few tricks. He only washes laundry one day a week. We each have our own laundry basket and so that means 4 baskets of laundry 1 day a week. and then usually 1 load of towels or so. I wash the linens myself when I change all the sheets (but I do it on a different day of the week) It somehow doesn’t seem so bad then. He washes, drys, and hangs up hanging items in the laundry room on a rack we have as they come out of the dryer. Anything that needs folding, he folds..and then the folded items are put back into the individual laundry baskets and it is each person’s responsibility to put their clothing away. We have a 16 yr old and a 9 yr old–so they can do that pretty easily. Plus about once a month he makes the 16 yr old do all his laundry himself as good life practice ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I really like your pj idea! Oh we also have a wire shelf above the washer and dryer where he puts too small clothing. We save all the kid’s old clothes for my sister who has kids a few years younger. So every time she comes over I make sure and check the shelf for items to give her. This helps keep the “too small” stuff from making their way back into drawers.

  17. I wash clothes for 2 adults and 1 toddler twice a week, Tuesday night and Friday night. I get them in the washer after dinner and the dryer before bed. I fold them the following morning, either before work on Wednesday morning or before we get busy on Saturday morning. Then the clothes get put away before going to bed that night. I don’t have time to do the wash from start to finish in one day, I’ve been doing this system for about 2.5 years and have found it works best for me. I used to have a routine where I would do wash on the weekend and it completely stressed me out that I would have to spend my Saturdays and Sundays scrambling to get a couple loads of laundry done before the work week started again. Now it’s just done little by little and it’s something I can manage. Full disclosure, I’m not so great about other laundry (towels and sheets, etc) so they get done randomly. I can only do so much and chose to let some things slide.
    Oh and I fold socks and underwear. Once I tried not folding my underwear and just stuffing it into my drawer and it drove me crazy. Granted I now fold and then stuff, but it starts out folded.
    I’m looking forward to your dealing with kid’s clothes post. I just got rid of a ton of baby/early toddler clothes and pared down the amount we are storing for a unknown time in the future. it felt great to part with it!

  18. Lauren Apr 25, 2012

    I am also the sole laundry do-er in my house (me & hubs) and my system is very much like yours.

    I use one hamper (everything clothing related goes in here), 2 baskets, many floor piles to sort about 6 to 9 different types laundry loads: whites & very light colors, blacks, bright & dark colors, denim & heavy items, delicates, sports/gym clothes, sheets, towels, and rags. I usually have enough to wash 4-5 loads every weekend.

    I usually start with whatever pile is largest & have the 2nd basket ready to go. Once the 1st load comes out of the dryer, I dump it on the bed, grab another pile off the bedroom floor and repeat as needed. I use the same system of dump it on the bed, sort, fold & put away.

    I perfer doing it all on a Sunday. I like to start my week with fresh sheets and empty hamper. If I miss a Sunday for whatever, I am stuck with doing a load every night, till the following week. And that is no fun! I consider it a good day when I can fully clean up the kitchen from cooking dinner on a weeknight!

    I think you are dong great Tracy, there is no way to ever be ahead of laundry, there will always be more!

  19. I have to admit, I have it pretty great when it comes to laundry…my father-in-law (bless his soul!) has been doing our laundry since I was put on pregnancy bed rest last February. We drop off/pick up at his house twice a week on nights when he ALSO cooks us dinner. He folds things differently each week so I have to refold for things to be the same size, and he has odd ideas about what does and does not belong on hangers, but I’m not complaining :)

  20. Lauren Apr 25, 2012

    oh! folding is very my where my control freak side comes out. I work in the apparel field and like my closets to look neat and merchandized.

  21. I’m lucky that I have free laundry in my building, but during the school year I never seem to have the time/energy to do it. It’s usually done every week and a half. I really need to wash my sheets now, which I don’t do often enough. Gross. Tonight, I’ll do it. I have to. It’ll do me good.

