The other morning my husband staged an intervention at our kitchen table. He kindly addressed the issue of my incessant pile making. Apparently having to move two stacks of papers so he could sit down for breakfast was the last straw. I quickly chimed in with the “I’m busy. You have no idea how much I have to think about and do” argument and then I stopped myself. He was right. I do have a problem and it’s not because I’m too busy; it’s because I don’t take the time to layout a good foundation of organized behavior. The root of my problem is that I try to do too much at once and the little things, like putting stuff back where it belongs gets lost in the shuffle. In turn, stuff piles up and the chore of organizing becomes extremely daunting.

Today I’d like to talk about DUMP ZONES and how I plan on attacking mine. Are you familiar with a dump zone? It’s basically what it sounds like– a zone/area where you dump stuff. These zones aren’t necessarily the right place for you to dump your things, but for some reason you can’t help but put stuff there.

I have quite a few…
Say hello to the biggest dump zone of my house. THE KITCHEN TABLE.

Casey is working from home today and his laptop is on the table. I’m stressed because he has turned our table into an office but I should be more focused on the fact that there’s A LOT of unnecessary paper & random items on the table. It’s funny how one can completely ignore their OWN mess and focus on someone else’s. (GUILTY!)

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Dear YFS,

I’m going to Seattle to visit my boyfriend’s family.  I hate the rain.  Wwwwhhhyyy with all the rain!?  I want to look and feel super cozy, but not frumpy.  I’m meeting family so I want to look super put together, but not unapproachable.  I musn’t be seen in hiking boots or fleece vests.  How do I look cozy, warm, dry, like the marrying kind…and ultra chic?


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Do you know that over 40% of house guests snoop in their host’s medicine cabinet? Kinda scary, right?! If you were to open my medicine cabinet a few days ago, items would have fallen out onto the sink and you would have totally been CAUGHT snooping! That’s what you get, snooper!

Yesterday I set out to reorganize our medicine cabinet; it’s embarrassing how long it’s been on my TO-DO list.


I dove right in and removed all of the items & took out the shelves.

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Before I show you how I try to balance my crazy/cluttered life, let me start by telling you that the first step to getting organized always starts with a TO-DO LIST.

Every morning I sit at my kitchen table with a cup of coffee and start a new TO-DO list. This 5-10 minute activity helps set the pace for the day.  I recently discovered/fell in love graph paper Post-it notes for my list making. I’m a sucker for graph paper; it makes me happy. They’re great because they’ll stick anywhere.

There are 3 Basic Lists I like to make:

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Dear YFS,
Help!  I’m intimidated by my Art Opening Weekend in New York!
I am totally intimidated by New York.  I’m not an aggressively fashionable person, but I want to break out my most NY fashion self this weekend.  I’m going from Baltimore to New York to meet my boyfriends friends at an art opening.  This is totally not my world.  I want to be able to walk around and explore Manhattan.  I want to be warm enough to walk down the street with gelato,  I want to look like I fit in at Ma Peche on a Saturday night, and I want to be effortlessly cool at brunch in Brooklyn on Sunday morning.  What’s my fashion!?

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