Organized: Under the Kitchen Sink

August 15, 2012

Here’s another 30 minute project I completed this week!

The under the kitchen sink cabinet!

Remember when I cleaned out & organized under the sink of our old place?

Man. I miss that kitchen.

What you see here is a mash up of both my mom and my cleaning supplies. Time to weed things out & clean!

Uggh. It’s pretty crazy in there. I cleaned everything out/vacuumed & sterilized the bottom of the cabinet.

Then I sorted through all of the items to see what I wanted to keep of my mom’s and what I was gonna put aside for her to sort through.

And here’s the after. I decided not to re-line the bottom with contact paper because I didn’t have the time to cut around all of those pipes. It was a little more involved than I had time for. But! I think it looks OK. At least I can see what I have now. I might move stuff around eventually and put a garbage can under there. Not sure yet!

To the left I have a bin of my cleaning supplies & a lineup of paper towels.

To the right, I used my mom’s bins and stacked the dish-washing stuff on top and rags on the bottom.

So now when I look under the cabinet it’s not as bad.

Another 30 minute project done. BOOM.

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13 comments on “Organized: Under the Kitchen Sink

  1. dana828 Aug 15, 2012

    Nice! Organizing under my sink is the top thing on my “list of things to do when the kids go back to school next week”. I love these posts–such great inspiration.

  2. Ohhhh that’s what I need – stacking bins! I have dish towel storage issues. Thanks!

  3. donna1425 Aug 15, 2012

    Don’t make me look under the sink….PLEASE??? :0) Actually, this is a perfect reminder to me that under the sing was ignored during spring cleaning. I need bins! GREAT idea.

    • Tracy Aug 15, 2012

      Get under that sink!!

      • donna1425 Aug 16, 2012

        Is it enough that I now have that on my TO DO list??? I even blogged about it so now I HAVE to get it done or lose face :0)!

  4. Now that is a 30 minute accomplishment!! I am inspired to look around my house for a 30 min project… I think that weeding my garden is first.

  5. Awesome, as ever. A cheap, instant, probably-tacky-but-totally-works-for-me bin is the large mixed lettuce plastic bins fm. grocery stores. Good height to keep bottles upright, you can see right through it to grab your fav. sponge, easy to clean, is free and is re-using! =)

  6. I know it’s probably personal preference, but I’m curious if you keep all your cleaning supplies in one place.

    We just moved in to a new place this summer, and I’ve put supplies in the hall closet, but there’s not enough space for the multiples. So I’m separating what’s open/in use, and what’s extra. But, I also like the idea of having something handy in the kitchen for quickly cleaning up spills. But that would mean having supplies in 3 different places and that seems weird to me.

    So what do you think? Everything in one place, or do you have things set up in different areas, (kitchen, bathroom, etc)?

    • Tracy Aug 16, 2012

      I don’t keep it all in one place. In this new house there’s a couple of floors, so lugging things up and down the stairs isn’t an option. I keep cleaning supplies underneath the sink upstairs for quick access. Otherwise, I’m scattering that stuff ALL AROUND THE HOUSE. It’s all about convenience. Not having supplies close at hand is an excuse for me not to clean.

  7. heather marcus Aug 17, 2012

    can you please come to my house and be my personal coach?

  8. Norma75 Sep 6, 2012

    OMG!!! that place of the kitchen really scares me, I never know what I’m about to find down there but I will make sure I will fix it in some way like this by the end of this week. Thanks for the pics :)

  9. Jean-Luc Oct 31, 2012

    Ikea has some nifty bins with bottom rails that are easy to install. It’s easy to put bottles in the bins and then just slide it out along the rails. It ensures I don’t have things hiding in the back of the cabinet and I can get at them easily.

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