the crush episode 9

Camping wines! Whit drank the Bermejo Tinto and the Les Heretiques and the Chidaine Touraine Rouge while she went camping with the gals.

-‘Where in the WorldClue 1: This wine region can lay claim to having the most southerly vineyards in the world. It is also has the only truly continental climate in the country. Christina was there in January. The sun was shining, and summer was in full swing.

Wine Whine: Wines/drinks that comfort us when we’re sick.

–Loire Valley reds. Here’s one we recommend from our favourite producer, the wild man Olivier Cousin: ‘Pur Breton’ available from PJ Wines in NY amongst others for around $19. In the UK try Les Caves de Pyrene.

Aperol and Chinotto

What the What? Shiraz. Have a listen on Forvo.

-‘Where in the World’ Clue 2: This region’s latitude is the southern hemisphere equivalent to both Burgundy and the Willamette Valley in Oregon, both famed for their production of Pinot Noir. So it’s not surprising that Pinot also finds itself an extremely comfortable home in this region too, making some of the best in the country (and I think the world!)

Wine Babe Calendars: Nominate your favourite winemaker to appear in our Wine Babe Calendar! THIS should hold you over in the meantime.

Where in the World last clue: Christina willingly threw herself out of a plane at 15,000 feet over the ‘Southern Alps’ of Queenstown, famous for being the home of adventure sports, and about 45 minutes away from the wine region that Carmen Grape-iago is in!

the crush episode 9

-‘Where in the WorldReveal: Central Otago!

the crush episode 9

the crush episode 9

Winery of the Week: Felton Road! Here’s what Christina wrote about them in her blog:

You can find Felton Road wines all over the US and UK for about $19-37 or £12-18. Pop the name into Wine Searcher for the closest retailer to you.

the crush episode 9

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3 comments on “Summer in January

  1. Sayle Milne Aug 18, 2011

    Christina and Whitney,
    I really loved this episode because I have always been a huge fan of NZ Sauv Blanc but am really excited about what they are doing with Pinot Noir! Will have to seek out a lot more. I actually had a Riesling from Tasmania that was delicious. Tasmania. Who knew?

    About what you said in this podcast in reference to how wine stores are set up…I live in NYC and there was this amazing wine store called Bachhus (that has since closed-boo) but it was set up by flavor profile, not geography and I thought that was brilliant. So you would see, “bold and spicy” or “soft and round” and that would dictate where you would wander to in the store. In addition, (and please tell me if you know of these and where more of them are), Bacchus had a Cuveneé! You would purchase a card from the store and put any dollar amount on it that you liked, and then go to each Cuveneé, swipe your card and select the wine(s) you would like to try. The wine would then come from the machine in about a 2 ounce pour. You could taste as many as you like (or until your card ran out). I really thought this was a great way to sample wine, especially doing verticals or the like. I would love to find more places with Cuveneés. Do you all know them and love them as much as I?
    Lastly, a toast for you.
    Hold your FULL wine glasses up, look in the eye and say, “here’s how.” Clink and down the hatch!

    Thanks for the great podcasts, ladies. Keep em’ coming!

  2. Hi Girls, love your podcast, this was one of my favorite episodes. I’ve been getting into Pinots from New Zealand lately, and I’ll definitely be on the lookout for some from Central Otago in future! I also appreciate the info on Southern Hemisphere wines, I’ve been in Australia for two years and know shockingly little about their wines, except in most bottle shops and restaurants it is hard to find anything except Australian wines. I’m not sure why that is, something to do with high shipping costs and swollen pride? Of course, I fall into the category of picking wines by how pretty their labels are. This podcast reminded me I could try talking to the staff at the bottle shop for a change!

    And the men posing over their barrels…love it. But I’m sure your calendar will be even more awesome.

  3. Casey Benjamin Aug 20, 2011

    I’ve wanted to try the Felton Road Pinots, they have them at my favorite wine shop here in the Silicon Valley area but the prices are in the $45 – $75 range which seems to be the norm.

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