Check out this cool dude and the way he does wine tastings with friends Not About Wine

What the What? How to pronouncemourvedre! Um…we still have differing opinions. But this is how a French guys says it:

The only wine “gadgets” you need:

A pulltap’s corkscrew and if you’re lazy a foil cutter. And sometimes, rarely, an ah-so corkscrew.

But if you find yourself without a corkscrew, open the bottle with your shoe like this drunk but brilliant French guy!

Listener’s Question:

Kate wanted to know about good $15-$20 sparkling wine. As a general rule of thumb, look to Cava, Prosecco, Lambrusco, Cremant de Bourgogne or other Cremant from France for good values and consistently good wines in this price range. These are Whitney’s favorite lower priced Cava and Prosecco.

Where in the World reveal: Sierra Foothills, California!

An excellent article about the Sierra Foothills written by San Francisco Chronicle’s Jon Bonné.

Instead of wine of the week, this time we are showcasing a few winemakers from the region and telling you about our Winery of the Week: La Clarine Farm

photo of La Clarine Farm winemaker Hank Beckmeyer by Cory Cartwright of Saignee

Whitney had more than a few nights alone with a glass or two of LCF!

Also check out Berkeley winery Donkey & Goat that sources fruit from the Sierra Foothills and the completely awesome wines of Steve Edmunds’ Edmunds St. John!

A lot of the wines coming out of this area are pretty small production, therefore they are a little bit harder to get your hands on. But they are worth hunting down! Put them in or try the following retailers that regularly carry these wines: Domaine LA in Los Angeles or Chambers Street Wines in NYC. Call and see if they can ship to you.

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3 comments on “Going Back to Cali

  1. I’ve never seen a bottle opened with a shoe before. Thanks for the link. The Frenchman has skills. I just finished listening to your episode 7. You offer a plethora of good wine tips. Cheers!

  2. Helen Aug 11, 2011

    Hey there ladies, I am loving your podcasts about all things vino related. I live in the UK and was wondering if you could recommend some lovely wines that can be bought in good old Blighty as you have been teasing me with lots of wonderful wines that only seem to be available to buy in the states! Otherwise keep up the good work. Bottoms up!

  3. Thanks for answering my question! I can’t wait to pick up your recommendations and test them out! :)

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