Susan and I were joined by Ritzy P. and Lisa B., the hosts of ‘The Nerd Out‘ podcast this past Thursday. Steampunk, designer con, bent con, zapocalypse, cosplay…these ladies know it all.


Do you like to nerd out? Everybody likes to nerd out about something, right? If you want to congregate with like minded nerds, you might want to go to one of these:

Susan has been a longtime lover of Comic Con, she likes the stormtroopers!


Or you may just enjoy flying solo and nerding out to ‘Game Of Thrones’ or ‘Dirty Dancing’, whatever your thing might be. It’s all good! As long as it’s not a remake of ‘Steel Magnolias’. To follow the ladies of ‘The Nerd Out’, you can subscribe in iTunes, follow them on twitter or visit them on facebook.  Ritzy even has another podcast you can listen to called ‘Ya Heard’. Catch y’all on the next episode!

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6 comments on “Nerd Out

  1. We LOVE you ladies! Thank you so much for having us. Listening now…cracking me up…we need to do this again.

  2. Ha ha – yes, it WAS super fun, next time we need to talk more about zombies!!

  3. Ladies! I listened to this while organizing my kitchen tonight! NERD OUT! hilarious. I almost dropped a cake stand while you ladies were discussing the Comics made for guys by guys.

  4. Can’t… Stop… Laughing… GREG

  5. heather Apr 4, 2012

    funny stuff. i nerd out all of the time.

  6. HOla Loverly Ladies. Thanks again for having us on. We had a blast. Yes next timers, it is all Zapocalypse times.

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