the crush episode 11

Christina visited Donkey and Goat winery in Berkeley, and Littorai in Sonoma.

Extremely healthy compost=extremely heathy grapes=extremely delicious wine

And here’s a link to the boys from Scribe for you lady listeners to drool over.

What the what?  Meritage (not ‘merit-aah-ge’!)

Home Wine Storage:

Here’s the wine pump Christina talks about. And it’s only $5!

And here’s a link to the rich people floor cellar.

Listener Question:

Aeshna asked about storing and serving wine at room temperature, particularly if you’re from India where it’s over 100F in the summer!

It’s always best to chill all wines slightly, more for whites than reds of course. Here are the ideal serving temperatures:

White Wines: 45-50 °F or 7-10 °C

Red Wines: 50-65 °F or 10-18 °C

Rosé Wines: 45-55 °F or 7-13 °C

Sparkling Wines: 42-52 °F or 6-11 °C

Fortified Wines: 55-68 °F or 13-20 °C

Ideal range of temperature for STORING red wine is 50-55ºF or 10-16ºC. White wines can be stored at lower ranges at 45ºF.
-Wine(ries) of the Week:  Twi wineries that both lead back to one lady-  Eva Fricke (not to be confused with Jean-Pierre Frick, famous Biodynamic winemaker from Alsace!).  If you haven’t explored the amazing-ness that is riesling, a wonderful place to start is with Leitz and Eva Fricke.
the crush episode 11
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Find Leitz all over the US for about $8-16, and an even bigger range all over the UK. A good place to start is at Waitrose Wine Direct, which has their Riesling Kabinett for about £10.
Fricke wines are available in the US for shipping from a few California merchants. The San Francisco Wine Company has Lorch for about $34. In the UK, Fricke wines are available at The London Winery ( for about £29-37

the crush episode 11

And here’s a funny picture of our German friend Soren who kindly wrote our ‘Where in the World’ questions for us this week. Note: he would probably want us to tell you that he does not normally read French men’s magazines. Or men’s magazines in general.
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7 comments on “Germany

  1. OMG! They are too perfect. They are that type of good looking… you know the type “I don’t want to be next to you because you are too beautiful and I’m SO normal”

  2. Aeshna Sep 10, 2011

    Thank you! That was most helpful. Awesome podcast as always :)

  3. I can’t believe I met Whitney in San Diego yesterday. Showed up to a favorite spot to taste some Sicilian wines, and I heard a familiar voice. Heard her say her name, that she lived in LA and worked in wine and I managed to work up the courage to ask if she was the Whitney from The Crush. How awesome!

    Thanks for talking with me Whitney, it was awesome! Wish I had my act together, I would have asked you so many questions I’m always thinking I should email in and never remember to do. Hehe. Love the podcast!

  4. Glad you found it helpful Aeshna, and thank you! And yes Irma, I know what you mean. There is such a thing as too beautiful and they are it.

  5. Walter Oct 9, 2011

    A statement and a question Episode 11 of The Crush:
    I really enjoy the podcast and am looking forward to the next one. I am now finally caught up after discovering you about three months ago. I wanted to comment on the issue of wine cellars. Another solution to a wine cellar would be an “accidental” cellar like ours. We added onto our house with a bonus room above the garage. With the updated housing codes it had to be insulated on all sides. The stairway that it created along with the extra insulation gave us a perfect “accidental” wine cellar that stays at a nearly constant 55 degrees (little cooler in winter and a little warmer in summer). With a little ingenuity and much fewer $$ than excavating your house, the average joe could have an inexpensive wine cellar like ours.
    Now for the question…Could you do an episode (or did I miss one) that has to do with everyday wine. To me that is the stuff that is less than $10 a bottle. Does such an animal exist that is not “plonk” as you would say? I know we are talking the high volume stuff here, but I thought you might have suggestions that might make for at least a partial episode. Thanks for the great and informative podcast. You make me want to go to the places you talk about…especially Italy.

    Beaverton OR

  6. Christina Oct 11, 2011

    Hi Walter, great idea for the cellar! I’m wishing here in the UK we had garages to put rooms above, or even basements (!) but certainly in the states that is more than possible! I think your suggestion for recommending cheaper wines is a good idea. We touch on countries that give you better ‘bang for your buck’ in the next podcast (being posted in the next few days), but perhaps we can try and compile a list of cheap but decent every day drinking wines and chat about it on a future show. Thanks for listening! –Christina

  7. Megan Nov 29, 2011

    Can you post another link to the wine pump mentioned? The link posted there has changed.

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