  22. i HATE laundry! seriously … HATE. i thank my angels (usually on a daily basis)that i married a woman (amanda) who has no problem picking up my slack in the laundry department. that being said, when we first got together, she would get frustrated that me and our son would throw the clothes into the laundry basket inside-out. she’s a tad bit anal about things like that {she also has her closets color-coded by clothing style and type}. after a few months of frustration on her part, she solved the problem by washing, drying and folding our clothes inside out and simply not worrying about it anymore. now, when clothes are given to kaleo (our son) and i to put away, 75% are inside-out but neither of us complain because we know that we’ll get stinky looks from her. amanda usually does laundry 2 or 3 times a week. most of it is comprised of soccer uniforms and schools clothes from our 6-year-old, and beach stuff (including towels) from our weekends. we don’t have a dryer so everything is line-dried; although not very convenient, it helps our clothes to last a whole lot longer.

  23. I don’t mind doing laundry, but I hate folding. Our routine is pretty easy, on Saturday morning my husband carries it all down stairs, then I sort it and start. First with my husbands uniforms, (so that he has lots of time to iron, and so that they Re ready for Monday morning, then I continue on with the rest of the laundry.
    I try to do it at the weekend because here in Belgium, that is when the electricity is set at a cheaper price…

  24. I usually do the laundry once a week, unless we’re running low on certain clean items, like undershirts & socks. Then a special load will be done. I rarely let my boyfriend do the wash because he always ends up putting stuff in the dryer that is supposed to hang/lay flat to dry & ruins my clothes.

    I’m great at getting the clothes into the machines & folding them/hanging them when they are done, but I am AWFUL about putting them away. I usually have a continuing pile of clean clothes stacked on top of the dryer. I dig through the pile to get what I want to wear that day & leave the rest. Keep in mind, these are all MY clothes. My boyfriend always takes his stacks & puts them away in his closet or dresser. I’m still trying to get him to put mine away for me. :)

  25. I am absolutely terrible. I’m a single girl (21) and I probably do laundry about once a month (I guess I have a lot of clothes and I purposely have LOTS of underwear). The only problem with this is that when I do laundry it is usually because I am out of underwear and have no other choice, meaning that I get stressed about it. It’s also a huge undertaking and due to that I get overwhelmed and rarely does it actually make it into the closet, dresser. I’m moving soon and my plan is to try and start new habits by being in a new place. I would like to do laundry once a week (maybe the same day I have my weekly prep cooking day) and get it put away. I’ve tried everything including putting the laundry on my bed, but I either push it to the floor or sleep on the couch (I kind of love sleeping on couches anyway).

    I have problems, I know, but I hope to learn from all of you, you sound so organized!

  26. I do laundry once a week too. As each load comes out I fold and call everyone to come and get their stuff. If I am lucky it doesn’t end up on the girls desks and makes it into drawers and closets. When the girls were younger I used to pay them to put it away neatly. Now they just have to do it ๐Ÿ˜›

  27. Folding underwear…hmm I do fold underwear, but only because I feel that it fits better into my drawer and I can pick out what I want to wear easier. If that doesn’t matter to you, then I see no real reason to fold them. It took me a while to get over actually handling someone elses’ underwear…then I remember that they’re CLEAN and I’m good.

  28. Ksenia Apr 25, 2012

    Ok, ladies, you all are going to be super jealous right now.. because yes, my boyfriend does most of laundry! And he is better at it! I always help to fold clothes and put them away, but he always carries loads/baskets. By the way, surprisingly our dump spot is also on the bed. It is just so much more convenient this way.

