Hello friends!

It’s time for another summer podcast!  Let’s live it!

Two years ago we talked about not being the drunk girl at the summer work pool party.  That involves wearing wedges and drinking a lot of water.  Remember the Boozy Susan episode?  Real.

Last year we put all of our sumer hopes and dreams into one big bucket.  Then we threw the bucket in the ocean.  Listen to Shuck It In A Bucket to hear last summer’s goals.  It’s like a little time capsule.  For better or worse.


Instagram is here to teach us things.  You think you want to be popular?  That’s all well and good… as long as you don’t make anything that looks like a tampon.  Eighth graders will be on you like white on rice.

Tracy wants to make hush puppies this summer and consider running.

Joy wants to explore various torturous workouts and complain about them.

Also… can we work one of these Flip Turn in a pool into the mix.  Sometimes it’s the little things that feel the most epic.


What are you eating this summer?  Toast?  Us too.

If your summer heat is noooooo bueno, Tracy has hella salads to fill your face with.

If you’ve got access to a stove, this Spinach Salad with Dates & Almonds is BONK. HELLO buttery pita!



Grilled Greek Panzanella. If you’ve got a grill…or a toaster, you’re on your way!



If you buy pre-made tostadas, you’re one step closer to Tostada salads!

Thank you for joining us for 99 episodes of this Joy the Baker and Shutterbean madness!  We’re so happy to share this brain/podcast/realtalk space with you.


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44 comments on “99 Problems

  1. This podcast is so funny, period.

  2. You both need to re-watch Out of Africa. Meryl Streep is amazing and she falls in love with a very sexy (young) Robert Redford. Get into it!!!

  3. Emily Jul 2, 2013

    Tracy! I’ve never done it-I actually ran cross country and track in high school-but a lot of my friends have had success with the Couch-to-5K program!: http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml

    • Tracy Jul 2, 2013

      I’m gonna do it!! I downloaded an app!

      • Dona Gomez Jul 5, 2013

        I was going to suggest this! I used it to run my first and only 5k three years ago when the Oakland marathon returned. Stopped running on land after that. I’ve been thinking about using it again to join my sisters-in-law in the Petaluma mud run. I do teach an aqua running class at a Y in sf and have to say I love running in a pool if you want to try something “different” I highly suggest it.

  4. Katie Jul 2, 2013

    Tracy I was totes the slow runner in middle school, and thought I would hate it forever until I found this amazing beginners plan, you should definitely give it a try, it changed my entire outlook on running…


    Loved the podcast chick-a-dees!

  5. I actually used that same running plan above and it was fantastic. I love running (most of the time) now. For perspective, when we had to run the mile in 7th grade, I was the second-to-last person to finish and everyone was cheering for me and the other kid to finish. Pity cheers.

  6. Though I love Boozy Susan… I felt there was a missed opportunity with ”
    Boozy Suzy.”

  7. Joy, I never once thought of tampons when I saw your pops on Instagram. And I can get filthy.
    Middle school mind is an unfortunate place. You rock, don’t worry.

  8. Joy, I can never look at those popsicles the same way again. Sigh.

  9. Hi Joy and Tracy – I’m new to your podcast and thought maybe you could celebrate your 100th episode with some kind of superlative (top 10, top 5, your favourites, most commented on, or whatever strikes your fancy) of past episodes for newer listeners who’d like to catch up on older podcasts. I also wouldn’t mind if you feel inspired to say my name with a Scottish accent – I live in Edinburgh :) Thanks for a great show! Katherine

  10. April Mae Jul 3, 2013

    First, does anyone here remember the perfume, “Electric Youth”? I loved that spray although I don’t remember a single Debbie Gibson song.
    Second, Joy–do take swim lessons. I did it later in life and I am so glad I did. I took them way out town–way out of state actually. I was living in Hawai’i and working at a surf stand. Also, like you, I was primariliy a back stroke/dog paddler. I started surfing and while out in the line up started fearing what might happen if my leash broke and I lost my board. SO–while back at in my motherland of Wisconsin I snuck took two weeks of intense private swim lessons. I can swim laps like nobodys business, but I did not ever learn the summersault thing. I have youtubed the heck out of it…to no avail. If you come to the Bay Area and take swim lessons, I wanna join the session where you learn to summersault. I AM NOT JOKING.
    Third, Tracy you should try those silly running moon boots, have you seen those? If not here, http://philly.barstoolsports.com/around-barstool/reader-email-does-running-down-main-street-manayunk-in-moon-shoes-get-this-guy-laid/..

  11. heather Jul 3, 2013

    Kick flip your heart out, Joy!!

