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High Straightenence by Tracy Benjamin

A weekly column celebrating the neat freak in all of us.

Hello Hello!  It’s been awhile. Things have been super busy in my neck of the woods. HOLIDAYS!!! Ahh.

Here’s a small project that I worked on that made a HUGE impact on our life. When we first moved into our house, I put all of our liquor in the cabinet above our oven. It was fine for awhile and then I got frustrated because the cabinet is higher than eye level so it was hard for me to see what we had. I was pleased that everything fit, but I didn’t quite know what I had and how much booze was in each bottle. Also…the oven made my booze warm. NO LIKE.

I decided to turn this small/awkward corner closet in our dining room into our Bar Closet. I’ve wanted a bar cart for awhile but realized it would be super impractical with a kid in our household. I figured it would be good if our alcohol was not out in plan sight. I can mask my boozy ways if I have to. Hehe. So, let’s get started.

I cleaned it out and began!

Here’s the AFTER. As you can see, it’s now possible for me to know what I’ve got in our loot.

Casey asked me if I separated the alcohol by type. My answer is NO. I didn’t like the idea of bottles being different sizes in each section. As you can see I organized things by height. I did place my gin in the center of the bottom shelf because I can see it RIGHT AWAY. I think it’s visually pleasing this way. It appeals to my high straightenence tendencies.

The cool thing about having enough room for a bar closet it is this nice shelf dedicated to mixers!

I can easily see what I need to add when I need to go on a beverage run.

And there’s a little section I have for bitters, tools, garnishes & small bottles of alcohol I wanted to try but wasn’t ready to commit to a big bottle….

Now…what would you like to drink?

Tracy Benjamin

Tracy Benjamin is obsessed with good food, great photography, and pretty things.


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