  29. Christin Apr 25, 2012

    I do a load of colors every other day and a load of whites on Sunday’s. With four kids and a business to run, I cannot take two full days away to do laundry:-/. I also DESPISE folding and putting away, and especially hanging, so to lessen the load to a load every other day makes it a bit smoother:)

  30. Kmarie Apr 25, 2012

    Wow! the laundry post got the lengthiest comments ever! There is a shirt folding trick on YouTube (or google: shirt folding Japanese style) that makes folding shirts fun!
    Thanks, Tracy, for another inspiring post :)

  31. Jahnelle Apr 26, 2012

    I gave each of my kids a laundry day and they are responsible for their own stuff – I still help the youngest (he’s 4). I wash everything else (mine, husband’s, towels, etc.) I’m a pretty quick folder – I touch everything only once, and fold while I sort. Then I dump hubby’s stuff on his dresser (I know! Proof of my hard work!) and put my own stuff away. Often I have stowaways and just fold them and put them on the owner’s dresser. I’m decent at getting laundry done, but since I don’t have a fabulous sock sorter in my house I have to admit I totally suck at socks. I’ve been meaning to try the mesh bag system, but wonder if I will drive myself crazy trying to get my crew to actually PUT DIRTY SOCKS IN THE BAG …

  32. dana828 Apr 26, 2012

    I feel like I am CONSTANTLY doing laundry…but really I think I do it about twice a week (for hubby, 2 kids, and me). Thursday is always laundry day, as it’s the day I work from home and can get it done between phone calls and computer time. My bed is my dump zone for two reasons–one, I can watch TV while I fold, and two, because I can shut the dog out if she is in a sock/underwear stealing mood. I actually like folding laundry, but I am HORRIBLE at putting it away! My clothes and my husband’s get put away just fine, but the kids…ugh. At 8 and 10 you’d think they could get their own stuff put away when I leave it on the bed for them. But no, I usually find it on the floor the next day after they have kicked it off the bed overnight…and it will stay there unless I go in and stand over them while they put it away, or break down and do it myself.
    One huge problem spot for me, though, is the top of our dresser. Somehow clean clothes, towels, etc. seem to pile up on there rather than making it to their homes. Well, I should say one side is clean clothes, and the other is my husband’s “after work” clothes–the ones he wears for a few hours after work and will put on again the next night. Apparently they can’t be actually put away in between…

  33. I live in an apartment and dream of the day when I have my own washer and dryer!!
    My fiance and I do laundry once our baskets are overflowing or one of us has run out of underwear, whichever comes first! (I’ve even resorted to wearing bathing suit bottoms a few times! haha!)

    It’s too much of a hassle to do it all the time so once we have a big BIG load we go to the basement and do 4-5 loads at once then spend the night folding. I have worked in a lot of clothing stores so my folding skills are pretty awesome and I’ve been able to teach him how so I don’t have to do it!!

  34. Deborah Apr 26, 2012

    My laundry load is similar to yours, but lately, with two small kids and one who is potty training with lots of accidents, it’s utterly overwhelming. I don’t have any handy tricks to offer. I use four laundry baskets for sorting/carting and my new dump spot is the bench seat in the play room. It takes me so long to get through from sorting to fold/put away that even if I’ve done six loads, the hampers are still overflowing. I am sole laundry lady, my husband will do a load if he is out of underwear, but I am the only one who cares enough to put it away once washed. My kids are too little to help. I’ve tried, believe me! They begin to “help” then before I know it my already folded laundry ends up in various places around the room as picnic blankets or it gets flung around as superhero capes.

  35. My husband is a one-time-wearer of all of his clothes and we have 20 month old twins so I feel like I am doing laundry

    My policy is to try to have every laundry basket empty by Sunday night so we can start the week off fresh. I ususally start laundry on Thursday nights and I pretty much do it throughout the weekend. I probably do 6-10 loads a week.

    One of my favorite systems is to put a load in the washer when I go to bed and then put it in the dryer when I wake up and then fold it that evening, and another load goes in the washer. I also dump it out on our bed so I am forced to fold it before I go to sleep.

    I also like to time myself and set goals like trying to get through all the folding and putting away in 10 minutes and then seeing if I can improve that time with the next load.

    • Tracy Apr 27, 2012

      Ahh. I need to add a timer to my situation. Timers ALWAYS help me.

  36. My underwear folding solution: I don’t fold it! I have a mesh bin that I just throw it into. That way I can pull it out of my closet and find the pair I want without digging through a drawer & unfolding half the pairs in the process.

