Lisa Leonard

December 1, 2012

Lisa Leonard is the creative force behind Lisa Leonard Designs, a handmade jewelry and gift company. She blogs every day, gets caught up in Facebook a few times a day, and is basically obsessed with Instagram. She also speaks at conferences and has recently been approached by a production company about pursuing a reality TV show based around her family and workshop.

Lisa is married to Steve (who is the brains behind Lisa Leonard Designs) and they have two boys, David, age 10 and Matthias, age 8. David was born with a rare genetic disorder that has resulted in small size, global delay and some health issues. But that doesn’t keep him from loving life, snuggling like a champion and playing piano whenever he can. Matthias fills his spare time with drawing, painting, and Lego building.

Lisa and her family live on the central coast of California where the love to play at the beach, catch a sunset when possible and then head home to pop some popcorn and snuggle up in the couch for a movie.

Her ultimate dinner guests would be her twin sister Chrissie (they never get enough time together!), Emily Blunt, Daniel Craig, Kate Middleton, Judi Dench and Sarah McLachlan.

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