Oh man.  We really do it this time.  We say too much.  Waayy too much.

On this episode of the Joy the Baker Podcast Joy and Tracy discuss a new social media app for the iPhone.  It’s called Vine… and Joy thinks it’s mostly a nightmare.  Tracy thinks Vine is mostly a tool for sharing funny television clips.  Spot on.

Joy and Tracy also discuss long distance relationships as they pertain to Africa, and they discuss the relevance of sexy phone talk in the 90’s.

All will be revealed… and so many movies will be renamed in cat terms.

Thank you for listening…

 Let’s talk about Vine.  It’s super time consuming and somewhat annoying.  Acceptable Vine videos include Cooper saying Gerard Depardieu and Arrested Development clips.

Maybe we’ll be eating our words on Vine in a few months.  Maybe.

Say you find yourself in a long distance relationship across the continent of Africa.  What do you do to keep the spark alive?  A book club or sexy phone calls?  Consider David Sedaris reading 50 Shades of Grey  (NSFW).

Want to talk about long distance relationships across Africa.  Of course!  Totally normal.  You might consider a mini book club to stay connected or… some sexy phone talk?  No… it’s not the 90’s.

Food magazines?  We’ve got suggestions.

Food & Wine
Every Day with Rachael Ray
Bon Appetit 
Donna Hay Magazine
Kinfolk Magazine

Joy, Tracy, and Michael made so much fun of group text messages that they got caught up in their own.

This is the cat picture that started it all.

 Out of control.

Do you have any clever thoughts?

For the best juice, you do need a juicer.  BUT!  If you have a blender, welcome to smoothietown!!


Really though… who cares about juice when you ca get fancy rollers?

Tracy saved her pennies for YEARS to buy the Caruso Molecular Steam Hairsetter.  Ummm was it only 35 bucks?

Thank you for listening!

Email us your questions at contact at homefries dot com

Call us and leave a voicemail at 817-82-fries.  We love to hear from you!

Big love to you and extra big love to Michael’s dad Joe!

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57 comments on “Apocalypse Meow

  1. Dustin H. Jan 31, 2013

    Here’s just a few cat renamed movie/ tv titles that I came up with. Enjoy!
    -The Nightmeow before Catmas
    -Mamma Meowa
    -Pretty Litter Liars
    -Real Housecats of:
    Meow York
    -Cats of life
    -Clawsons Creek
    -Pirates of the Cattabean

  2. Dustin Jan 31, 2013

    Just a few  renamed meowvies/ tv shows I came up with. I am thoroughly embarrassed at how fast I was able to think these up.
    -The nightmeow before Christmas
    -Mamma meowa
    -Pirates of the cattabean
    -Pretty litter liars
    -Real housecats of:
    *Meow York
    -Cats of life
    -Clawsons creek

  3. I’m not even all the way through this podcast, but its got to be up there as a favorite! “Are you chicken, McFly?” I die. “I don’t need that skill!!!” I love that these podcasts remind me of conversations I would have with my friends. Love you ladies.

  4. My friend Todd says “Nice, but I can’t believe they didn’t come up with Rear Windmeow!!
    ‘A house cat spies on his outdoor cat neighbours from his apartment window and becomes convinced one of them has committed murder.'”
    I can’t wait to listen!

  5. lol love the podcast so much, you guys make me laugh. love all the cat talk. 😀

    the great catsby!

  6. I think we used to have that steam hairsetter too! My mom bought it to curl my sisters and my hair when we were small! We thought it was the coolest thing ever!

  7. brandi Jan 31, 2013

    The Mewsual Suspects
    Catman Returns
    Harold & Clawed
    Rules of Cattraction
    The Clawedfather

    also, tracy, i do not think that those curlers were $35 back in the day. i remember them and i think they were more in the $50-$100 range. i pined for them hard! those and a spiral perm.

  8. Haha! I loved the cat interlude. Michael, you were (are?!) truly on a roll.

    American Mewty
    Cat on a Hot Tin Roof <– no changes needed!
    Catshank Redemption
    To Wong Miao…thanks for everything, Julie Mewmar

    Oh man. You're right – it's a can't stop/won't stop situation!

