Joy’s Instagram Favorites

July 13, 2014

 We talk a lot about Instagram on the Joy the Baker Podcast so I thought I’d share the latest of my Instagram favorites.  Everything from food to design, to absolute absurdity.  I’m only a little bit sorry.

Pictured from left to right and left to right.

Emily Henderson: stylist, designer, cute mama, hilarious lady!  I love her design inspiration and her baby’s super chubby cheeks.

Paul Octavious: Chicago photographer and storyteller!  His eye is always finds the unexpected!

Laura Miller:  Raw Vegan Not Gross and totally cool.

Rebecca Rebouche:  New Orleans artist with feminine vision and a traveling heart

AdamsCarpenters: Absurd videos from an absurd comedian.

Humans of NY:  NYC one story at a time.  “I found him in the trash.  I named him shadow because he followed me everywhere.”  Such great snippets.

Wit and Vinegar:  Food, design, dogs, and nonsense from Billy Green.  Catburger for real?

Nate Diesel:  Welcome to the world of the super-buff selfie.  I’ll follow this wormhole all the way down.

Nicole Franzen:  Brooklyn Photographer with heart and soul.

Cats of Instagram:  obviously!  Right?

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