Hey friends!  Welcome to this, our 60th podcast.  Join us as we discuss solo wedding adventures, quarter life crisis, infinity scarves, and Ethan Hawke.  Yes.  All of those things.  Don’t worry… It barely makes sense.  Sixty is the new fifty.  Or is Fifty the new Sixty?  We can’t seem to figure this out.  No one said there would be any math.


Role Models:

Joy loves Jhumpa Lihiri for her book Interpreter of Maladies.  Ina Garten is a major role model… she was a nuclear policy analyst for goodness sake!   She also really knows how to live. Tracy loves Oprah, Martha Stewart, and Shauna James Ahern of Gluten Free Girl & the Chef.  Also, Tracy and Tsh from The Simple Mom Podcast are totally Joy’s mom role models.

Who are we watching the Olympics with?

Tracy chose:

Lafayette from True Blood!  (photo credit: True Blood Wikia) and this emo chic from Ghost World (photo credit).

Joy chose:
Garfield.  Mostly for the lasagna (image credit).

 Remember that one time Ethan Hawke wrote a book?  The Hottest State.  How did that happen?

IMPORTANT (and totally more serious that Garfield and Ethan Hawke):

If you want to write letters of love to the people involved in the shooting at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin, please do so!  Send some love to:

Sikh Temple of Wisconsin

7512 S Howell Ave

Oak Creek WI 53154


Thank you for calling and suggesting this, Kate!

You all have done a tremendous job with your homework.  Seriously amazing.  We love the peek inside your world.  Here are a few more images from where you listen to the Joy the Baker Podcast.  Check out last week’s photo awesomeness here.

ON YOUR WEDDING DAY!!??  You blow us away @fraeulein_kitty!!  So beautiful!

Matt listens out on his bike… which is suuuuper lightweight… Joy knows… she picked it up.

Jeannette listens in Zurich, Switzerland!  That’s major.

melissainalabana at5am

Melissa listens on the road at 5am in Alabama.  On her way to make cupcakes, yo!

Nicole listens on the back of a bike… because she’s more badass than all of us.

Stephanie listens while she gets her work on!  Tell us you cleaned your desk for this shot.  Everything is so in order!


We see your vanity doormat and we love it… we love it SO MUCH!

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52 comments on “A Blessing Disguised as a Scarf

  1. You have one more listener in Switzerland, and you should totally visit us here sometime. And I love Jhumpa Lahiri, read the Interpreter of Maladies a few months ago. She is brilliant.

  2. haha, that girl from ghost world looks like tracy!

  3. Morgan Aug 9, 2012

    Best day ever!!!

    Thanks for answering my question! It makes me so happy that y’all are Ina Garten fans as well :) & I totally {secretly} feel the same way about Oprah’s Instagram.

    Super awesome podcast! You guys are the best.

  4. heather marcus Aug 9, 2012

    love that author. am reading dark places, and have read sharp objects

  5. Jeannette Aug 9, 2012

    OMG, you mention my picture in the podcast! Didn’t expected that at all. And yes, the alps are (also) in Switzerland :-). I’ll send you a picture taken 5min from where I live.

    @Lena: I was wondering if there are other people in Switzerland listening to the podcast. So good to know there are!

    I agree with Lena: you should totally visit us here sometime, Switzerland could definitely use some help with excellent baked goods…

  6. Joy/Tracy/Michael,
    I had a crazy bout of insomnia last night and listened to the podcast at a ridiculous hour. Thank you for providing some much-needed awesomeness and comic relief. Also: when Joy said, “Garfield” I nearly fell out of bed laughing.
    You guys are the bomb.

  7. I wanna watch the Olympics with Lucas from Empire Records! Such a good choice! OR Ernie Capadino/Jon Lovitz from A League of Their Own.

  8. I love that Stephanie said you are the bomb. ditto thatI have an infinity scarf also and LOVE it. I listened this week on my way to Boca Resort with my baby (read 17 year old) girl for a little getaway before her high school Senior year. She thinks you’re totes maj. Love you guys!!

  9. I listen to you in Indiana, in Spain, and in the airplane on the way (either to Spain or to the US). So you’re listened to all over! You kept me entertained for two whole podcasts on an eight-hour flight!

  10. I’ve totally done the no-date-wedding thing. It has gone down two ways (yes, I did it twice): the first time, totes awk. Like, maj. The second time, I ended up making “friends” with the best man……totes maj. 50/50 shot.