  9. Ashlee Spear Jan 31, 2013

    Frisky Business
    The Big Meowbowski
    Cat to the Future

  10. Live fast eat pizza Jan 31, 2013

    You’ve got mew
    When hairy met tabby
    Kittyshack or kitty’s hack
    Throw kitty from the train
    Stop or my cat will shoot

  11. Ruchel Jan 31, 2013

    For get Dogma….Catma
    Great Pod cats ahhh cast

  12. Live fast eat pizza Jan 31, 2013

    Mew lies
    Dirty Hairball
    The man with two cats
    A litter of their own

  13. I apologize in advance for some of these…

    Teenage Meowtant Ninja Purrtles
    Steel Meowgnolias
    Driving Meows Daisy
    Dennis the Meownece
    Meow and Then
    Fur Meowtail Jacket

  14. this is purely based on movies i have seen recently

    austin meowers (international cat of hiss-tory / the cat who scratched me / goldmouser)
    furry mewler’s day off
    cat to the future
    pitch purrfect

    ohh, cat puns!

  15. Have you guys heard of the Australian food magazine Delicious? It’s one of my favourites, I credit it with getting me interested in cooking in the first place! Also Tracy I like Donna Hay too (another Aussie publication!), it’s so pretty to look at! Though I have to say I find the recipes can sometimes be a bit hit and miss? I would be happy to send you guys a copy of either one if you like, I imagine they might be a bit cheaper over here!

  16. Live fast eat pizza Jan 31, 2013

    Hairball and the Hendersons
    Can’t hardly meow
    Reservoir cats
    Mi vida gato
    Rebel without a claws
    The paw that rocks the cradle
    Rosemary’s kitty
    Killer cats from outer space
    Smokey and the catnip
    While you were meowing
    Mean cats

    Cat stop, won’t stop. But really I’m stopping now.

  17. Nancy Jan 31, 2013

    Two Cats for Sister Sarah
    Meow Voyager
    To Meow and Meow Not
    The Kitty Always Rings Twice
    The Maltese Kitty
    Kitty Foyle (didn’t even have to change that one…)

  18. Your puns remind me of a game my dad and I play where we’ll speak to each other in only puns and try to keep on a theme. It was hard at first, but now I can’t stop/won’t stop! Haha

    Here are some titles that will make you catatonic (sorry):
    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Kitten
    Close Encounters of the Cat Kind
    Dances with Cats
    Paws and Prejudice
    Paw Wars
    The Last EmPAWror
    Le Mew-serables
    The Girl with the Cat Tattoo

  19. Anna nelson Feb 1, 2013

    So good ladies. So…good….totes made my night. Loves.

  20. Alexis Feb 1, 2013

    Agh Tracy! I remember the Caruso steam rollers, I had those! Talk about bad hair, why did I need them when I have naturally curly hair?! I love listening to you guys at work, y’all make me laugh.

  21. Elizabeth T Feb 1, 2013

    Finding Nemeow
    Catception (but Inception is just such an easy title to pun)
    Mewlie and Mewlia (Julie and Julia)
    Eat, Pray, Meow

  22. ella11 Feb 2, 2013

    omg, vine is SOO annoying … especially bri e. (I’m pretty sure you were referring to her, joy :-))

  23. bettyg Feb 2, 2013

    Please pick between:
    Saving Private Feline
    Saving Private Lion

  24. Elaine Feb 2, 2013

    Tracy – There is a Donna Hay Magazine app on itunes. $4.99/issue; $18.99/year. Have never used it – just can’t bring myself to go digital on magazines.

  25. Lydia Joy Feb 2, 2013

    Lord of the Purrings
    Catless in Seattle
    Les Meowserables

  26. CarrieLovesKeith Feb 3, 2013

    OMG I was listening to the podcast while cleaning after my kids went to sleep and had to like, bite my lip to keep from cracking up and waking them all! “Maybe that’s what you did in the 90’s… ‘I am such a heel'” Almost as funny as the Mos Def fiasco :)

    p.s. Mew’ve Got Tail

  27. Amelia Feb 3, 2013

    Hi Joy and Tracy! I recently discovered your podcast and I’m obsessed! Even though I’m only 13, I’m a total food nerd and I love to cook. So I have a question. What’s your favorite thing to make that’s vegetarian, and do either of you have a good creme brûlée recipe? Thanks!

  28. Claire Feb 3, 2013

    To the almost 14 year old asking about juicers; I have this Black & Decker (http://www.amazon.com/Black-Decker-JE2200B-Vegetable-Extractor/dp/B003ZDNKSS) juicer which is $40 on amazon. It actually works really well. I know $40 is still a splurge for someone without any real income but it’s an option.

  29. I need some blog advice from you ladies.
    I just started a new blog (in german) and barely have got any readers. I don’t expect to have millions of them, but i want to build an audience with whom I can share my experiences. (i know my english is bad :/ )

    It’s a blog where I try out a project (DIY or recipe) from pinterest every day.
    Any ideas how I can get more readers (I don’t have twitter and would prefer not using facebook if there was a different way), any projects I should try?
    I would really appreciate your help.

