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Homefries University

High Straightenence by Tracy Benjamin

A weekly column celebrating the neat freak in all of us.

Quick Kitchen Cleanup!

I know it’s hard to believe but I have a hard time getting motivated. The only thing that really helps me is to set a timer. The microwave timer has been one of my favorite kitchen tools these days. What can I do in 34:59? Make a big dent on my kitchen counters. That’s what!

In a little bit of time…

It’s amazing what you can do in a half hour. Time yourself. See what you can accomplish!

I completed two mini projects this week. One at my house & one at my sister- in- law’s. They both took 30 minutes or less.

Life Requires Maintenance

I’ve been thinking about Maintenance lately.  Not the high mai/ low mai we talked about on the Joy the Baker podcast recently. The kind of maintenance that we all encounter. The real stuff like… keeping a home, keeping a life, raising a child, doing chores, maintaining relationships…

ORGANIZED: Kitchen Desk

Hello! I’m a little bit in limbo right now with all of the projects that I have going on in the house. We’re still trying to make room for our stuff while we move my parent’s stuff. I’ve found that doing little projects around the house and tidying things up makes me feel really good. It’s been a slow process, but I’m taking the time to really figure out the space and the best ways to manage our stuff. There’s a small desk in the kitchen that has always been a clutter magnet. When I unpacked the kitchen, I put everything that came from our junk drawer and put it on this desk. It’s been overcrowded.

The Office: AFTER

Aaaaaaaaaaand we’re done! Not quite. I still have cabinets to organize and tupperware containers to go through, but this is what my office looks like right now. I might want to paint this space and put framed artwork on the wall but for now I’m gonna consider it close to being done.

Here’s what it looked like last week:

The Office: BEFORE

FACT: I spend A LOT of time at the computer in my office.

ANOTHER FACT: If my desk isn’t clean & organized, I’m a basket-case.

For the past few weeks I’ve been tripping over boxes in order to check my email until FINALLY!  I HAD ENOUGH. I slowly started organizing the space this past week. I spent a good 7 hours working in there yesterday while I was working from home and I’m pretty close to done. BUT! I want to wait until I’ve organized the inside of the closets and cabinets before I show the big reveal. I also need to make sure there are no more office boxes to unpack! That would be super tragic if there were!