January 23, 2013

A few years ago I started organizing the Cooper’s first year’s worth of clothes and then stopped.  I guess I lost steam or I put my attention other places? Maybe I just wasn’t ready to deal with the emotions of putting my baby’s clothes away. Yeah, that’s it. I also needed to sort through the clothes we borrowed from my sister-in-law and separate ours. I always figured that would take awhile…

I’ve been storing his clothes in garbage bags…

When we moved, we put all of these garbage bags filled with Cooper’s clothes in the garage. They’ve  been staring me in the face everyday when I come in from the car. It’s time to do something with them!

They were labeled so…we’re kinda close to organizing, right?

First things first. Get plastic bins & sort. I bought a bunch of 66QT. Sterilite bins at Target for this project.

I want to tell you one small/big mistake I see when people organize. They don’t take the sticker off of the plastic bins. WHY NOT?

TAKE IT OFF. And if you have a problem with taking off stickers, Goo Gone is your friend cuz it’s my  friend and we can share friends.

Taking off the sticker seals the deal. You’re on your way to organizing nirvana!

I went through and sorted all of the clothes.

Sorting in progress…

Turns out that some of the clothes were in the wrong bag. Good thing I went through and looked at all of the tags.

We could have been missing out on some prime clothes cuz they were in the wrong bin!

Here I am organizing. I decided to lay all of the t-shirts flat and roll them up to fit in the tupperware. I decided not to individually fold all of the clothes because chances are if we have another kid, or if someone gets gifted all of these clothes, they’ll wash them beforehand to freshen them up. The clothes are already clean…but you know what I’m saying.

It saved room and TIME. Time is important. Time is what prevents me from doing things.

I had a little helper who kept telling me “I LOVED THIS SHIRT! Look! It’s my favorite shoes!”

Also…he is wearing the hat that he would never let me keep on his head. WHY IS HE MESSING WITH ME LIKE THIS?!

To finish off my project, I printed out little signs to put on the insides of all of the bins.

They just slip right in when the bins are full. You don’t have to tape them. I printed out two labels for each bin so we can see what stage clothes they’re for when they’re stacked. I can’t tell you how good this feels.

I already have a bin in Cooper’s closet labeled 4T. I’m already getting a head start on organizing! s Now it’s time to introduce these bins to the ones waiting downstairs. Newborn to 3T is DONE.



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27 comments on “ORGANIZED: KID’S CLOTHES

  1. Very nice! I have bins too for my daughter’s clothes but I think I like your clear bins better with the full size paper signs tucked in the inside. I have tiny label maker labels that are not so easily seen/read. I agree that having the next size bin accessible and ready to fill up is so helpful.

    • Tracy Jan 23, 2013

      I like the small labels for smaller bins, but with LARGE ones you gotta go BIG or go home! :)

  2. I hope I’m not being really silly, but what does the T stand for?

    • Tracy Jan 23, 2013

      Toddler. So you say 2T, 3T, 4T and 5T and then when they are out of 5T a new sizing level starts.

  3. ALWAYS TAKE THE STICKER OFF! This drives me cray cray. I sometimes take the sticker off at houses I babysit at if I am doing cleaning/organizing for them. (!!!!)

  4. Awesome! All of my son’s clothes are in bins, but all mishmashed and a mess. I need to go through it all (in my parents’ attic, ugh) and organize like this so we’re ready for #2!

  5. Karen Jan 23, 2013

    Love the idea of the next size bin. I am especially grateful when switching out my kids clothes because it reminds me how wonderful it is to have healthy growing children. Thanks for this wonderful post. Made my day=)

  6. Michelle Jan 23, 2013

    Omg Tracy. I hate it when people leave the labels on! I always take them off my storage bins, school binders, supplies at work….you just gotta do it!!

  7. Joy the Baker Jan 23, 2013

    right on, maj!!

  8. Natalia Jan 24, 2013

    My daughters are five years apart, and I kept all their clothes. When the second baby was born I was amazed at how much kids clothes had changed on those five years. I felt embarrassed for my oldest daughter…I could not believe the clothes I had put on her!!!!…Also a nasty yellow stain appeared on most of the shirts…and all had been properly cleaned. I talked to some mums about it and to my relief the yellow stain was a common burden for most of them… If any of you see that yellow stain, don’t bother with washing it just won’t go!!!!
    I love the containers though, and I am really ashamed to admit that I have kept ’till today the sticker… shame on me!!!! :-(

  9. I just did this two-ish weeks ago. Now family and friends are wondering when the next baby will be. 😉

  10. Great job! Its funny how kids get excited seeing old things with new eyes. My kids have a blast any time I organize clothes or toys. You’d think it would motivate me to do it more often!

  11. Trish Jan 25, 2013

    Natalia, I know that my son’s old baby clothes developed yellow stains on them and when I asked my mom she told me that breastmilk stains turn brown over time. She suggested soaking the clothes overnight in some dishwashing detergent. Voila! The stains dissolved and the onesies are back to normal.

  12. Wow! I am living the “before” shot right now and keep putting off dealing with the bags of clothes. I’m going to try to channel my inner-shutterbean and organize them soon!

  13. I just passed on all my baby clothes instead of holding on…so so hard…but it is nice to bless someone else instead of saving them in case I have another…so many people passed on clothes to us..and we just decided to pass them on…

    • Tracy Jan 28, 2013

      I guess I have to really decide if we want another child. I think having the room to house my sentiments is what’s preventing me from passing them on!

  14. Hey Tracy,
    I was wondering if you had any favorite organization websites or books? Thanks!

  15. I’m SO inspired by this! I’ve had chaotic bins o’ clothes since my son was born (yeah, he’s now 6.5). We hang on to the clothes because there’s a possibility that we may add to the family… the problem is that we appear to be headlining on “Hoarders” opposed to looking organized, when it comes to “The Bins”. Thanks for motivating me with this great looking arrangement and sweet labels… I feel like I have a good project on the radar after seeing your handy work.

  16. I love this idea!! I have one of each gender, so I might print the sizes on blue and pink paper. Thanks for sharing!!

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  18. Margaret B. Higgins Feb 26, 2013

    I just finished organizing my daughter’s clothes. It was a great feeling! But I could never use bins- we have waaaay too many clothes for that! Instead, I used space bags. On each one I wrote the size and warm or cold. That way I can pull not only the size I need, but the correct season as well. Plus, with space bags I can fit the next size up under her bed. So when she has one of those crazy growth spurts I’m ready. (I swear, kids are like mushrooms. They grow overnight!) It is saving me a lot of time and frustration already.

  19. So, I just found your blog from The Nesting Place and started poking around. This kills me. My daughter will have my first grandchild next week and was deluged by well wisher with clothing. She was so overwhelmed. Luckily, I love to clean and organize so I helped her get the baby closets in order. NB-6mo are hanging up and in cubbies while 6-9, 9-12, 12-18 and 18-24 and all in bins. It took a lot of anxiety of her to know she won’t miss cute outfits.

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