[h4][dropcap]T[/dropcap]his week, Whitney and Christina talk about what Jon Hamm drinks on his night off, settle whether or not screw caps equal crappy wine, and discuss the perfect non-grape cocktail.  Drink it in![/h4]
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[h4]a.  Whitney loves Jon Hamm.  Handsome devil.  Duh.

b.  Jon Hamm enjoyed this Belgian-style Ale called Mischief, from The Bruery.

c.  This is a zork.  Wine technology.  But wait, do screw caps really equal crappy wine?!  And what the heck is a  crown cap?

d.  Riedel glassware.  Riedel for Target.  Cheap and good-looking glassware.  Form and function.

e.  The perfect martini often starts with Martini and Rossi and Hendrick’s gin.

f.  On a non-boozy note: Milk Oolong is incredible.  Find it at Spice Station.

g.  The wine of the week is:  2009 Etz gruner veltliner (around $12 for a liter!).  How to pronounce it:  gruner veltliner.

Where to Buy:

In the US: Domaine LA and K & L

UK: Nick Dobson and Noel Young Wines both have big selections of gruner. Otherwise, put gruner into Wine Searcher for any local independents.

(not pictured) Foodie Moment: Lamb meatball recipe from The Guardian.  Pomegranate molasses available for purchase on Amazon.[/h4]


[h4]Where in the World 1st clue:

In December of 2009 ,Whitney and I visited this country’s capitol city. And Whitney may or may not have sung the score to The Sound of Music to a cab driver one night when she may or may not have been drunk.

You can see it ALL go down in this video: Whitney & Christina Drink: Vienna on Vimeo

Where in the World 2nd clue:

Riedel and Riedel for Target

Do you know where in the world we are?[/h4]

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5 comments on “Bond was Wrong

  1. I loved this podcast!! It was also perfectly timed, as I’ll be visiting Salzburg in a month and the regional wine lesson was exactly what I needed! Any chance I can get some German wine tips, specifically the Bavarian region, before I leave in four weeks? :)

    Great job, ladies – I can’t wait for the next show!

  2. Kristen May 27, 2011

    Love love love this podcast and the video! Classic! I hope you ladies enjoyed Switzerland!

    • Kristen May 27, 2011

      And by Switzerland I mean Austria… total blonde moment.

  3. Thanks ladies, glad you enjoyed it! Shauna, Bavaria is much more famous for beer. The main regions for wine in Germany are in the northwest along the Rhine. But def. get your hands on some good riesling, pinot noir, gewurztraminer! Check the label-if you want a dry riesling, look for the word ‘trocken’. Enjoy your trip and check out our next podcast just posted!

  4. Ladies! This is the first podcast of yours I’ve listened to and I’m DIGGING it. I need more vino in my life. That said, I’m OCD and need to start from the beginning. Where’s episode 1? Can’t find it on this site or iTunes. You hiding it?

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