Hi friends!  We’re back with another podcast and it’s solid gold!  Lace up your shoes and get ready to run!

•  Rapid Lash, because our eyelashes are a commodity.

•  This American Life : A Little Bit Of Knowledge.  Unicorns don’t exist and Minnie Riperton was a soul singer, Maya Ruldolph’s mother and not a dang race.

•  It’s Tracy’s birthday month but what’s up with Susan Miller?

•  Style bloggers in their 30’s we looooove include: Kendi Everyday.  Sarah from A House in the Hills.  Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere.  It’s all about the polish.

•  Tracy still loves calligraphy even though she may not have the time for it!

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31 comments on “A Mini Riperton

  1. Polly Aug 11, 2014

    My fiance’s family owns a dealership…apparently you have the option to purchase the large bow when you purchase the car. Oh and they cost like $50.

    • Tracy Aug 11, 2014


    • Joy the Baker Aug 11, 2014

      i’d negotiate that price down to free.

      • I looked these up when I got my husband an office chair a few years ago for Christmas because he helped pick out the chair (and was home when it was delivered to our tiny apartment). I thought it would be funny if he woke up Christmas morning and this chair had an enormous bow on it, but they were waaaaaaaaaay too expensive, so I bought the largest & cheapest bow I could find at Walgreens.

  2. Hey Joy and Tracy! So good to hear your voices in my earholes this morning! Here is the song Minnie Riperton is most famous for: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kE0pwJ5PMDg

  3. I got a car with a bow on it when I was a teenager! VW Beetle. Don’t remember what I did with the bow, but it was purple! I have pics somewhere. I will share them if/when I come upon them! I worked at Kmart the summer before senior year, and my car broke beyond repair. After a week of bumming rides, my mom was an hour late to pick me up one day. Then, she pulls up in front of Kmart with this Beetle with a giant purple bow! Then I got to have a super sweet ride senior year and through college. I agree that as an adult, having someone pick a car for you would be awful. As a teenager, it’s pretty great!

    • Joy the Baker Aug 13, 2014

      that’s an awesome story, but how do you not remember what became of the bow!?

  4. All that talk about feeling polished made me think of this post (http://girlwithcurves.com/post/59568596229/instant-polish) from Girl with Curves, which I pinned forever ago. I’ve also started wearing statement necklaces and it makes me feel more put-together. Not that I usually ever feel polished… Heels and blazers are fun but I do love sweatpants. Also I have to wear an apron at work, which is lame and impossible to polish-ify.

    • Joy the Baker Aug 13, 2014

      solid! one of these days i’m going to try and button all the way up!

  5. You guys!! Minnie Ripperton, Loving You?! You know that song when you hear it! Have you seen The Nutty Professor? Eddie Murphy sings it w/ Dave Chapelle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pah3IHskdY

  6. Oh snaps. Just read the comments. Someone already beat me to the Minnie Ripperton bit. Bummer! Loved the podcast. I was laughing so hard in my car that I started crying at some point. All alone, in traffic, laugh-crying. This guy seemed so scared and offended.

  7. Desiree Aug 13, 2014

    I went to the Poconos with my dad and sister when I was 6 and mistakenly drew the conclusion that a “pocono” was just another word for a “mountain”!

  8. Sarah Perkins Aug 13, 2014

    OMG, I am just listening to the part of the podcast about wearing a cast and it’s bringing back memories of my cast experience. I DID have a cast on my leg and it WAS super, super annoying. I partially ruptured my Achilles tendon and had to wear one for almost 2 months. You’re right, wearing pants is hard and it looks super awkward when one leg looks bigger than the other. Also, I pushed myself around on one of those leg scooters instead of crutches. My left leg knelt on the scooter and then I pushed off with my right foot. Super cool! Luckily, they make waterproof casts now, which was a amazing! I could still take baths. And it was bright purple, so the colors have gotten better too!

  9. Minnie Riperton: My neice & nephew (2 & 4 yrs old) are scared of their washer & dryer because my SIL told them there are snakes in there (in an effort to keep them away from playing/climbing in). Now whenever I come over, the kiddies warn me to stay away from the laudry room because there are snakes in there that will get me.

  10. Jenna Aug 13, 2014

    As a kid taking swimming lessons we were told that if we peed in the pool the water would change color (turn bright green or something) and follow us around so everyone would know who peed. I was in my 20s before I realised it wasn’t true (after YEARS of swimming squad through school and university). I never ever peed in the pool though!

  11. I had a pine tree outside of my bedroom growing up. Every so often it would get these funny orange pods growing on it and my older sister told me they were BOMBS that would explode if they fell to the ground! For years I would be so scared to be in my room when those orange things were on the tree for fear of one falling off and blowing up my room. Seriously, at night I would go to sleep wondering if I would wake up the next day.

    One time when the tree had the pods on it my dad was trimming the tree, I ran out to warn him to stop so he wouldn’t knock a pod off of the tree (and die). My dad looked at me like I was crazy & then explained the orange things were not bombs but seeds. He then marched into the house to yell at my older sister for lying to me all those years. Ha!

    • Ashley Aug 15, 2014

      As it would have it…I broke my ankle 6 months ago this week :) I wore a lot of yoga pants…peasant skirts would have been so cute! Oh how I can relate to the funky post-cast smell…woof. Thanks so much for an fun and enjoyable podcast as always :)

  12. Mackenzie Aug 17, 2014

    Great podcast, always always brightens my day!!! Thanks!

  13. When I was little my family would go to the pool together and you ordered food by writing the order down on a “chit”, but I was learning how to read and read it as “sh*t” instead. My mom didn’t correct me and let me go around for a good long while that summer saying I wanted to be the one to get the “sh*t” and turn in the “sh*t”. I didn’t know it was the wrong word until I used it with another adult and got in trouble… thanks mom!

  14. I live in a really hot climate too, Joy. Cambodia. And yes, it’s often unbearable, but I try to keep a couple things in mind to get me through: butter gets to room temp in no time (instant cookies). The heat is great for rising bread and making yogurt. Seriously, just heat your milk, add your culture and then sit it on the counter…. made.

  15. Tracy you channeled Oprah! Great advice on sibling issues. Also Allie at Wardrobeoxygen.com has a great style blog. She’s late 30s and has a kid.

  16. I have spent ten weeks with a broken wrist … Technology HAS improved :) waterproof cast … And i decorated it like a watermelon!!! Thanks for chatting about this… Makes me laugh despite a real life annoying situation. Also, I hate talking about it!!! Who feels compelled to ask a complete stranger what they did to their wrist!!??

  17. Jessica Aug 21, 2014

    Hi girls, thanks for another great podcast. Just wanted to let you know that the calligraphy link seems to be miss-linked; it took me to the Cupcakes and Cashmere site again. I’d love to see it though, since it’s something I’m interested in. Thanks!

  18. Oh my gosh. I have soooo many “Mini Ripperton” like stories – all from my dad who was a single dad who probably didn’t know how to handle all my little girl questions.
    1. Kneeasles – When you scrap up or bang your knee. (Not a real medical condition come to find out)
    2. Afterbite is made of alligator tongue. – While this anti-itch stick is very effective on mosquito bites, alligator tongue is not an active ingredient.
    3. A-buck-two-eight-seven – The dollar amount all things seem to cost.
    4. Emmy-hands – The weakness in your hands in the morning that makes you unable to open milk jugs or applesauce jars. (Also not a real medical condition)

    Truly the list could go on. It’s fun to look back on now!

  19. Kathleen Sep 6, 2014

    My own mini riperton: Until I was about 18 years old, I thought “stunt double” was “stunt devil.”

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