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This week on The Crush, Whitney and Christina talk all things natural wine and taste wine on two different sides of the globe.  Whaaaat!?

Pour yourself a glass and listen close!

a.  Happy 30th Birthday Whitney!!  Christina’s card to Whitney!

-‘Where in the Worldclue 1 : This region was first on the list for Whitney’s and my natural wine adventure, as it’s a very important place for natural winemaking. We had a few wild nights drinking and dining with winemakers in sub-regions like these: Sancerre, Pouilly-Fume, Anjou, Saumur, Muscadet, Chinon, and Vouvray.

A blurry night = blurry pics:

b.  Soren and Whitney drinking with renowned natural winemaker, Olivier Cousin.


c.  You know it’s a big night when it ends with Christina trying saber a bottle of wine with an ax…


Info on Sulphites:–100878 and

-‘Where in the World’ clue 2: While Whit and I were in this region, we drank a lot of wine from native grapes like sauvignon blanc, chenin blanc, melon de borgogne, and for the reds, cabernet franc and sometimes gamay. But it’s known being the ‘garden’ of its country not only because of the abundance of vineyards, but also of fruit orchards, artichokes, asparagus, and cherry fields which line the banks of the river. Oh and it’s also the home amazing goats cheese which goes well with the minerality and high acidity of the wines!

What the What?

how to pronounce: petillant naturel

Where in the World last clue: Unlike many other famous winemaking regions in its country, the wine regions here run west to east instead of north to south, along a river of the same name as the region. While there, Whit and I drove through winding tree lined roads dotted with fairytale-like castles that helped make this region a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2000. If you’re visiting though, try not to drive in the rain–they’re a little short on street lights. And decent windshield wipers for their rental cars….


-‘Where in the World reveal : The Loire Valley!

A view of Sancerre as seen from winemaker Sebastien Riffault’s carriage:

Wine of the Week:

2009 Breton La Dilettante Vouvray Moustillant

Available at K&L and Domaine LA for approx $20-22 a bottle

In the UK Les Caves de Pyrene have it for around £13 a bottle

Or put it into Wine Searcher to find the closest retailer to you.

What Whitney has to say about this wine: ‘My wine of the summer! It’s cloudy, chewy, spritzy, a little toasty, a lot refreshing, orange pith, drunk pineapple, sweet tea.

What Christina has to say about this wine: ‘Mine was actually pretty bright and seemed to have more bubbles than Whit’s. I got the sweet tea thing too, along with a wonderfully summery apricot/marmalade thing going on. This is perfect with grilled fish, salads, or just to knock back on it’s own!’.
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7 comments on “Natural Wine

  1. Sayle Jul 18, 2011

    Really loved this episode and many thanks for taking the time to answer my question on-air. Awesome. Welcome to your 30’s, Whitney. They kind of rock. Look forward to the next “uncorked” episode.
    New York, NY

  2. thank you very much sayle! and i can’t wait for the next “uncorked” segment either. nothing like getting my drank on first thing in the morning to make a day right.

  3. kelly Jul 20, 2011

    Learning so much. Would love to know what you would consider a good everyday (aka affordable wine); one for red and one for white. Reds are my favorite but I live in Hawaii and drink white quite a bit (it’s hot!). Was so excited to see the podcast regarding Gruner but live in the sticks and only one bottle to be found, a Weingut Huger Hugo @ $16 for 750 ml. Would you recommend? This is the top of my humble daily wine budget. Any advise on how to drink yummy wine on the cheap would be so appreciated. Cheers!

  4. hi Kelly! so happy to hear that you’re learning from all our yapping! i recommend the Hugo! i believe it’s from Weingut Huber actually. if that’s the one you mean, I enjoy a lot of the wines from that winery. if you see their sparkling rose called Hugo as well- snap that up too!

    • kelly Jul 21, 2011

      Yes, it is actually Weingut Huber. I’m venturing into town today and will see about the rose as well. Thanks Whitney:) Hope your birthday was a happy one!

  5. Hey Whitney and Christina – great job on the podcast! Each one is full of information that I can actually understand, use and share – which is huge! Plus, I’m an American who lives in London, so I love hearing about the US/UK perspectives. Can’t wait for the next one!

  6. Hi Tracy, great to hear you like the podcast, and always good to hear from a fellow ex-pat! Next show should be up shortly.

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