ORGANIZED: Makeup Drawer

October 31, 2012

Hello! I’m baaaaaack.  The past few weeks have been somewhat chaotic so I haven’t had any major organizing projects in the works. We’re also still moving my parent’s stuff out of the house, so we can only do so much before we’re officially settled. I feel like once that happens, I can start making our master TO DO list which I hope to share with you.

I have been doing little things around the house though…hoping they all add up to something. I find that in moments of stress, it’s important for me to focus some energy on the little things that make me feel better—like straightening up. Having a cleared/organized space clears my head. But you already know this about me.

I was reading this article 33 Meticulous Cleaning Tricks for the OCD Person and #33 was that ANYTHING & EVERYTHING MUST HAVE A PLACE. There’s so much truth to that. Most of the stress I feel when I’m at home is caused by the chaos of things not being put back in their proper place. It’s also hard that a lot of things don’t have a designated spot still!

So let’s begin with me figuring out where to put my makeup FOR GOOD.

Remember when I organized my bathroom in our old house?  In the new house our master bathroom has a a pretty long counter with cabinets. This means we have drawers!  For awhile I refused to use the drawer on my side to put my makeup in. I put everything in my makeup bag that I’ve been using for years and kept it on the counter and then the drawer was filled with random stuff. Then I realized that having that makeup bag out adds clutter and that clutter adds to my stress level.


This is how I was keeping my drawer before the great ORGANIZE.  Yes…I have Carmex addiction. Shut it.

Now we have the AFTER!!!!!!!

I’ve been living with a makeup drawer for the past 3 weeks and not only have I kept it tidy, it’s helping me keep my bathroom counter clean. WIN!

Another view:

I made specific sections for my makeup. At first I really had to train myself to put things back but now it’s in my brain.

Hooray for muscle memory.

Life is manageable when things have their own place. Right?

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16 comments on “ORGANIZED: Makeup Drawer

  1. Loved this make up post! I’m OCD as well and I can tell when someone has been in my make up draw because things are not in their proper spot! Does this make a bit “Kathy Bates” like?

  2. I needed this so bad, my makeup is exploding everywhere!

  3. I organized my makeup drawer not too long ago and threw most of it away. It’s scary how much makeup I had, but didn’t use. I love having only what I need/want!

    • Tracy Nov 1, 2012

      Same here! I haven’t bought makeup in a LONG time as a result. When I know what I have I know what I need!

  4. That TJ coconut lotion is the best! My husband been using it too!

  5. I need to do a serious makeup purge. And then I need to get it organized because it’s driving me cray-cray! I have no drawer space, anyone have a recommendation for an on-the-counter organizer?

  6. Truths. My mom never wore makeup; therefore, I never learned. I still have only 5 products: moisturizer, powder, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara. It’s a boring world I live in.

  7. Jennifer Nov 5, 2012

    Hi Tracy,
    This is awesome. Where do you get your dividers/plastic trays?

  8. Katya Nov 6, 2012

    Tracy, that looks great! I wish I had a drawer in my bathroom. Where are the dividers from? They are gorgeous!

    • Tracy Nov 7, 2012

      Thanks much! I got them at the Container Store awhile back! They’re so durable.

  9. Dona Gomez Nov 7, 2012

    I noticed the Kiehls tinted moisturizer in that beautifully organized drawer, did you know they discontinued it? Big bummer, i’m having a bit of a makeup crisis over it.

    • Tracy Nov 7, 2012

      Are you serious?!!!! This stuff has lasted me for sooo long and I am almost running out. That’s just NO GOOD.

  10. I recently organized my make-up shelf and it feels amazing–I even found a few products I forgot about! PS, I am loving your zebra clarisonic!

  11. It looks so tidy! I wish my bathroom had drawers. (Instead, I have a miniscule medicine cabinet and a single wire shelf above the toilet. Needless to say, I have a bit of a storage problem!) I like your organization posts; they give me ideas for how to negotiate the lack of storage space in my very small apartment. :)

    Also: I use the fragrance-free version of Burt’s Bee’s makeup remover, too! My uber-sensitive skin is relieved that more beauty products and detergents come in fragrance-free varieties these days. :)

  12. claudia Nov 30, 2012

    I just did this last month! I found the clear plastic separated organizers at Target and they fit my bathroom counter drawers! It certainly keeps makeup in good shape, and not banging around! Super easy to get what I need in the morning and get on my way! Plus, really a drawer filled with makeup all neat like this looks like the makeup counter at department stores and what is more fun than that?!

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