  12. Joy and Tracy- The somersault thing that you are talking about is most commonly called a flip-turn. Check out this video: http://triathlon.competitor.com/2012/08/training/video-how-to-do-a-flip-turn_17781
    This is how I learned when I was a kid. Good luck!

  13. Tracy, can I be honest with you about Couch to 5k? It works, don’t get me wrong, but there’s this one week in there when it feels like you’re suddenly expected to be able to run for much longer than the week before. The first 100 times I attempted that thing, I got to that point and got really intimidated and really discouraged, and really… well, I quit 100 times.

    Let me tell you what I ultimately learned on the way to becoming a runner (because, you know, it’s free and now I’m saving a bunch of gym membership money, to be honest, and I learned to hate running less): SLOW. DOWN. When I was learning to run, I thought running meant that you were moving quickly and, for me, it juuuuuust doesn’t. It just means that both your feet are off the ground at the same time on a stride. So when you get to that week where, last week, you were expected to run for 7 minutes straight and, suddenly, this week you’re supposed to run for 90,000 minutes or whatever it is, just remember, when you’re running, you can be as slow as you wanna be. You can do it! I’m enjoying seeing your out-on-a-run pictures on Instagram. :)

    • C25K didn’t work all that well for me; by Week 4 the intervals didn’t feel quite right and then I got injured. I restarted with Jeff Galloway’s run/walk plan which pretty much leaves the interval timing up to you and did much better. But yeah, I had to do that whole “visualize myself as a runner” thing, too 😀 I also run early in the morning when few people can see me and it’s just nice to be out by myself in the quiet with the birds n’ stuff.

  14. There are some things you just can’t unsee. Those popsicles looked delicious, and now all I’m seeing are Tampops. A delicious, frosty way to beat the heat down under. Now, less absorbent than ever.

  15. Two things:
    1: That’s a great picture of you two.
    2. Tracy, you should get on that hushpuppy situation STAT. It sounds delicious.

  16. Tracy! I just started running this year, after a very long period of no exercise at all, so I was in a pretty similar situation. I didn’t follow a program at all, I just wanted to improve my fitness and try to get exercise 3 times a week, and so far I’ve stuck with it for four months! I don’t run based on distance, I go based on time; I try to stay out with my heart rate elevated for 40 minutes (when I started I did 20 minutes though). I run until I can’t run anymore, then I walk until I get my breath back a bit, then run again, etc. I find this really manageable, and my stamina has definitely improved- I can run much further before walking.
    It feels awesome, and I think what helps me stay motivated (because I’m really not that into exercise) is just the act of being outdoors, clearing my head, and watching the seasons change slowly each day as I run the same track around my neighbourhood. It’s become one of my favourite parts of the day!

  17. Hey Tracy, yep wot Drea said – just run as slow as humanly possible. That’s the best way to start. You’ll naturally get faster without even thinking about it but the best way to get going is to just go real freaking slow. You can get the nike running app on your iphone which is a good way to motivate you and track your progress, in terms of distance. Or even do something crazy like sign up for a 5k and set it as a goal to work towards. It may sound totally unachievable but you’d be surprised what you can achieve. go go go tracy!

  18. Pro tip for choosing travelling buddies!: make sure you choose people who you think will enjoy travelling at the same pace as you – not someone much faster or slower than you!

  19. “I don’t know if I wanna talk to people” = why we are friends, Tracy

    • Tracy Jul 5, 2013

      HAHAHA. Just let me get in and out with this workout business!

  20. Tracy, I couldn’t believe it when I heard you say that ‘Out of Africa’ was your first movie in the theater. Mine too! My very first flick on the big screen. I can’t believe our parents dragged us there when we were like, yeah, five. Make me wonder if it was THE summer blockbuster that our parents had to see, babysitter or no babysitter.

    I haven’t seen it since. But I have the soundtrack somewhere. It’s beautiful.

    • Tracy Jul 5, 2013

      That’s hilarious. It’s a sign that we both need to see it as adults!

  21. Alexis Jul 5, 2013

    Tracy – You made me feel less alone by sharing that you ran a 30 minute mile in middle school. That was so me and I am still traumatized by those memories! I’ve never been into physical activity. I did get ashtanga yoga for one year and that was the most consistent I have ever been and I loved it, but then I got out of the habit and havent been able to motivate myself.
    My summer bucket list has me making a blueberry pie, eating a s’mores (check that off!), going to the beach, reading tons of books, and riding my bike.

