Topped With A Bow

October 2, 2012

The holiday season is easily the best time of year for the everyday gentleman to flaunt his refinement. Back-to-back holiday parties invite a little semi-formal flair, and as recent years have shown, appropriated antiquated men’s formal wear is on the rise. Waistcoats, suspenders, brogue Oxfords, and bow ties have not only made their way back into modern dress, but even casual wear. Hence the proper man has little excuse not to polish up the cuff links for a special occasion and impress. A fitting starting point I think is the bow tie. No, not the clip-on. The real kind.

I first donned a bow tie for my uncle’s wedding when I was a youngster. Yeah, it was the tux store pre-tied variety, but it felt classy to me all the same. And that was hardly the last time. I’ve come to be most likely the only guy in the room wearing a bow tie, not that I mind. Over-dressed will always trump under-dressed, and makes a statement of panache.
Of course there’s the issue of how to tie a bow tie. Hit up the next yard sale you pass or vintage shop and grab a bow tie, then follow these simple steps. You’ll be dashing in no time.

Flip up that collar. Position the bow tie so it hangs longer on one side.

Cross the mysugardaddysite longer side over the shorter.

Holding the shorter side at a taught diagonal, tuck the longer end up behind and pull straight upwards.

Maintaining the longer end perpendicular, fold the shorter end in half so it makes a bow shape over the knot.

Drop the longer end of the tie down over the bow and grasp both with one hand.

With your other hand, pull the long tab up behind the doubled end of the bow in such a way that it’s folded into three equal parts.

Insert the resulting loop through the knot behind doubled bow carefully.

Lightly adjust knot, bow and tabs until even.

Voilà! With a little practice it becomes simpler than a Windsor knot.

Ring in the new year right, with mad swagger.

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