Hayley Morgan

December 4, 2012

Hayley Morgan loves summertime, football, a good book, and a great adventure. Sharing a home with four tiny boys means she doesn’t own anything she can’t afford to replace. She blogs at the lifestyle blog Tiny Twig to inspire women to create lives of more passion and less fuss. She wrote the popular e-book The No Brainer Wardrobe to help women simplify and enjoy their clothes. Hayley is completely passionate about women knowing they are enough, their lives don’t have to be overly stressful, and the life they are creating is precious and completely beautiful. She is the co-founder of Influence Network and the annual Influence Conference, which she runs in tandem with her husband Mike and a pair of great friends.

If she were throwing a rad dinner party, she’d force everyone to wear stripes or sequins. She’d invite Tami Taylor (Friday Night Lights!), Anne Lamott, Neil Armstrong, and Andy Warhol.

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