  22. Mary Allison Jul 5, 2013

    Great podcast as usual, but this time I was compelled to leave a comment. First, I was really curious to see the picture of the popsicles since I had not seen it before listening to the podcast. I was imagining the skinny popsicles, so I was relieved they were the normal sized treats. I think they look fine… leave it to the kids to ruin it for everyone else. Anyway, it was a fun story. I also felt compelled to make a comment to Tracy about her running curiosity… You don’t really need to follow any plan. The important thing is to get outside and move. Don’t worry about your speed, and just start out slow. Start out by running a few minutes… no more than four, then walk a minute. Just repeat this for twenty to thirty minutes. Progress from there by increasing your run time or total time. I’m involved in a women’s walking and running group where I live. We put on a Mother’s Day 5K every year and we mentor women at a local hospital who are new to walking and running for fitness, and this is how we start them out. You don’t sound like you want to become a competitive or distance runner, so just get out and enjoy. The most important piece of gear for runners are their shoes. Invest in a good pair of running shoes recommended for you from a good running store. Those will help prevent injuries as you advance. Another piece of gear to seriously think about is a good sports bra. See Jane Run is a good women’s running source in the San Francisco area. Running is not for everyone, but that’s why we try new things to see if they fit for us. Have fun!

  23. Cheri Jul 7, 2013

    You ladies crack me up. Thank you for the smiles :)

    Joy, both of my sons are swimmers and I’ll tell you that you’ll never have such a great workout. They’ve done other sports, but swimming is their favorite and they both say it works them out better than even football conditioning. Have fun with it!

    Tracy, you can get a lot of the same benefits with just walking as you would with running. I get terrible headaches from high impact but have found I often can walk super fast and it surpasses my jogging speed. Not to mention it’s easier on your joints. Good luck either way.

    When Tracy mentioned the Out of Africa song I also started singing Land Down Under and thought, that’s not right. Then I cracked up as soon as Joy mentioned having the same wrong song in her head.

  24. Jessica Jul 7, 2013

    I ran cross country in high school & vowed I’d never run again. Eleven years later I gave it a try again. It definitely took me awhile to get going. The first few days running a half mile felt like death. I agree with the commenters above – start with intervals (run/walk) and slow down if you’re struggling. Good shoes are critical – go to a running store & have your gait analyzed to get the right shoes. I like to use the mapmyrun app to track how far I’m running. A good playlist & decent scenery help quite a bit too! Good luck!

  25. Neasa Jul 8, 2013


    Someone has probably already said this but in regards to the Ku-wee-va name of your swimming instructor- that’s an Irish name. It’s really popular here and normal (I don’t think I’m getting why it sounds funny to other people.eek!)Anyway it’s spelt Caoimbhe or Caoimhe depending on how people want to do it. I also have a weird Irish name (that made living in New Jersey super interesting) so have some pity on us people!

  26. My motivation for running is that it’s just about the only time I get to be by myself these days (without having to justify to my husband why I’m leaving him alone with two kids). I typically go in the evenings after they’re in bed (so 9:15–9:30), and I run without music now because I’ve found that having the quiet is so much more relaxing for me. I’ve worked myself up to 5.25 miles, and am thinking of doing a 10K this fall as a goal (though the idea of running with other people around freaks me out!)

  27. Ciara Jul 8, 2013

    My mom really wanted to call me Caoimhe (the swim instructors name) but my dad vetoed it as he thought it would be difficult for me to make friends in America where they were moving too. I ended up with Ciara which is still difficult (its pronounced the same way as Keira/Kira) but much less atrocious sounding (in my opinion) I nearly died when I heard you guys giggling about the name.

  28. For the girl in Boston, gazpacho is easy to make in a blender and great on hot days. This is my favorite recipe for it: http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/4430/gazpacho

  29. Karin Jul 9, 2013

    Is anyone else unable to get this episode on iTunes? I subscribe & it was in my feed one day and then when I went to listen to it a few days later, it was gone. When I try to Add Old Epsies, the one before it is there but not this one.

    • Karin Jul 9, 2013

      P.s. I was able to listen to Fun-Hundred with no problem

    • Karin Jul 9, 2013

      P.p.s. Never mind. i was able to get it by going directly into itunes rather than trying to update through my podcatcher (which is the Apple ipad App, so that’s just goofy!)

    • Elizabeth Sep 4, 2013

      I had this problem! (on my iPhone). Totally weird.

  30. Thank you for answering my question Joy and Tracy!!! I made Tracy’s Grilled Greek Panzanella, and it was beyond delicious.


  31. Jenny Jul 11, 2013

    Tracy! If you’re going to start running, the MOST important thing I recommend is getting a good pair of running shoes. Go to a specialty store and get fitted. They’ll let you try on different things and watch you run in them ideally. A good pair of running shoes prevents you from pulling muscles from running improperly.

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