March 27, 2013

You  might remember the last time I cleaned out my pantry…it was in a different house!

Now that we’ve lived in our new old house for almost a year (holy crap!) it’s time for me to evaluate my space.  I’ve contracted the Spring Cleaning Bug and I’m really into organizing lately (thank God!) so I decided to go through my pantry yesterday and purge/organize. On a side note, I think it’s important to live with your space for awhile when you first move in and see how you use it. Then regroup!

Let’s look at the before.

This is a high traffic closet. We’re opening it up CONSTANTLY in my house. And since it’s been quite untidy for the past few months, it really freaks me out when someone else leaves it open (COUGH COUGH COOPER).

highstraightpantry (13)

I started sorting the shelves. This time I decided to do one shelf at a time. I thought I’d be too overwhelmed with pulling it out at once. It made it waaaaaay more manageable.

highstraightpantry (12)

More sorting…and emptying jars…

highstraightpantry (11)

I ended up going through all of the food and tossing what expired. It’s good to go through your pantry every few months to see what you need to get rid of/need to add. I like to do a BIG sort twice a year and then every few months straighten things up.

highstraightpantry (8)

Let’s talk about some sections, shall we?

Top row contains all my specialty flours & things I don’t need as often. Because the top shelf is high up and has a lot of head room, I decided to put big bottles (like oil & white vinegar up there)

Shelf below contains all of my potions!

highstraightpantry (9)

I decided to break things up into sections.

Vinegars & Oils to the left… and Asian & Mexican ingredients in the middle.

highstraightpantry (3)

Condiments like Mustard, Cookie Butter & Peanut Butter…

highstraightpantry (4)

And to the right we have sweeteners! Honey…Molasses…etc.

highstraightpantry (10)

The section below this one contains all my sugar/flour and baking needs.

I have my vanilla & chocolate section.

highstraightpantry (5)

I labeled some of my glass jars. This is my grain/rice/bean section.

I did tidying up on the row below…sorting like with like.

highstraightpantry (2)

To the right I have rice/grains/beans in glass jars.

highstraightpantry (1)

Nuts/Dried Fruits/Crackers & Snacks below….

highstraightpantry (6)

Another look…

highstraightpantry (7)


highstraightpantry (14)

Let’s hope I keep it this tidy for months to come! Wish me luck.

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31 comments on “ORGANIZED: Pantry

  1. Looks great!

    Quick tip I learned from Real Simple.. apparently you’re not supposed to store onions near your potatoes. Something we’ve done in my family for years, whoooops.

    • Thanks for the tip. What happens? They’ve been next to each other for almost two weeks and they seem to be fine!

      • Emily G. Mar 27, 2013

        Apparently storing potatoes near onions makes them both spoil faster. I’ve always stored mine together as well and I haven’t noticed that ever being an issue.

      • I imagine if you use them up fairly quickly it won’t be a problem but I think long-term one causes the other to go bad more quickly! I wish I could remember the exact thing the mag said but of course I can’t remember all the fancy mumbo jumbo. haha

        • Funny, that totally caught my eye too – it’s the onions that will make the potatoes spoil. I store my potatoes in the pantry (cool, dry, dark) and they still grow/spoil faster than I think they should – anyone have tips there?

  2. Oooh Tracy it’s beautiful!

  3. I only wish I had a pantry that big! Ours is just two kitchen cabinets with six shelves total, two of which are totally filled up with canning supplies. So jealous! :)

  4. ***sigh*** GREAT JOB! Looks like you have a P-TOUCH! WOOT WOOT! Now you can keep the doors opened because it’s so organized! Something to show off! Happy SPRING!

  5. An organized pantry is one of the BEST feelings in the world! And shelf by shelf is the way to go. :)

  6. Alisha Mar 27, 2013

    Sweet! You’re a brave one, I have been looking at mine for a while and can’t get up the nerve to tackle it. I think I could convince my husband to do it though.

  7. Kristen Mar 27, 2013

    Seeing this particular transformstion makes my heart flutter! Tracy, your’re a role model! Here I go!

  8. this is just what I needed!!!! My pantry is a lot messier than your before pictures, so this is just perfect!!! My Easter project begins….

  9. Excuse my ignorance… but… what have you used to label? It looks so professional

  10. you should put your toasted sesame oil in the fridge! it goes rancid really quickly!

  11. Excellent!!! I don’t have a pantry but I might try to organize my kitchen cupboards like this somehow. It looks wonderful! Love how you grouped the types of foods together, Asian, Thai, etc….wonderful idea. Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. I’m glad to see I’m not the only person that uses a label maker in my home! Sometimes my friends make a little bit of fun, by the added efficiency is totally worth it. Beautiful pantry!

  13. two things:
    1) as if you’ve lived in your new house for almost a YEAR!
    2) since when is there CRUNCHY cookie butter?!?!?

  14. Tracey this is so beautiful! You should be so proud!

  15. AMAZING! My husband (yet again) would SWOON. Super inspirational. I’m going to use the word potions from now on. =)

  16. I’m a little freaked out as to how close the contents of our pantries are. Right down to the Ikea oval storage containers with the cream lids. Weirddddddddduh. Also: I JUST reorganized my pantry too. Get out of my head, Tracy!

  17. this is AMAZING

  18. Awesome job!!! So glad to see that stuff on the floor go into bins. 😉 And what an impressive selection!!

  19. How am I still functioning without a label maker? I look at my jars with ugly sharpie and it’s just not as appealing as neatly labeled jars. I gotta get on that!

  20. I have to add – way to go! I’ve been avoiding my pantry/storage shelves lately and they’re bad – canned goods mixed with baby supplies mixed with recyclables and little used appliances… thanks for the inspiration to get my butt going with the straitenence!

  21. What a great use of a label maker.

  22. I’m in the process right now of organizing my pantry and this helps me feel ‘unstuck’ a little! Thanks for the ideas! I’m a big fan of using the containers I have available like many, many mason jars!

  23. Heather Jan 12, 2014

    Tracy, I love your pantry. It is functional and unlike most of the organization ideas on pinterest, you actually have lots of food in your pantry you have to work with! Good Job!

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