I decided to tackle TWO cabinets this week–UNDER THE SINK & ABOVE THE FRIDGE.

Here we go!

I’ve been dreading these two because they required a lot of work. Buuuuuuut somehow this lady powered through. I will say at one point I looked at all the piles of stuff around my kitchen and wondered how I would ever get it done. That’s when you just gotta GO FOR IT. The end result is always worth it. ALWAYS.

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You know all of those Organizing Goals I had for 2012? Well….I have to scrap some of those goals because….we’re MOVING!

We are excited to be moving but LORDY it’s A LOT of work to move a house. We’ve never moved a whole house before! We’ve also never moved with a child before. Wowzers.

Right now I’m in the OMG I have too much stuff and I’m packing up my entire life and starting over phase.

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I’m tackling my Organization Goals 2012 list!  I’m starting with this item:




Let’s get started! This is my fantastic Kelly Moore purse/camera bag that I’ve been using over 6 months (that’s a long time for me!).  What I like about this purse is that it has PLENTY of pockets. I always like that in a purse; it draws me in! The problem is…there might be TOO many pockets!  Crazy, right?Because I never set guidelines for myself of what goes into each pocket, I lose things CONSTANTLY. Quick! Ask me where my cellphone is! I couldn’t tell you. Oh wait…it’s prolly at the bottom of my bag because I’m too lazy to put it in the same compartment EVERY TIME.

Not only am I going to clean out my purse today, I’m going to give myself some rules for organizing!

Watch me.

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FACT: I spend A LOT of time at the computer in my office.

ANOTHER FACT: If my desk isn’t clean & organized, I’m a basket-case.

For the past few weeks I’ve been tripping over boxes in order to check my email until FINALLY!  I HAD ENOUGH. I slowly started organizing the space this past week. I spent a good 7 hours working in there yesterday while I was working from home and I’m pretty close to done. BUT! I want to wait until I’ve organized the inside of the closets and cabinets before I show the big reveal. I also need to make sure there are no more office boxes to unpack! That would be super tragic if there were!

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Is there a High Straightenence person in your life that you need to shop for? Are you waiting til the last minute? Don’t do that! Are you a High Straightenence person who desperately wishes there was a list full of geeky organizing items to give your friends/family/loved ones direction on what to get you this year? Let these lists be your guide! Because we’re getting close to the Xmas, I’ve hand-picked some awesome gifts from Amazon. They ship fast. Now….GET ON IT!


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Dear YFS,

This winter I’ll be down in Texas visiting my fiance’s family. My fiance is really into football, so as a treat my fiance’s brother and sister-in-law are taking us to a Houston Texans game. Problem is I’m not really the jersey and jeans type. What’s a cute outfit that I can wear to the game where I can show my team spirit but still be stylish?


photo from Victoria’s Secret NFL Collection.  

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