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Homefries University

High Straightenence by Tracy Benjamin

A weekly column celebrating the neat freak in all of us.

Organizing Goals for 2013

I’m baaaaaaaaaaack. December was a doozy. Things were so hectic with planning/entertaining that it barely left room for me to keep myself organized. December literally took the life out of me. For real. I am really not sure how I managed to breathe, but I now know that I will take on less obligations in December. The first few days of the New Year were spent getting my house back to normal. It’s pretty crazy how much better I felt once I purged all of the holiday leftovers & cleaned out my fridge! REFRESHING! I hope you’re starting the new year right!

Anyways. I am happy to be here and I am happy you’re here. I have missed you.


Hello Hello!  It’s been awhile. Things have been super busy in my neck of the woods. HOLIDAYS!!! Ahh.

Here’s a small project that I worked on that made a HUGE impact on our life. When we first moved into our house, I put all of our liquor in the cabinet above our oven. It was fine for awhile and then I got frustrated because the cabinet is higher than eye level so it was hard for me to see what we had. I was pleased that everything fit, but I didn’t quite know what I had and how much booze was in each bottle. Also…the oven made my booze warm. NO LIKE.

ORGANIZED: Makeup Drawer

Hello! I’m baaaaaack.  The past few weeks have been somewhat chaotic so I haven’t had any major organizing projects in the works. We’re also still moving my parent’s stuff out of the house, so we can only do so much before we’re officially settled. I feel like once that happens, I can start making our master TO DO list which I hope to share with you.

ORGANIZED: My Notebook

I love notebooks. I always have and I am pretty sure I always will. The problem I find with notebooks is that I don’t always finish them. There’s something that makes me lose steam and jump ship. Am I alone here? Maybe it’s just that I love a clean slate and starting over? Maybe I get bored easily? Maybe I would finish writing in an entire notebook if it was ORGANIZED. We shall see about that.

Asking for Help

I’m sitting in my office right now taking a break from making a birthday cake for Cooper. I’m having a really small get together for his birthday tonight and I’m feeling a tad bit stressed. But then I started thinking…. I should just ask for help. What a concept!  It’s not that I don’t want help; I just never know what to ask of people because I am always planning on doing things myself. It never occurs to me that I can farm things out and use people as resources. I just don’t operate that way.

So, I’m going to take charge and ask for help today. I’m thinking of all of the things that need to be done and I am going to give some of my family members jobs. And to think I would have done this ALL MYSELF.  No wonder it’s hard to relax and enjoy a party!

My mom is coming over early and I am going to have her wrap presents and set the table. My dad will help me wipe off the table on our deck, put out the wine glasses & decant wine. My husband will help me straighten up the house and put the dishes away and possibly  clean up the bathroom. We’ll see. Now that I know what I want help with, it should be easier to ask!

Suddenly I don’t feel as stressed out.



You guys! I finally cleaned out my car. This has been on my TO-DO list for AGES. I figured that I would wait until we were officially moved into our new place to clean out my car. Trips to Home Depot have a way of messing things up. You know what I mean?

Recipe Organizing

If you’re anything like me, you love looking at/collecting recipes. It can be tough to keep track of it all, huh? It’s overwhelming! Today I want to show you how I organize mine. I’ve got myself a little system.  Here’s how I keep track.

Planning a Family Get-Together

It’s almost Labor Day weekend.  I’m having 15 people spend two nights at my house. What are you up to?

The key to me not freaking out about this is to stay organized. Frankly, I love entertaining because I love the planning aspect of it. Any excuse to make a TO-DO list is just fine with me.

So this is how I’m staying organized. I have several lists going on right now.