The Crush Episode 10

Fresh Press: Christina is in LA!! We went to the restaurant where Whitney works as a sommelier- Terroni and had some pretty amazing Italian food and wine. Our favorite was Tedeschi Spungola Bellaria.

And guess what else happened? Whitney got a tattoo! It’s a drawing of a grape by Giampiero Bea. Check out the original on this bottle of Rosso de Veo…

The Crush Episode 10

The Crush Episode 10

What the What? Trockenbeerenauslese. Listen to a native speaker saying this word at Forvo.

A blind tasting went down! Could Christina tell the difference between California Bandit Pinot Grigio in Tetrapak and Slovenian Giocato Pinot Grigio in a regular old glass bottle? Listen and find out. Wines purchased at Silverlake Wine.

The Crush Episode 10


Listener’s Question #1: Daniel wanted to know about affordable, good vodka! Whitney loves Tito’s Vodka which usually retails around 20 or under. It’s a great handmade craft vodka from Texas that’s actually not that hard to find or super expensive. It’s got a real smooth texture and is great for making cocktails.

Listener Question #2: Tracy wanted to know about how you become a Certified Sommelier or Master of Wine and what these titles are all about. We break it down for her. If you want to know more go to the sources: Court of Master Sommeliers and Wine & Spirits Education Trust.

Where in the World reveal: Croatia!

Christina says if you’re really bored, read all FOUR parts of her Istria posts on her blog!
Wine of the Week: Clai Ottocento white 2009

The Crush Episode 10

What Christina said about it: ‘Matched with probably the best risotto I’ve ever had, a copper colored blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Malvazija, and Pinot Grigio. It was like the Malvazija but on herbal infused steroids. It seemed to live and breathe the vineyards on the hills outside. I was in heaven.’

Where to buy it:
In US: $29.99 at 67 Wine (they ship!). Chambers St Wines in NYC sometimes has it in stock too.

In UK: write directly to Judith and Trevor at Pacta Connect to get your hands on any of Clai’s wines.

PS: Whit’s favorite and the best US importer of Croatian (and Hungarian, Slovenian) wine is Blue Danube. Check out there website for all the different Croatian winemakers they import and a good bit of info and map of Crotia.

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5 comments on “Skin Contact

  1. Leslie Aug 25, 2011

    Just got back from my mid-day walk enjoying this latest episode – stellar as always ladies! Wanted to let you know I really love the live tasting piece. You really made the adjectives come alive in the moment and helped me get a sense of how they describe the wine. Might have to secure one of the Pinot Grigios and taste while listening again. Maybe you could do that sometime, give us listeners a heads up on a wine that we can taste together!
    You ladies have really opened my wine world – stopped in a wine shop near my office and purchased my first Lambrusco. Can’t wait to try it.

  2. Aeshna Aug 26, 2011

    Hi Whitney and Christina!
    The Crush just gets better and better. Lately whenever I’ve heard you both I’ve felt this need to go and open a bottle of wine and start drinking. Not such a good feeling to have when you’re at work :)
    I have a question: If you live in a country like India, like I do, at what temperature are you supposed to serve/drink red wine? Our ‘room temperature’ is usually 38 degrees celsius upwards during summer. I like to chill my wine for a bit before drinking it because it just tastes so much better, but I’m wondering if I shouldn’t be? People are surprisingly snobby about wine here, and though few actually know about wine everyone has an opinion on how you should be drinking it . . .ha.
    Looking forward to hearing the next podcast!

  3. Daniel Aug 27, 2011

    hi girls, thank you so much for answering my question.
    sorry about my english :-/
    a few clarifications,
    it’s confusing but i’m a – she :)
    totally a gin martini( too bad Hendrick’s gin is so expensive here).
    the question about the Vodka is because i don’t know anything about it.
    Whitney, you are so sweet. thank you so much for your suggestion.
    i would love to try that vodka from Texas. let me know where to send you my adress.
    i loved the testing part, i wish i could taste it with you.
    that could be fun .maybe next time you do that, you could let us know which wine, and we could buy the wine and taste it with you and really feel the explanation. just a thought.
    thanks again
    Daniel ( from Israel)

  4. @leslie and @daniel- such a great idea about giving you guys a head’s up on a wine so we can all taste together. we’ll DEF be doing that in the near future.
    @daniel- email me at to send your address. and sorry we thought you were a HE!
    @aeshna we’ll answer your question on the next podcast!

  5. Hey Ladies,

    Love your podcasts. For some reason I liked this one especially, maybe because of the description of all that lovely Italian food! Next time I’m in L.A. I’ve gotta make it to Terroni. I’m curious about the wine you mention at the top, the Tedeschi Spungola Bellaria. I’m an American living and working in Beijing, China, and I really want to get my hands on this wine! Do you think it’s possible? I’m curious about whether this wine would pair well with Chinese food–I’ve read some stuff on this, and I wonder if this wine would go well, since Asian food is loaded with umami. You don’t mention Asian food in this episode, I know, though I recall you talking about Thai food in an earlier ep. What’s your opinion about the flavor combination? Do you think since it’s an Italian wine, it pairs better with “Italian umami,” like mushrooms, parmesan, and tomatoes? Of course, since wine is only now exploding in popularity in China, the wine culture is way behind here, so there aren’t a lot of even drinkable Chinese wines. So with Chinese food, I feel like you can’t combine wine with the terroir of the region with the food. If you have any tips or suggestions for wine pairings, I’d be grateful. Thanks so much!

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