  11. 30 is the new 20!! That’s the thing! I feel like I have been having a quarter life crisis on and off since the age of 20 (and I’m about to turn 26). Maybe I’m trying to stretch my chances of making it to 100. Tracy, I’m right there with you on getting married and having a baby early. Got that figured out already. Now, the career thing? Psh. I can never decide what I want to be when I grow up! I’m going to go plan my midlife crisis now.

  12. I want to watch the Olympics with Janice and Damian. Cady can stay home. She’s totes boring.

  13. Thank you so much for sharing the info and encouraging people to send cards! I haven’t been able to listen to the podcast yet, but it makes me truly happy and grateful that you guys were willing to spread the message and share. I appreciate it so much. Like I said on my call, thank you so much for brightening my week and inspiring others to do good.
    ps Lafayette would be the best person EVER to watch the Olympics with. But Bob Costas does have a special place in my heart, haha.

  14. Ladies and gentleman, thank you for this podcast which helped me survive the first part of labor as in birthing a child. I had to pause it every few minutes as the contractions grew stronger and closer (ask Tracy for clarification if needed). But I was able to listen to almost the whole thing prior to rushing to the hospital. Our beautiful baby boy was born Thursday morning. Thanks for getting it started off right. PS. Yes, I’m wearing mesh underwear.

  15. So I realized that I never told you guys that you were the inspiration for starting my blog. Remember when you gave that homework assignment to a listener who was stuck in a creative rut? I took it on too, and now I’m blogging almost daily and working with a designer to get it, you know, *right*. Thank you so much for the weekly entertainment (I listen to you guys while cooking… I put my iPhone in my bra so I can listen with earbuds… TMI?) and the encouragement to us new bloggers. <3!

  16. Maggie Aug 10, 2012

    I am so excited to listen to this!!! (I hope that sharing my preemptive giddiness is not too annoying; I just can’t help myself)

    I was doing re-runs this week:
    I finally tried out Tracy’s tip about shaving with coconut oil (I think it was in the “Embrace Your Inner Hippie” episode) and it worked really well for my super-sensitive skin. Love it! Thank you!!!! Next on my “Homefries to-do list”: 1) chocolate covered sunflower seeds and 2) today I WILL tell a girl that her dress is pretty if I think her dress is pretty.

  17. Hey Tracy…Lafayette is the BOMB and I would totally watch the olympics with him!! As soon as you said his name I was like..”Right on”…awesomeness..

  18. I totes went to a wedding alone early this year and was obvi supah nervous! Particularly since it was a crowd of adorable couples with babies and it was the type of wedding where babies were invited (I live in Vermont, what can I say). Let’s just say that it was all kinds of weird for me, a 23 year old single lady. After a few nervous moments, however, I immediately spotted another young, single lady with the same nervous smile on. We zeroed in on each other and became BFFs for the duration of the wedding! I had a buddy to sit with, someone to chat with and someone to drink plenty of wine with. Find that other single lady! She’s totes there. GOOD LUCK!

    • hannabird Aug 10, 2012

      Love this OSL idea, Amanda! — she’s there! I’m an about-to-be bride who invited two single ladies purposefully so they could be best friends all night.

      But I have to disagree with Joy. I’m having a very small wedding with a very strict, venue-declared people limit, so I’ve done extensive googling on this subject: the wedding invite rule is that if your name is on the envelope you are invited, and if the invite or RSVP card says “and guest” or something, then you have a plus one. Assuming you can bring someone can really mess up the numbers for someone like me! But maybe at bigger weddings it isn’t so critical?

      Also, I’m chronic blusher, can’t talk in a room full of people without going lobster, so my nerves are about being in front of the crowd. Wondering, does Tracy have any no-cry advice for The Big Day?

  19. I’ve been to many weddings solo and I always have a blast! Two tips: 1. If you’re not going to know anyone besides the bride, ask if you can bring a lady friend, because then you’ll have someone to talk to in the beginning. And 2. Figure out which ladies are there with dates that aren’t dancers, that way you’ll make some new friends and they can go out and get the party started with you on the dance floor! Overall, just be your awesome self because you were invited for that very reason!

  20. Andrea Aug 11, 2012

    i know it’s the end of the summer, but do you ladies have any tips for traveling on a budget? or any ideas/suggestions on places to visit in the U.S. for a good outdoorsy vacation? Thanks so much!

  21. I was dying laughing hearing Joy talk about the awkward 50 Shades of Gray convo and her dad! Awkward! Thanks for a lovely podcast as always, ladies and Michael!

