Emily Freeman

November 14, 2012

Emily P. Freeman is writer, speaker, listener and creator of the blog, Chatting at the Sky. While her writing is typically quiet and contemplative, she has an obnoxiously loud laugh (especially when she’s with her sister).

To Emily, every letter has a color and every number has a personality. Go ahead and ask her about it, but don’t try to convince her that A is any color other than fire engine red.

Emily is the author of two books and, now that she knows what it feels like to have her guts on sale at Barnes and Noble and realizes it didn’t kill her, she went ahead and decided to write a third book to release in 2013 because she is a lunatic person. (But what did you expect from someone who thinks 10 is a cheater?)

Emily and her husband John live in North Carolina with their girls (twins in 3rd grade) and son (kindergarten). They also have a dog who might be part cat.

If she were going to host a dinner party, it would certainly consist of the cast of Friends, the cast of The Wizard of Oz (all in character), and G.K. Chesterton (as himself).

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