the crush ep 8

Fresh Press- Think you had a bad day? Um, this dude dropped $1 million worth of wine from a forklift!

Wine Whine: Mordechai, Nebuchadnezzer and Melchizedek oh my!


Here’s the official list of all the names of large format bottles. And the celebrity version

What the What? How to pronounce: degorgement (disgorgement). Listen for an authentic French pronouncement at our fave: Forvo!
Want to see how disgorging Champagne is really done? Check this and this out.

One of the Where in the World clues: where Christina got married! It was pretty. And there are impossibly small cars!

the crush ep 8

Christina is reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and is also now obsessed with local produce, London farmer’s markets and getting her goody basket from her “allotment.”

the crush ep 8

Anne asked us about boxed wine. Are there any good ones? We say, YES!

the crush ep 8

“From the Tank” and Wurtz Riesling are just two of our favorites. Look at all of these bag in boxes at Frankly Wines in NYC! Further reading: 2 great articles about bag in box wines. One from Jancis Robinson and another by Talia Baocchi in Eater.


Wine of the Week: Instead of a predictable Vermentino, we want to actually highlight a red wine from the region- the 2009 BioVio Rossese.

the crush ep 8


It shows best with a bit of a chill, so put it in the fridge to cool down and you’ve got the perfect summer red. It’s like drinking rubies! You get strawberries, cranberries, rose petals and a little black pepper spice to keep it interesting.

Other Ligurian producers we love: Punta Crena, Il Monticello and Bisson.

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8 comments on “The Land of Focaccia

  1. Tracy Aug 11, 2011

    Hello Christina and Whitney!
    I have been enjoying your podcasts on my early morning hikes with my 9 month old pup! (Consequently, the area where we go hiking now always gets me thinking about wine). Listening to you two feels like hanging out with girlfriends and I always learn a few things too. I am curious about what it takes to become a sommelier, and whether there are different levels of certifications that sommeliers can earn. I have heard of “certified sommelier” and “master sommelier” but I am unfamiliar with the difference, if there is any. Can you touch on this in your next podcast? You guys are awesome! Thank you for your sophisticated (yet fun!) entertainment!
    ~Tracy in Durango

  2. This was my favorite of your podcasts so far! I’ve been to the Cinque Terre and absolutely loved everything about it. Hearing you talk about it made me ready to go back right now. Plus the book Animal Vegetable Miracle really spoke to me, too, so hearing your takes on it was very interesting. Thanks for the great podcasts – I love how much I learn every time.

  3. Those huge bottles are kind of ridiculous, right? I mean…how does one *pour* that big of a bottle? Talk about dropping wine. I was thinking, the official names of the bottles are probably biblical because they would have come from the church, right?

  4. @carissa- thanks so much for you nice feedback!! it lets us know we are somehow on the right track. and seriously, i wanna go back to the cinque terre right now too!
    @julie-it seems like NO ONE knows for sure why the large format bottles have biblical names. but check out this link (scroll the the bottom) for one of the better explanations i’ve seen.
    and to pour from those big boys you might need a few other helping hands to help you get it into a decanter. which is the way you would serve the wine.
    @tracy- great question! we’re answering it on one of the next episodes. so stay tuned!

  5. Hi Christina and Whitney, I’ve been listening to your podcast from Australia while enjoyng a lovely McLaren Vale Shiraz. I really enjoy the podcast as they are informative but not in a wine wanky way. Just a couple of points re this podcast, the Australian dollar is worth more than the US dollar at present so it was over 1 million US of wine that was dropped. Secondly box wine you talked about is called cask wine in Australia (I think we invented it, not sure if its something to be proud of). It has a bit of bad reputation here as being poor quality and can be but some are quite good and fine for a mid week glass of wine with dinner, however I think they might be being replaced by the growing popularity of cheap cleanskins here in Australia

  6. Thank you for answering my question! I have tried a few box wines recently, but nothing has really stood out. I look forward to trying your recommendations. I really enjoy listening to your podcast with a glass of wine while making dinner, it’s such a great way unwind.

  7. Rachel Aug 26, 2011

    I’m totally there with the eating local and in season. There’s a great group called Abundant Harvest Organics ( that is based in the Central Valley of California. They pick the amazing organic produce when it’s ripe and deliver all over (even to LA!!!). We get a box every 3 weeks, and we pay about $39 per box. While I love farmers’ markets, the value of what we get in each box is like nothing else. And, the great thing is, we’re still supporting local farmers, even though it’s not at a market (we just moved from the Central Valley, so we still consider them local, especially since we know some of them personally).

  8. Thanks for the great comments ladies, keep them coming! Rachel, glad to hear you’re into local/in season produce as well. It’s hard in the winter when you’re craving berries and tropical fruits, and esp tomatoes, but I’m planning on sun drying, freezing, etc so hopefully that’ll hold me over! (although in California you’ll have good produce year round, lucky thing!). We also have a few produce box delivery companies here in the UK and I keep meaning to try one out–they’re a great alternative when you can’t get to the farmer’s market!

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