Dear YFS,

This winter I’ll be down in Texas visiting my fiance’s family. My fiance is really into football, so as a treat my fiance’s brother and sister-in-law are taking us to a Houston Texans game. Problem is I’m not really the jersey and jeans type. What’s a cute outfit that I can wear to the game where I can show my team spirit but still be stylish?


photo from Victoria’s Secret NFL Collection.  

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Before I show you how I try to balance my crazy/cluttered life, let me start by telling you that the first step to getting organized always starts with a TO-DO LIST.

Every morning I sit at my kitchen table with a cup of coffee and start a new TO-DO list. This 5-10 minute activity helps set the pace for the day.  I recently discovered/fell in love graph paper Post-it notes for my list making. I’m a sucker for graph paper; it makes me happy. They’re great because they’ll stick anywhere.

There are 3 Basic Lists I like to make:

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Dear YFS,
Help!  I’m intimidated by my Art Opening Weekend in New York!
I am totally intimidated by New York.  I’m not an aggressively fashionable person, but I want to break out my most NY fashion self this weekend.  I’m going from Baltimore to New York to meet my boyfriends friends at an art opening.  This is totally not my world.  I want to be able to walk around and explore Manhattan.  I want to be warm enough to walk down the street with gelato,  I want to look like I fit in at Ma Peche on a Saturday night, and I want to be effortlessly cool at brunch in Brooklyn on Sunday morning.  What’s my fashion!?

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Not sure what to get that special man in your life? (Secretly wish he was a little more dash and a little less dull?) Leave it to me to squash both birds with one whiskey stone. I give you the Proper Man holiday gift guide, fit for any civilized gent! Give him what he doesn’t know he wants yet. Continue reading