Road Trip Playlists!

August 17, 2014

road trip playlists

A few weeks ago on the Joy the Baker Podcast: One Smart Fellow, Tracy and I discussed our favorite road trip memories.  It’s summer and many of us are on the open road headed out of town, up the street, down the way, and just… gettin’ gone!  It’s a great feeling!

Tracy and I have compiled some rather awesome, rather random, rather ridiculous ROAD TRIP PLAYLISTS!  We’ve set the playlists up on Spotify because that’s how we’re listening to music these days.

Hope you hit the road to soak up the last of summer! Crank the volume on the radio and roll the windows all the way down!  It’s all very very good!

•  A Good Cry  We get just a little weepy with Mumford and Sons, Lykke Li, and Leona Lewis.

•  Guilty As Charged  Because we all just really want to listen to Boyz II Men and SWV, right?

•  Get Down With Your Bad Self   AKA Car Dancing with Prince On Blast.

•  Top Down, Hair OUT!  A little Beyonce.  A little Pharrel.  A lot of unexpected jams for when the wind blows through your hair.  


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3 comments on “Road Trip Playlists!

  1. So with you on the car dancing! But you missed one… “The Belter” I’m talking about THE anthem or 80’s power ballad you do at the top of your voice with no shame. I’m thinking Bonnie Tyler Total Eclipse or Fleetwood Mac Big Love! loookkkinnnggg ouuttt fooorrr luurrrveeeeee. Great playlists x

  2. So I totally dig your podcasts, and just got to this one since I’m playing catch up. I don’t know how to send you a playlist, but I sorta feel like you’d love this 90s playlist I made, based on some of the songs you mentioned in this podcast! My Spotify User # is 125739241 and the playlist is called “Vintage”

  3. Heading on a trip throughout CA in October and these will all get listened to (my bf will just have to suffer through). Thanks!!!

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