It’s almost Labor Day weekend.  I’m having 15 people spend two nights at my house. What are you up to?

The key to me not freaking out about this is to stay organized. Frankly, I love entertaining because I love the planning aspect of it. Any excuse to make a TO-DO list is just fine with me.

So this is how I’m staying organized. I have several lists going on right now.

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Traveling can be totally fun or completely fussy. How the heck do we stay together, emotionally or physically, during an age where all our essential needs have to fit into a tiny 22″ x 14″ space? And don’t get me started on 6 hour flights next to that heavily breathing dude. Or the inevitable post-flight triple threat: baggy-eyes, dry-skin, sleep-deprivation. We’ve all been there. How do we stay comfy and cozy on the plane? What travel essentials do we really need (that don’t take up a lotta space)?

Let’s start with the travel bit first, shall we? What you need to start with is some kind of cozy defense from the havoc of the plane situation.  A hug (and not from the weirdo in seat 14A). A soft and pretty cocoon. A warm (but not overheating), slightly oversized  sweater that you can wrap yourself in with ease. Enter the waffle-knit cocoon sweater. Softly blush hued. Perfect to get cozy during those long flights. Pair them with some soft, textured joggers.  Leave your Hanes sweatpants at home because thats just not how you roll. These joggers by Topshop have a high-end look to them, perfect for wanting to feel like you’re at home on the couch, but with a presentable style. Kick off your boots and slip on these cashmere ballet slippers by Soma. Curl up. Have a drink.

That girl in Seat 12D is totally envious of your whole situation. But then again, it’s kind of her fault for wearing those crunchy jeans.

Now it’s time to relax. Take a nap and arrive at your destination well-rested. Nothing is going to help you more than a little beauty sleep. Invest in some noise cancelling headphones (these go for $48) as they will drown out all the hums and buzzes of the airplane. The ambient chatter suddenly seems so far away. And the best part is that the creepy guy next to you is going to stop commenting on every page of his in-flight magazine and expecting you to respond to his nonsense. Also…keep some moisturizer handy, as the dry plane air is sure to dry out your hands before it even leaves the tarmac. Try this CLEAN shower fresh anti-bacterial hand moisturizer. Germ-free, worry-free hands are the only way to travel!

Now the question is: how does one look impossibly fresh on the day that you land? Do we avoid dinner reservations and friends to deal with our baggy-eye situation? Rest assured, it’s only going to take you 15 minutes to fake an 8-hr nap! This triple oxygen instant energizing eye mask carries it’s ingredients in separate, air-tight compartments, such that you get freshly activated marine collagen working to de-puff, brighten, and hydrate your eyes in a snap!

You’re ready. You’re jet-set. Now go!


So what do you really need for your destination? Of course, this depends on the location and season of your destination. But for the most part, you need a perfect dress. A versatile dress that you can change up easily with a belt, opaque tights, or that cool scarf that you just found at the street market. A comfy dres that you can run around in, but also dress up with black heels and some bright gems for dinner at the cool new brazilian cafe. Try on this high-low dress (only 35$ at Zara), as it makes your legs look much longer from the front, while keeping a conservative back hemline. Match it with a lightweight trench that you can easily roll up in your tote. This tab-sleeved trench coat by Old Navy is only $49 and features an optional full length or 3/4 length sleeve.  It has the perfect balance of length (not so long it will be impossible to fold up into your bag) with a hint of film noir in the collar. Flip up the collar when you want to go incognito down the streets (cuz that’s why you’re here, for secret agent missions, right???) Don’t forget your perfect coral lipstick, for those nights that you need to step it up a notch. Designed by the lipstick queen herself, Poppy King, this hue is understated and polished, with a hint of glam.

Now let’s talk accessories… its time to get utilitarian-chic!

This leather market tote is perfect for throwing everything into a bag and running out the door. With a scalloped trim and reviews that boast heavy-duty capacity, this perfectly chic-utilitarian bag will carry all your cool travel finds, from vintage cookbooks to local artwork. This timex watch by J. crew is also oh-so-utilitarian-chic. Inspired by the classic Timex Diver’s Watch, this accessory will keep you on time for all your appointments (including those underwater secret missions). Okay so maybe you’re not a secret agent, but at least you have everyone intrigued. Hide your ipad or Kindle inside these vintage-patterned dodocases, which seem like a simple journal to the untrained eye. The covers fold back and double as bookstands. Fashion forward and tech savvy!


We wanna hear about your favorite travel essentials! What travel must-haves can you not live without?



I was sitting on an airplane last week for over two hours while we waited in line to get de-iced. My good books were in my suitcase because I figured the brief flight home from SLC to SFO wouldn’t warrant enough time for serious reading. I closed my eyes to try to get some sleep (I can never sleep on an airplane!) and started mapping out all of rooms in my house in my head, visualizing my clutter. Deep in thought, I had an epiphany:

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