  22. I have been to many weddings alone & I don’t drink! I almost always have other friends or fam there. Wear a hot dress, EAT a ton, get your dance on, and leave early if it sucks. You can do it!

  23. I’ve ONLY attended weddings alone – and it’s the way to go! The big plus is that tou don’t have to look after your date and make sure that they’re entertained and having a good time… and you have the easiest ice breaker question in the world if you want to strike up a conversation with someone: “So – how do you know Bob and Jen?” People loosen up as the reception progresses, you’ll have table mates to chat with, and if you’re feeling self-conscious about being solo just remember: no one else cares!

  24. Staci Magnolia Aug 12, 2012

    Melissa! And everyone else! Don’t be afraid of the non-trad date! I took my GRANDMOTHER to an out-of-state wedding last year and we had the best time!!! I had just started seeing someone and didn’t want to ask him and since my grandmother is a widow now but still a ton of fun I asked her. She was a hit!! We made it into a mini-vaca, too.

  25. Thanks for talking about Quarter Life Crises, ladies! It was so fun to hear you talk about it. Actually, the whole podcast was fun.

    1. I’ve done the no date to a wedding lots of times, actually. Just make friends! Not just with the single people, but with everyone. Then you can do that group dance thing like in middle school. It’s fun.
    2. My QLC is based more on a realization that my parents aren’t going to be around forever, and I’m not going to be around forever, which may be more of a mid-life crisis situation, in which case I’m going to die when I’m 50. Oh well. Maybe I’ll be one of those ghosts who’s too busy they don’t know they’ve died. This just got weird.

    Not that it matters anyway, because the world is ending in a few months anyhow. (I’m kidding, I don’t actually believe that.)

    Thanks, Tracy and Joy! You’re awesome!

  26. OMG I love Joy’s response of Garfield so much I could just die….thinking outside the box! Love it!


  27. I can’t believe that going solo to a wedding was brought up on this podcast! It was meant to be as I was just invited to a wedding of a coworker that is around eight years older than I am. I just moved to Portland and haven’t made many friends yet. I didn’t know what to do. I’m still unsure if I want to go by myself as I know the majority of people are coupled up. Good advice from other commenters so far. Helps a lot!

  28. Yeah, you pretty much hit the nail on the head for what a mid-mid-life crisis consists of.

  29. lucy neish Aug 14, 2012

    Am i being dim, but i can find any where on home fries where you are able to send in photos via email or phone>>>please help!

  30. LaneM Aug 14, 2012

    This is awesome! My grandmother would love this, I’m sure your’s did, Staci! Very cool of you.

    Speaking of this nothing important but totally important thing, I really like seeing where we all are and listening! It almost made me ask some chic lookin 20-30 something gals in the elevator today if they were listening! Prob for the best I didnt creep and take a pic of that though. Anyway, the point is I appreciate the community of listeners and all things JTB and Shutts.

  31. On the topic of quarter-life/mid-life crises… My mother emailed this to me today, and I had to share it. Gotta love the ladies of Garfunkel and Oates.

  32. I listen to you while I work on a reforestation project in the Bolivian Andes!

  33. So I’m sitting around listening to this podcast (finally…. I’m behind with all our moving), and my heart stopped when I heard my name. And then I blushed like nobody’s business. I adore you two! Mwah. <3

  34. sashaanne Aug 24, 2012

    People do say that “30 is the new 20″, because people don’t figure their shit out until around then unlike my grandma who got married at 21 and then instantly had 7 children over the next 15 years. I just read the book Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter by Meg Jay. Basically a must-read if you’re a twenty-something year old trying to figure out your life, or figuring you can wait until your 35 to do it.

  35. I would so watch the Olympics with Lafayette. AND Tracy!

  36. I realize this is v. late, so I’ll spritz it, but re: attending wedding alone or w/just a friend, it’s VERY handy (as a girl) to have guy friends. Esp. single guy friends who like to dance.

    ‘Cause then y’all can get dressed up, look fabulous, have a great time, & meet other people, but there’s no presh ’cause you’re not alone–there’s no scent of desperation. =) You’ll have fun, & your friend is psyched about free booze, yummy food, & pretty ladies.

  37. I love the beginning about explaining 50 Shades of Grey to your dad. I work in a bookstore and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to “delicately” explain what it’s about to grandmotherly women who come in looking for the next idea for their book club.

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