    • Tracy Apr 27, 2012

      I used to fold boxers and then Casey told me that I was wasting my time. It was like HALLELUJAH!!!!!

  37. My babysitter used to come twice a week and she folded and put away all the laundry. It was amazing. Now she only comes occasionally at night and you can bet I leave her a pile to go through. (She says she likes doing it.) One of my New Year’s resolutions was to do, from start to finish, a load of laundry everyday. The thinking was that if I do one a day, I don’t get overwhelmed by the giant pile. I’m trying but it certainly does not happen everyday. Why do you sort and then fold? It seems like that takes more time than necessary.

    • Tracy Apr 27, 2012

      Because I like to get on a roll of doing something. I prepare myself for “shirt folding mode.” Does that make sense? I told you I had a crazy laundry brain!

  38. My fun fact: I like to fold towels in 12ths. First in half. Then in thirds. Then in half again.

  39. I fold up my sheets and one pillowcase and stack them in a pile. Then shove it all into the last pillowcase. Also, no underwear folding, I just lay it flat and put it at the bottom of the underwear pile (so they all get used equally… cause I’m crazy like that!).

  40. Every time I read a post like this it makes me SO SCARED to have a husband and kids in the future! I used to hate doing laundry but now I feel so lucky to do it about every two weeks and not every day like many of you with families. I am a single girl living in France as an au pair, so I am lucky to have free laundry around the corner from my apartment at the house of the family I work for. They have a really good American style washer/dryer, plus a huge drying rack. Sometimes their cleaning lady will even iron my clothes that I have hung to dry – I never understood why you’d want to iron until that happened! The only hard part is schlepping it up and down the stairs but after reading about doing loads EVERY DAY?! I am almost going to enjoy it now! I fold underwear so I can stack them neatly.

  41. My trick is to make sure my socks are all right side out when I take them off so I won’t have worry about turning them right side out when I’m matching them up

  42. Betsy May 3, 2012

    Love this! Sounds like you and I are VERY alike laundry-wise. No kiddos yet, but I do laundry about once a week for my husband and me – usually on Sunday, which means if we go out of town for the weekend the laundry sitch gets way out of hand. And you just made me realize my subconscious strategy for leaving my husband’s clothes in the basket – I knew I did it because he’s a grown man and can put his own away, but I TOTALLY also do it for the credit and never really realized that …. thanks for that self-realization :)

    The one caveat ….. husband doesn’t use a towel more than once so towel laundry is more frequent and he has to participate in that more actively as a result.

  43. I too have a problem with laundry. My room is crazy looking because of clothes.

    I like how you fold the kid’s PJ! I’m definitely going to have to do it. There’s always a problem when my boyfriend takes a bath for our son with his clothes. I think this is a solution for the problem!!

  44. Gotta say, that pajama trick? Genius. Wish I had a kid just so I could do this!

  45. If laundry only consisted of sorting, washing and throwing in the dryer i would LOVE it. The folding and putting away is for the birds!! lol

    I think part of that is due to my experience in retail and having to fold countless piles of jeans, shirts, etc. I can attribute the remaining part to my need to execute the perfect Gap fold on all of my clothes. Again, thanks to my retail experience. Once you fold Gap, you never go back.

  46. Michelle Jun 13, 2012

    Woah, I can’t believe how much laundry people do!

    I’m a single girl living in Sydney, so laundry once a week for me (or less frequently if I get away with it!) I do one work clothes wash and one fun clothes wash. We line dry almost everything in Oz so it goes straight on the hanger and on the line, which is so much easier when you have to bring it in ๐Ÿ˜€

    Underwear I go through phases of folding or not depending how much time I have…

    If/when I get married the husband shall be doing his own laundry ๐Ÿ˜›

  47. Laundry is a real pain. Worst part is sorting and folding. Found a great solution for not having to sort socks. We use the sock clip Saves us tons of time and now never lose a sock.

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