February 6, 2013

Before we moved into our new/old house there were already a few drawers in the family room allocated for toys.These drawers house my nieces old toys and some of Cooper’s toys that my parents saved for when he visited.  So when we unpacked, we all just threw Cooper’s toys in there without any rhyme or reason. I knew that one day I’d clean out/organize them and that day came a few weeks ago!  We’re on week 3 of organized drawers and it’s going really well so far!

Let’s look at the before:

Drawers from the side. There are two of them.

It was just a THROW IT IN and PRAY IT FITS situation.

I started removing stuff from the drawers. There were things in there from my childhood!

I had a few piles for sorting:






I also went through the toys and donated the ones Cooper doesn’t play with anymore. That’s liberating!

These crayons are from my childhood. There were SO many random things in that bin.

Old lip gloss, staples, glitter, broken pencils, YOU NAME IT. It traveled to Sort-town.

The crayons are now in a container that has a lid!

I also sorted all of Cooper’s art supplies and put it in a portable basket so we can grab them all out when we want to do an art project!

His art supplies, puzzles & board games are in this one cabinet next to the drawers.

And after about an hour of sorting, the drawers looked like this:

I used old boxes/tupperware to separate some of the toys.

And in the other drawer I separated things in bins.


I’ve found that when I give Cooper some guidelines of where things go, he keeps with it!



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  1. These posts are so inspiring, and I don’t even have a kid! BUT I did just move into a very old home (which included some furniture and other interesting things..) we’ve been doing renos since we moved in. The place is a mess. Posts like these keep me motivated to keep going and keep cleaning! Love it!!Thank you!!

  2. Hannah Feb 6, 2013

    I feel like I am constantly sorting and organizing my two year old’s toys…it is a never ending cycle that is driving me bonkers! His toys have slowly taken over three out of the four living spaces in our house. I am looking forward to the day when I can establish a similar plan and he can understand and follow it. Thank you for your posts and inspiring me to a more organized home and life!

  3. We have the Ikea bins and it’s a huge help. But I find myself doing most of the sorting when his play area becomes a disaster, but the bins are great to keep everything organized. Especially for train sets!

  4. Tracie Feb 7, 2013

    I remember labeling drawers with pictures so that the toys would have their own home and it would all make sense. My kids didn’t stick with it at all! Now we just do a big purge/ clean/ re-organize about once a year. All the toys are in their rooms or in the playroom and not in the main living area, so that works. Hope Cooper can stick with it! I am a super organized person and my kids are not and I’ve just had to let their rooms be a little messy.

  5. janet nilsson Feb 7, 2013

    Great motivation to keep sorting and organizing my son’s room! Thank you. Also, I love your leopard slippers. ; )

  6. I totally missed that you do this column… I MUST link my sister to this, she’s so high straightenence!!! :)

  7. I get extreme joy out of sorting and organizing my twins toys. OCD can be fun! 😉

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