Kitchen Drawers: Part 2

October 28, 2012

Let me introduce you to a few drawers in my kitchen that drive me BONKERS. Haha. Bonkers. I totally typed that word.

First up. This “equipment” cabinet/drawer situation up there. It’s a cabinet that has two pull out drawers and I always JAM it with things instead of putting things back properly. The problem is that there’s too many things in those shelves that don’t belong. SORTING TIME!

Here’s the grand BEFORE. This is the top pull out drawer. Yikes.

I took everything out. Cleaned the drawers…OF COURSE. Then I analyzed what was in there and decided to move stuff around and free up space.

Here’s the after of the top shelf. Having negative space around the items is KEY. That way when I go to put something back I know where it came from in the drawer. One of the big changes I made was relocating my juicer to the lazy susan cabinet to the right. It fits in there perfectly. The problem was that I had to disassemble it to fit in this drawer so it wasted too much space. Now that it’s gone I can see things clearly.

This is the bottom part…

I made this section the food processor section. My big one and little one fit perfectly in here. I have a bunch of parts and operator’s manuals that were all over the place. I put everything in a freezer bag and it’s stored in the free interracial dating apps back of this drawer.

To the right (below the tea drawer from last week’s post) I had 2 drawers to go through.

There was NO rhyme or reason to these drawers. They are pretty shallow so it was hard for me to figure out what to do with them. I put placemats, juicing filters and other random things in them.

I decided to make this drawer a napkin drawer. I have cocktail napkins, paper napkins & napkin rings stored in here now.

And this drawer had lots some odds & ends in it too….

I decided to put all of my little bowls/plates that I use prop-wise in this drawer.

Pretty proud of this beauty! I normally stack everything in my prop cabinet, but it’s always hard to see what I have in my arsenal because I stack things too high.

Let’s look at it from the side. Uh huh. You know it.

OK! Part 2 is done!


  • under sink cabinet (totes scary)
  • cabinet where I keep the cutting boards (legit mess)
  • prop cabinet (not tooooo bad, but needs sorting)
  • cabinet above the fridge (I dread this one…)
  • straighten up the cabinets with the dishes/glasses (easy stuff)
  • cabinet with the mugs…..oh boy….
  • cabinet with the crackers & stuff
  • cabinet where we store booze (major sorting needed)

I’m hoping one day to do a little kitchen tour on my blog so I’ll use this as motivation to power through!



10 comments on “Kitchen Drawers: Part 2

  1. I love that you are cleaning the kitchen in parts, it makes the job seem less daunting! I think I’ll attack my kitchen the same way…

    • Tracy Mar 29, 2012

      Exactly! It’s totally less daunting…also it would take a whole DAY to do it, which I don’t have :( One step at a time!

  2. The cabinet under my sink totally scares me too. Not only because I’m sure that there has been a leak from my sink under there but I also have this fear of a mouse popping out at me. Ugh! So, I just toss things in there without looking and keep the stuff I use frequently on a shelf that hangs on the cabinet door. I got goosebumps just thinking about that cabinet.

  3. Adeline Mar 29, 2012

    Your posts are so inspiring! I had the day off yesterday and spent the afternoon taking all the suitcases and boxes that were underneath my bed, seriously cleaning the space (eep!), consolidating them and reorganising the whole thing. I feel so much better, like I own my space.

  4. Looks great, Tracy! I need to know where you got those tiny ramekins with the little handles!

    • Ummm…from a hotel….ummmm….that’s all I’m gonna say….

      • LOL i have a q-tip/cotton ball holder a hotel donated to me – it’s nice when they share :)

  5. Victoria Mar 29, 2012

    Great job Tracy and thanks for sharing this! I always find myself in need of some sorting and organizing! Your step by step guide through your own process offers new ideas!

  6. Susan Mar 30, 2012

    I spent over a year procrastinating cleaning out the cabinet under my kitchen sink. Every time I would open it to get something I would have this sinking feeling that I was letting myself down. One morning I decided to just go for it. I pulled everything out, sorted, cleaned and organized. You know what? IT TOOK ALL OF 25 MINUTES! There’s a lesson there.

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