the crush episode 5

This week, Whitney and Christina discuss stolen wine and Whitney’s dream of a Hollywood wine caper.  The two also debunk decanters and tell us exactly why people pour wine from such great heights.

It’s wine talk… unfiltered!

a.  Scotland Yard is looking for stolen wine.  Whitney dreams up a wine caper, and drinks expensive scotch from a spoon. (source)

b.  A dude demonstrating the Basque high pour (with the rosado Whitney loves!)(source)

How to pronounce: Txakolina:

Great nytimes article:

c.  ‘Where in the World’ 2nd clue: slippery schist soil  (source)

Buying Wine: Online Wine Buying pros and cons.

Lot 18

cinderella wine

garagiste, selection massale

Direct listeners to this site for a great list:

Decanting! want to see a charming French guy demonstrate fancy decanting.

d.  ‘Where in the World reveal': The Douro Valley!  (source)

e.  Wine of the Week: Ramos Pinto, Duas Quintas 2008 (source)

Available widely in US (see Wine Searcher) from $10—16 a bottle, depending on vintage. In UK, you can find it for around £11 from Slurp.

f.  Whit loves the Barros white port– cheap and good over ice with an orange twist. awesome summer aperitif.  (source)

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8 comments on “Spoonful of Scotch

  1. Wilma Jun 29, 2011

    I just listened to your latest podcast, and lest you think Amanda & your mothers are your only listeners, let me assure you that you have at least one more loyal fan! I refresh my itunes obsessively every day, impatiently waiting for the next podcast. It’s entertaining, informative, and I always enjoy them thoroughly. You guys are doing a great job – thanks!

  2. Aeshna Jun 30, 2011

    Hello from India!

    I’m a huge fan of this show so you definitely have listeners all over the world :)

  3. Sayle Jun 30, 2011

    Whitney and Christina,
    I am a loyal listener to your podcast and b/c you both work in the wine biz, I have a question I thought maybe you could address. I actually recently asked another wine professional this question and it began a firestorm b/c apparently, of the 12 Somms that chimed in, there were 12 different answers. Here is my question:
    What is the best way to show your appreciation for the Sommelier in a nice restaurant? I live in NYC and have always had such gracious Somms spend ample time with me to make sure I get the best bottle. So, does one tip the Somm separately? Do you tip on the bottle that is included in the final bill along with your regular server? Some say Somms are part of the restaurant management and should therefore not be tipped separately but I say this amazing man/woman is providing you a separate service (and maybe too it is b/c I have such an appreciation for the skill and education a Somm has). What are your thoughts? And do we tip differently for wine in different parts of the world? Is it a cultural thing as well?
    All best and keep em’ coming. I adore your humor and fact combination. A win-win.
    Sayle Milne (pronounced as Sail b/c my parents drink a lot of wine).

  4. Thank you thank you! It gives me a warm feeling to know you’re all enjoying our wine-soaked ramblings! xChristina

  5. DANIEL Jul 12, 2011

    hi Whitney and Christina,
    i love your show, so funny, so informative.
    so far learned so much. so, thanx :)
    needless to say, i love wine. my other drink is dry Martini(the real one of course).
    i’m not sure how the prices in little (and becoming very expensive) Israel, and i hope i will be able to try your recommendations.

    could you recommend a nice, not too expensive vodka,mostly for cocktails? or what to look for in a vodka?
    waiting for the next podcast :)


  6. Hi ladies! Love the podcast! I can’t seem to recall how to get in touch with questions so I’m going to post here. Can you recommend a few good but inexpensive (under $20, around $15 would be ideal) bottles of sparkling wine? I love a nice sparkling wine but don’t always want to break into the good stuff. I tend to like dry over sweet. Thanks!

  7. Hi Kate and Daniel, thanks for your replies, and Kate indeed this is the place to post questions. Kate, we’ll be answering your question in the podcast we’re recording tomorrow (hopefully up in the next week or two) and Daniel, we’ll be sure to answer your question in the near future as well. Thanks for listening!

  8. Hi! I don’t know if you have any Basque listeners but you have a loyal Spanish listener from Catalonia. Do you know The wine region DO Empordà (Costa Brava)? I’m from there (although actually I live in Scotland)
    I love Txacoli and I didn’t know they made rosado too! I don’t know anything about Basque pronunciation but the “iña” endings are very used in Galician and Asturian dialect (North of Spain too) so maybe there’s some sort of influence in there.
    Love the show!!!

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