Planning a Family Get-Together

August 29, 2012

It’s almost Labor Day weekend.  I’m having 15 people spend two nights at my house. What are you up to?

The key to me not freaking out about this is to stay organized. Frankly, I love entertaining because I love the planning aspect of it. Any excuse to make a TO-DO list is just fine with me.

So this is how I’m staying organized. I have several lists going on right now.

First list to kick it off is the WHO THE HECK WILL BE THERE, list?

I kinda map out what meals we’re going to be having. This is my first list.

Then I map out the days on other piece of paper and put down the different meals we’ll be having.

Later on I fill in the blanks after I’ve done some brainstorming.

When I’m brainstorming the food, I print out recipes and figure out what needs to be bought at the store.

Since we are having a huge family get together, I gotta make a Costco list but there are some things at regular stores I need too!

There’s much more to add, this is just a start.

I like to write down the food I’m making on my list. It helps me not forget what I have to do!

And then I like to break it down to what I need to do on each day in the kitchen/shopping wise:

Lastly, there’s stuff TO DO AROUND THE HOUSE.

I make a huge list & then the husband and I divide & conquer.

Now a mass email goes out to all my sister-in-laws about food & sleeping arrangements and hopefully they’ll email me back and fill in the blanks. In a perfect world, they would all respond back to the email, but in reality I get a few emails, text messages, and messages through husbands of what is going on. And we all know how accurate a husband’s message is. Ha!

Wish me luck!


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26 comments on “Planning a Family Get-Together

  1. I have the same organizing/planning strategies! I can’t imagine a life without lists upon lists!

  2. Wow. That is SO cool to see. And how great is your handwriting? It REALLY helps me to see your process. THANKS. I’m impressed by the SCALE of your task. phew! (*breathe*)

    We have 3 people visiting right now (cousin & her fam.), and I don’t even really feed them (tho’ provide eggs, bread, cooking venue, etc.). Then they play in Yosemite all day, and return at night tired, dirty, already fed, and super, super happy. And they share their stories of adventure, with bright, shining eyes, and huge smiles. SO cute. I LOVE being base camp.

    • Tracy Aug 29, 2012

      Ahh thanks! Handwriting is super important to me…as you can tell! If I have crappy handwriting on my list, I have to start over…which just further proves how anal I am.

      • Siân Sep 4, 2012

        I totally feel the same way about messy handwriting and having to start again if messy handwriting makes an appearance. My husband just laughs.

  3. Fleur Aug 29, 2012

    Love love love your handwriting and cool layouting!

  4. Mrs. P Aug 29, 2012

    You are awesome, Tracy Shutterbean! Guests for brunch/lunch and a very occasional party are about all I seem to manage right now. (Do you have a secret Mary Poppins to look after Cooper?) 😉

  5. Bubble water?

    • Tracy Aug 29, 2012

      you know… with gas…bubbly…sparkling…what have you…. :)

  6. I do the exact same thing – except we never have that many people stay with us because a) our house is too small and b) I think I would have a panic attack and hide in the bedroom until everyone left.

  7. The organization is killing me! You are too on the ball, lady. I am jealous. I have both kids crying right now as I try to veg for a second. Can I come over and make a great escape. Have a wonderful labor day weekend with your family. Eat a rib or four for me…won’t ya!

    • Tracy Aug 29, 2012

      you should come over some time!! for real.

      • Tracy! I was just thinking that a ShutterEgg and Schwartz familia get together would be awesome. We could all geek out about food and all things Breaking Bad…oh and popcorn. Lets do it!

  8. i love this! i teach high school and make a to do list for my students every morning. they love it.

    • Tracy Aug 29, 2012

      ooooh!!! i would have LOVED that if my teacher did that. good on you!

  9. Linda Renzulli Aug 29, 2012

    Oh no, Tracy, this weekend was my bright idea! I forgot how “list-ty” you are. This party is our housewarming gift for you (at your own home since we live out of state). Phil and I will stay till Tuesday to clean up, promise! I bought you a bribe gift… will that help 😉
    Love from your MIL

  10. This is amazing and has inspired so many blog posts for me. Homefries is the best!

  11. Jenny K Aug 30, 2012

    You are my kindred spirit! Love the power of The List…to calm , collect, brainstorm…lists are the only way I get anything done. My brain is easily scattered with a 3.5 and 1 year old. 😉

  12. Morgan Aug 31, 2012

    Love this!! Do you use printer paper or something sturdier?? I’m totally anal too and so when one my lists gets a crinkle, I start over. Insane, I know… (oh, and good luck!!)

    • Tracy Aug 31, 2012

      I use printer paper or whatever paper I have lying around!

  13. I love making lists too. I can’t do it without lines though!

  14. You’re awesome. I bet you have a favorite pen(s) you write with. Would you mind sharing?

  15. carrieloveskeith Sep 5, 2012

    Whoa… is that all your own handwriting, or did you use some kind of cool font for the “Saturday/ Sunday” etc.? If that is your own handwriting… I don’t even know. Just, wow!

  16. LIST NATION! Thanks for all the great tips! Preparing for that much company can be stressful and a well-planned trip to the grocery store does wonders (PS your carnival slaw recipe is the bomb)

  17. Karen Sep 13, 2012

    Love this post…I am ready to entertain!

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