The Great Fridge Clean-out PART 2

May 15, 2013

In our last house we had a different fridge. We unfortunately couldn’t take it with us because it wouldn’t have fit in our new house. It was a pretty good fridge & I really miss it. Wahhh. I think this fridge that we have now is from my childhood. The one before that was avocado green! I secretly wish we still had it.

Our fridge now works for the most part and we’ve been living with it (it leaks and makes really loud noises!) but I feel like it should be called the GREAT FOOD HIDER. I swear, I never really know what I have in there because I have to stand back 5 feet to see way in the back of it.

I was having a really good Sunday in the kitchen last week and decided to go through my fridge again and weed it out & set the tone for the week. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get my head back in the game.

Here’s the kitchen. This is the kitchen I learned how to cook in! It’s changed a lot over the years.

fridgehs 047

Are you ready to see inside? It’s kinda packed. Go ahead…snoop!

fridgehs 048

There’s really no rhyme or reason for anything. I’ve been living in the SHOVE stuff in here mode.

fridgehs 043

It’s not really that fun. I have no idea what’s in there half the time.

fridgehs 049

So I started sorting everything.

fridgehs 045

And cleaning…a soapy rag makes a huge difference.

fridgehs 050

Especially with the yucky parts. Dang jam!

fridgehs 044

We also have a part of the fridge that leaks…water collects down here and I have to use a turkey baster to get it out every other day. YIKES!

fridgehs 046

This is the current sate of our fridge. Things are way more organized. I also weeded out a bunch of old stuff.

I probably could have done a better job “styling” the drawers but THIS IS REAL LIFE.

All it takes is meal time and the chi can get disrupted.

fridgehs 056

Have mercy! There’s actually some empty spots to put food now.

fridgehs 057

I bought a few pull out bins from the Container Store. They’re fantastic.

This bin is for tubs of things–like cream cheese, sour cream, dips, etc.

fridgehs 061

This narrow pullout bin is for almond butters & such.

fridgehs 060

I sorted all of my jars/condiments and created sections for myself.

fridgehs 059

I’m sticking to it!

fridgehs 058

I really hope that I can keep this up!  The freezer is next!


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19 comments on “The Great Fridge Clean-out PART 2

  1. Jane M May 15, 2013

    Looks like you need a trip to the store! You can’t have empty spaces haha! I miss your new/old fridge too.

  2. Penguinlad May 15, 2013

    It’s too late this time, but next time, you might consider putting a layer of Press&Seal down on your shelves. That way, if you have a jam spill, it’s a cinch to clean. :)

  3. L Squared May 15, 2013

    Moving this weekend – thanks for the inspiration to start out organized!

  4. almond butter in the fridge??? Peanut butter too??? I tried it once and it went totally hard…since I’ve been storing it in the pantry but I have to finish them very quickly so that they don’t go rancid….

    • Tracy May 17, 2013

      I don’t go through them as often as I’d like. It’s a bummer to taste a nut butter that’s gone rancid. That shiz is expensive! The Barney Butter & the Sunflower Seed butter actually are totally fine straight from the fridge. Weird, huh?

    • Katie Jun 1, 2013

      Putting them in the fridge upside down helps a lot! That way the oil that usually stays on the top and gets used first is flipped so it comes out easily. I just discovered this with my last jar of TJ’s peanut butter and it worked like a charm. Before that I hated(!) buying natural nut butters for the same reason. Try it out!

  5. Oh, that’s AWESOME! My husband would swoon. And, funny, just yesterday I tweeted that I’ve chased a mt. lion away from my hens, I’ve relocated rattlesnakes (I’m a biologist), but I’m afraid of the liquified produce in the veggie bin in my fridge. No lie.

    k. GONNA TACKLE THAT today. Thanks for the inspirash!

  6. lauren May 17, 2013

    We used to have a fridge just like that and I lost stuff on a daily basis! When we bought our condo, we thought we’d get a giant, stainless steel french door fridge for our big kitchen…turned out there was a support beam right next to the fridge spot – the only spot it could go :/ We got to pay wayyy extra for the smallest version of our “dream” fridge. Not the end of the world, but what the heck!!

  7. stanleysmom May 17, 2013

    Now I feel simultaneously guilty for the state of my fridge and antsy/inspired to stress clean…best of both worlds, right? I’ve been eying that sunflower seed butter at the store, do you like it? Have you tried sunflower seed milk?

  8. I’d call for the repair guy-that leaking water means you’ve got ice growing in your freezer and it will keep growing until it over the condenser~meaning no more cold air to the bottom of the fridge and at some point, blown condenser and new fridge.

    • Tracy May 24, 2013


      • It might also be that the drain in the fridge is clogged – this happened to us and there was a constant flow of water from the fridge. But just cleaning it with a q-tip solved the problem!

  9. I love this article! A neat refrigerator with no mystery food is surely a thing of beauty. There is, however nothing to compare to a brand new, empty refrigerator. I remember when we first got our current model, I opened the door, and it looked like something from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, its bluish light spreading a luminescent glow over my kitchen. The current iteration of your fridge looks fab, and it’s good to see the Lillet.

  10. Karen Jul 29, 2014

    Wow, I actually went back to this post because I just moved and needed inspiration to clean/ organize my new- old fridge. Thanks for all the high-straightenence posts. Love the new look of the website and love your podcasts.

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