the crush episode 3

This week, Whitney and Christina explore cheap plonk made even cheaper, and what happens when a reality star makes wine.  They determine which milk is the best for Oreo dunking, and how to heck you pronounce ‘gewurtztraminer’.

Grab a bag of Oreos and a bottle of your favorite Pinot Grigio… this is going to be a good one!

a.  Fresh Press: ‘Aussie Wine..made in China?!’ Is it even possible?  Yes.  It totally is.

b.  Wine Whine: Celebrity Wine.  A Real Housewife bursts into the wine business… but wwwhhhyyy!?

c.  What the What?: Gewurtztraminer

d.  No Vino: Christina and her father conduct a blind milk taste test, naturally followed by an Oreo dunking experiment.   (Watch Christina’s milk-tasting video HERE!)

e.  Fingerlakes Wineries:  Hermann J. Wiemer, Red Tail Ridge, Lamoreaux Landing

f.  Wine of the Week: Hermann J. Wiemer Dry Riesling (Not available in the UK YET!)

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5 comments on “Cheap Plonk

  1. Aeshna Jun 1, 2011

    This is such an entertaining podcast. Love it!
    Well done, W & C. Now just keep posting more frequently :)

  2. Arianne Jun 21, 2011

    I was so excited while listening to this podcast because I guessed the Fingerlakes region! Also, I don’t know a lot about wine at all, but through trial and error I stumbled onto the Hermann Wiemer Riesling and it’s my favorite.

  3. Love the show, but….all the Gewurtzraminer I’ve ever had was sweet and syrupy. Am I just drinking the wrong kind? Can you recommend a good one that tastes the way it’s supposed to? (I may be biased, as I’m a red drinker). Also….can the reds get a little love from you gals? I know it’s a masculine thing to drink red wine instead of white, but….really, aside from Merlot (ick), there’s a lot of good reds out there!

  4. Cheryl Aug 16, 2011

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you guys! Recently found you on iTunes and am now caught up – just had to give a quick shout out to Christina’s “milk-tasting” – Woo Hoo – you are definitely a good sport!

  5. Thank you for your segment on the Finger Lakes and excellent recommendations.

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