Once upon a time I had a clean desk. Everything had its place and everything was superbly organized. I would only have to spend a maximum of 15 minutes per week to straighten things up that were disheveled. Then came a baby and it all went to hell. When my son started to stand, he’d constantly pull things out of the drawers and scatter stuff around the house. I would tidy things up but it always felt like I was constantly treading water and making no headway. At one point I decided to let it go and wait a few YEARS to do a office revamp because I realized what’s the point? If you have kids, you know exactly what I mean. So, I easily let my desk go…

Cooper is now 3 and I finally feel like THIS IS THE TIME I can motivate and clean my act up. It will get trashed no doubt, but sitting at this desk writing this post is STRESSING ME OUT. There are soo many things out of place/don’t belong in here. I feel like I easily end up in creative blocks and can’t focus because I’m sitting in a pit of clutter. It seriously makes my blood pressure rise.

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Dear YFS,

I’ve got a question. I have lots of great work clothes. Kind of a sleek, professional look. I wear lots of great heels with them, some are somewhat subdued for a more professional look and occasionally a flashy or taller platform shoe. I would wear a higher, flashier shoe most days, but they do, honest-to-goodness, kill my feet.

Do you have any shoe ideas that are stylish and professional without looking frumpy and most of all comfortable?


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Last week you may have seen my Tackling Paper & Piles post; I have a LOT of paper piles scattered throughout our house. What’s my biggest dump zone? THE KITCHEN TABLE.  It’s where I immediately dump stacks of mail & papers when I enter our house through the garage. My goal this past week was to rid our kitchen table of my paper piles by creating a paper station IN our garage. Realistically, some paper will enter the house, but it doesn’t have to be the cluttered mess it’s turned into.

I decided to re-purpose this dresser I’ve had since college for our paper station. It takes up a big chunk of space in our garage and it’s about time I put it to good use. But! I don’t like that shade of wood. I want my paper station to be bold & pretty. Cue the spray paint!

Here’s the before:

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Dear YFS,

I am going to Germany with my boyfriend to celebrate the holidays. I have been before, but only in warmer months. The roads are cobblestone and/or brick and we walk/bike everywhere so flats are a necessity. Since I will be there for the holidays, I want something a little nicer than sneakers. However, I am short with larger calfs, so I don’t do the high boots/jeans/leggings look.
Any thoughts on how I can look stylish and be comfortable and warm?

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Have you ever wanted to get an authentic, old-fashioned barber shop shave? Or do you wish the man in your life could finally get wise to the craft of a soft, clean face? I confess I’ve always been a multi-blade disposable razor kind of gentleman – until now. I’ve realized it’s about time to do this right. There is art to a good shave. And I’m out to master it.

the proper man

There has to be a first time for everything. This morning I stood on a sunny Hollywood sidewalk, three other fellows before me, waiting for the door of a tiny barber shop to open. At nine o’clock on the dot, the glass paned door swung open and a starched-smocked barber waved us in, “Gentlemen!”

Sweeney Todd’s is the real deal. I scrawled my name on a chalkboard and sat in a line of men all waiting our turn to take the seat under humming fluorescent lights, old-time music lilting through the air from wooden institutional speakers. This would be my first straight razor shave. Sween (as he’s called) observed my beard, prepping his blade. Lather, hot towel, then more lather. Watching the razor approach my face followed by its prickly drag across my throat was mildly unnerving… but satisfying. After a cool towel, invigorating splash of bay rum, massage of coconut-scented balm, and brushing of talc powder I was finished, and felt as crisp and clean as Sween’s gleaming razor. Continue reading


The other morning my husband staged an intervention at our kitchen table. He kindly addressed the issue of my incessant pile making. Apparently having to move two stacks of papers so he could sit down for breakfast was the last straw. I quickly chimed in with the “I’m busy. You have no idea how much I have to think about and do” argument and then I stopped myself. He was right. I do have a problem and it’s not because I’m too busy; it’s because I don’t take the time to layout a good foundation of organized behavior. The root of my problem is that I try to do too much at once and the little things, like putting stuff back where it belongs gets lost in the shuffle. In turn, stuff piles up and the chore of organizing becomes extremely daunting.

Today I’d like to talk about DUMP ZONES and how I plan on attacking mine. Are you familiar with a dump zone? It’s basically what it sounds like– a zone/area where you dump stuff. These zones aren’t necessarily the right place for you to dump your things, but for some reason you can’t help but put stuff there.

I have quite a few…
Say hello to the biggest dump zone of my house. THE KITCHEN TABLE.

Casey is working from home today and his laptop is on the table. I’m stressed because he has turned our table into an office but I should be more focused on the fact that there’s A LOT of unnecessary paper & random items on the table. It’s funny how one can completely ignore their OWN mess and focus on someone else’s. (GUILTY!)

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Dear YFS,

I’m going to Seattle to visit my boyfriend’s family.  I hate the rain.  Wwwwhhhyyy with all the rain!?  I want to look and feel super cozy, but not frumpy.  I’m meeting family so I want to look super put together, but not unapproachable.  I musn’t be seen in hiking boots or fleece vests.  How do I look cozy, warm, dry, like the marrying kind…and ultra chic?


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