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Planning a Family Get-Together

High Straightenence by Tracy Benjamin

A weekly column celebrating the neat freak in all of us.

It’s almost Labor Day weekend.  I’m having 15 people spend two nights at my house. What are you up to?

The key to me not freaking out about this is to stay organized. Frankly, I love entertaining because I love the planning aspect of it. Any excuse to make a TO-DO list is just fine with me.

So this is how I’m staying organized. I have several lists going on right now.

First list to kick it off is the WHO THE HECK WILL BE THERE, list?

I kinda map out what meals we’re going to be having. This is my first list.

Then I map out the days on other piece of paper and put down the different meals we’ll be having.

Later on I fill in the blanks after I’ve done some brainstorming.

When I’m brainstorming the food, I print out recipes and figure out what needs to be bought at the store.

Since we are having a huge family get together, I gotta make a Costco list but there are some things at regular stores I need too!

There’s much more to add, this is just a start.

I like to write down the food I’m making on my list. It helps me not forget what I have to do!

And then I like to break it down to what I need to do on each day in the kitchen/shopping wise:

Lastly, there’s stuff TO DO AROUND THE HOUSE.

I make a huge list & then the husband and I divide & conquer.

Now a mass email goes out to all my sister-in-laws about food & sleeping arrangements and hopefully they’ll email me back and fill in the blanks. In a perfect world, they would all respond back to the email, but in reality I get a few emails, text messages, and messages through husbands of what is going on. And we all know how accurate a husband’s message is. Ha!

Wish me luck!


Tracy Benjamin

Tracy Benjamin is obsessed with good food, great photography, and pretty things.