April 24, 2013

In our old house I had my jewelry pretty organized. Remember when I went through my bathroom & cleaned it all out?   In our house now we have a cabinet under the sink where I keep the tupperware drawers of my jewelry (bracelets, earrings & hair doo-dads) hidden. I like that it’s concealed but I realized that I am not wearing a fraction of my accessories because I don’t see it all the time.

But…my mom put up all of these hooks in her bathroom….and I couldn’t resist hanging my necklaces on them. I really liked the access, but I found it super cluttered and really couldn’t see what necklaces I have in my arsenal. Everything is just lumped together. I have lived with this for the past year and then one day I found myself in the clearance section at The Container Store…

High Straightenence: Jewelry!

I walked down those aisles staring at each item…trying to come up with organizing schemes in our house. And low and behold in the SALE section, I found a few organizers. What attracted me was:

  • the price (nothing more attractive than a RED sticker at The Container Store)
  • that I could see all of my accessories at once
  • I could have it out of sight in my closet, yet still have easy access to it.

This is the first one that I bought. You can find it online here.

High Straightenence: Jewelry!

I decided to get this other one too because I thought it would work well with all of the small studded earrings I have.

High Straightenence: Jewelry!

So here I am going through all of my loose jewelry….

High Straightenence: Jewelry!

I put my earrings in this one. On the other side I have pendants & rings. It’s only 1/4 full on the other side.

High Straightenence: Jewelry!

And I hung up my necklaces on this one.

They are grouped by kind/like. Now I can access a necklace based on kind!

High Straightenence: Jewelry!

Here they are in action! I have them at the end of my closet so I can see them when I immediately open the door.

High Straightenence: Jewelry!

I’m hoping these organizers help remind me that I have a nice collection of stuff to jazz up my outfits. Or maybe it will inspire me to get rid of some…

13 comments on “ORGANIZED: Jewelry!

  1. 1. FABULOUS.

    2. 100% unrelated, that SWEET suite of b&w clothing has me SUPER ENVIOUS! Esp. the narrower horizontal stripes: looks like a pair of leggings I had that I WORE OUT. *happy sigh* =)

  2. As I started reading this post, I thought, “Tracy needs to go to the Container Store!” Ha ha! I have their Little Black Dress Jewelry Organizer and I love it.

  3. Lovely!! Pinterest inspired me to make my own organizer and I LOVE it. Organizing my jewelry and getting it out of the jewelry box has made a huge difference in what I wear/how often I wear jewelry. Plus, hanging your jewelry turns it into art, in my opinion. 😉

  4. laura Apr 24, 2013

    THis is so awesome Tracy! I have been racking my brains lately to figure out a good way to organize jewelry: bins, clear baggies, drawer dividers, etc etc. This looks like a visually easy way to sort things out! Cannot wait to make it into a project :)

  5. fusilliamy Apr 26, 2013

    I didn’t even know they made such a thing! I’m not usually allowed to go into a Container Store unchaperoned… This is such a great idea though! I’ve been looking around (mostly on Pinterest) for ideas, but I love this. It looks so easy and accessible and clean. I appreciate you sharing!

  6. Jessica Russell Apr 28, 2013

    They sell ones similar to #2 at Home Goods as well, think I paid about $12-$15 for mine. They have such cute patterns there too! I love it, totally solved my jewelry clutter.

  7. Jenny Jul 12, 2013

    saw this post and pretty much immediately purchased one of these organizers. I bought one on amazon that has, like, 100 pockets and 25 hooks. It has already changed my life. I had so many pieces of jewelry that I never wore because they were too tangled! Now, everything is displayed in this beautiful, and space saving way!

    • Tracy Jul 13, 2013

      Fantastic!!!! It’s totally saved me too. I love looking at my jewelry collection now!

  8. Oh, I NEED that earrings organizer! I’ve always been so confused about how to organize earrings.

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