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Myquillyn Smith

Myquillyn Smith

After moving thirteen times in seventeen years of marriage, Myquillyn Smith has learned a thing or two about creating a beautiful, functional home. She’s a design school dropout who thought her decorating career was over when she realized she hated […]

Kat Lee

Kat Lee

Kat Lee is a writer, speaker and the reigning CandyLand champion in her home. She blogs at Inspired to Action, where she helps overwhelmed moms become focused and purposeful. She has traveled with, and is an advocate for Compassion International. Her ebook, Maximize […]

Hayley Morgan

Hayley Morgan

Hayley Morgan loves summertime, football, a good book, and a great adventure. Sharing a home with four tiny boys means she doesn’t own anything she can’t afford to replace. She blogs at the lifestyle blog Tiny Twig to inspire women […]

Lisa Leonard

Lisa Leonard

Lisa Leonard is the creative force behind Lisa Leonard Designs, a handmade jewelry and gift company. She blogs every day, gets caught up in Facebook a few times a day, and is basically obsessed with Instagram. She also speaks at conferences and has recently been […]


Emily Freeman

Emily P. Freeman is writer, speaker, listener and creator of the blog, Chatting at the Sky. While her writing is typically quiet and contemplative, she has an obnoxiously loud laugh (especially when she’s with her sister). To Emily, every letter […]

megan tietz

Megan Tietz

Megan Tietz is the soothing voice and spirited pen behind SortaCrunchy – blog hub for all things faith, family, and natural living since 2006. Never one to turn down a chance to write with the best of the web, Megan is also […]


Joy the Baker

Joy Wilson hosts the Joy the Baker Podcast. She talks about butter, sugar, blogging, and boys.

tsh oxenreider

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the creator of Simple Mom, a space dedicated to helping families live simple and intentionally.


Tracy Benjamin

Tracy Benjamin is obsessed with good food, great photography, and pretty things.

Greg Henry

Greg Henry

Greg is the host with impeccable taste, a gorgeous kitchen, and flatware that would make even the Queen green with envy. He’s got an eye for fine design and a taste for all things delicious.  Greg is no nonsense.  He’ll […]


Nathan Hazard

Nathan is the cocktail master. He knows that smacking a basil leaf and adding just a dash of sweet vermouth can take a cocktail form great to downright mean. Nathan also has great taste in bow ties and rivals Andy […]

Andy Windak

Andy Windak

Andy is the young boy genius chef. He is most often seen at various Southern California farmers’ markets and beside the stove in a chef’s coat stirring some sort of fragrant honey into sauteed kale. His flavors always have a […]


Jerilyn Dever

Jerilyn Dever is the brains behind The Because Show. Started college when she was 16. Graduated by 19.  Currently giving her all, along with her husband Bob, to raising two precocious kids. Working full-time as an animator on prime time […]


Susan Wright

Susan Wright is the woman who you want to talk at a cocktail party. Some might even call her ‘the wild one’. Her mischievous stories on The Because Show will make either make you laugh, make your jaw drop. Or […]


Amy Forstadt

Amy Forstadt is the woman with a quick wit, a wry sense of humor and a taste for the absurd. Whether she is laughing at herself or laughing at those with terribly terrible wardrobe choices, she brings the funny to […]


Whitney Adams

Whitney Adams is obsessed with Italy, natural wine, hand-crafted cocktails, and Italian men.


Christina Pickard

Christina knows her wine talk, and has the British accent to prove it.