HomeFries is an independent destination for fun, high-quality podcasts and articles covering food and wine, parenting, simple living, lifestyle and entertainment.In essence, we asked bloggers we know and love, to talk about the things that they know and love.HomeFries wants to move beyond the blog.  Here, we’ve created audio and video programs that illustrate a passion for food and wine, a love of family, and community, and entertaining.  That passion comes through our voices directly to your ears.  We’ve gone to great lengths to create the shows that we want to watch and listen to… and we’re sharing it with you.So, who is HomeFries?HomeFries was created by Joy Wilson and Michael Friedman.

Joy The Baker and Michel Friedman

Joy is the voice behind the popular food blog, Joy the Baker.
Michael is an Emmy Award winning editor and producer.

When you smash their talents together, the result:  HomeFries.

Can we tell you a story?

In 2010, Michael and Joy spent most of the year pitching a television pilot together. They shot it. They edited it. They did re-shoots and voiceovers. They got on planes,  met with agents, production companies, and networks. They smiled and they drank a lot of coffee and they shook a lot of hands… they did the whole song and dance. And boy-oh-boy was it a song and dance. The pilot was praised and adored, but ultimately, not picked up.

Sigh. They patted themselves on the back and looked at the two major lessons the pitch process taught them:

  • Lesson one: To get on TV these days you probably need to be from New Jersey, or be a wealthy housewife, or yell a lot and throw things. Ideally, you’re all of the above.
  • Lesson two:   really enjoyed working together.

Joy and Michael realized that they were a great creative partnership. Basically, if Joy has a technical question about camera gear, lighting eqiupment, or complicated software, she bugs Michael.  Michael, in turn, requests copious amounts of warm cinnamon bread. It’s a partnership built to last.

Michael is the tech/gear/nerd/producer/editor/camera man.

Joy is the chatty/creative writer/tea-maker/ baker/photographer.

In the end, Michael and Joy decided that they didn’t want to ask for permission to create things. They wanted to create quality content and take it straight to an audience. They wanted to smash together community, creativity, food, wine, and all-around good living into a big sandwich… then put that big sandwich on the Internet for the world to eat with their eyes and ears. They did that. It’s called HomeFries.