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Homefries University


Joy the Baker Podcast 114


Hi friends!  Thank you for joining us for another Joy the Baker Podcast!  This week we’re talking about my international travel plans, my air travel neck pillow, and butt problems… because that’s just how it goes.  Also, I’m sorry I …

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Joy the Baker Podcast 112

Just Lift Everything!

Hello friends!  Happy Holidays!  Are you in the thick of it?  We sure are!

In this episode, join us as we discuss middle age (wwwhhyyy!?) and the Christmas holiday.  I’m having my dad’s Hawaiian Chicken for  Christmas.  Tracy is going …

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Joy the Baker Podcast 111

Dont Cuss at Me

Hello friends!  We’re here today with another Joy the Baker podcast.  This week we’re talking about turkey, cookbooks, running from zombies, and oh… we’re helping to name a podcast listener’s child. Just another week.  You know the drill.

Have you …

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Joy the Baker Podcast 110

I Wish You Were Chicken

We’re back and we come bearing The Sexiest Podcast In The World, featuring Carrot Top.

Welcome to another episode of the Joy the Baker Podcast!  This week a conversation about Adam Levine devolves into a conversation about Carrot Top.  We …

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