    P.S.: You two got me into juicing again. I looooooove my green juice with coconut water 😉


    Did you watch “Life of Paw” or “Les Meowserables”? 😉

  30. Angela Feb 4, 2013

    The Sound of Meowsic
    Romeow and Juliet

    Thanks for a great laugh girls. Love the “sexy phone talk” advice. Hopefully the couple in Africa is having their weekly chat in private.

  31. All I can say is you are all so creative. I attempted to think of something and just went blank. Serves me right for having two dogs. Great job you three. As always.

  32. Hannah Montana- Best of both Purrs 😀

  33. (I’m super sorry this is obnoxiously long)
    This comment is in response to your Long Distance in Africa Question from Lauren:
    Lauren, I moved to rural East Africa for a year or so after my boyfriend (now husband) Eric had been dating and were pretty crazy about each other. I too had really limited phone / internet time, so I totally feel your pain. I think Joy and Tracy’s suggestion of a two-person book club is a good one, but I know it can be tricky to access good books if you’re way out there, especially if you’re both in the middle of nowhere. So here were a few things Eric and I did to stay connected and not just “update” one another when we did get a chance to talk/email:
    1. Each month, I got a small notebook and basically journaled to him, letter style. Every month, I’d send him a notebook, and he would send one to me…and since mail was so sparse, when it did come, it was awesome not just to get a letter but to get a WHOLE BOOK from one another…and then we’d start again the next month, so there was a constant stream of letter writing going on. We now LOVE to read these as we lay in bed next to each other, married, and on the same continent.
    2. To keep our conversations fresh for those oh-so-rare phone calls, we liked to, about a week ahead of time, email each other some thought-provoking questions, to give the other person a chance to think about their answers….then when we were on the phone, we could just jump right into good conversation, and get through all of that awkward time-zone awkwardness. It seems a little cheesy, but it worked for us.
    3. My husband is right-brained-art-brained, so he really got us into the practice of describing (whether by letter, phone, or email)….so we’d spend time really describing the 5 senses of our surroundings at that moment, or of a situation we’d been in earlier in the week, really trying to paint the other person into the scene.
    4. Last but not least, I know w/ limited internet connection, it’s tricky to share picture/videos, but that can be so connecting. So, we’d take a bunch of pictures/video and save it to a CD and mail those each month too…maybe a USB would be less destroyable? This feels like 1995, but can be helpful :)
    Way to live in rural Africa and date long distance! You can do it!

  34. Furgo
    When Hairy met Catty
    She’s All Cat
    10 Things I Hate About Mew
    There’s Something about Meowy

    Gonna stop now… Ahh!

  35. Kelli Rolfes Feb 6, 2013

    Just wondering…..does your cat drink Meowtian Dew?

  36. Karin Feb 7, 2013

    Like Joy, I’m no good at movies. I am good at shopping, so how about hitting these stores:
    TJ Meoxx
    Barnes & Kibble

  37. Courtne Odle Feb 7, 2013

    Hey girlies…. this was my first podcast (podCAT? does it work? not a movie) listen and I SOOooo enjoy 😀

    So, on the LDR Across Africa…. Hubby and I had some significant LDR time before our engagements while he was stationed in England. We totally had a book club. 2 members. It was pretty rad. Great suggestion. I, also, fully support meeting in the middle of Africa.
    And why the “ugh” on Skype? You don’t have to make porn. We had lots of Skype dates.. we didn’t make porn buuuut I did hold my long hair over my top lip and strike a pose with my cool handlebar moustache..
    Do a book club.

  38. HeatherJean Feb 11, 2013

    Despicable Meow :)

  39. Rebecca in STL Feb 13, 2013

    I love puns!

    A Baz Luhrmann trio:

    Meowlin Rouge
    The Great Catsby

    And some James Bond:
    The Spy Who Loved Meow
    You Only Live Nine Times
    and of course…Octopussy

  40. Dear Joy and Tracy, I just had to respond to Joy’s uncle’s comment when he said he was not your demographic. I recently turned 50 and I LOVE, LOVE your podcast. I never miss it.! You girls make make me laugh every episode and are a breath of fresh air. They say age is just a number and it’s a matter of attitude. I totally agree. I wanted to let you know that your podcast DOES appeal to the over 50 group. Keep up the good work.

  41. Serendipkitty!

  42. I don’t know about movies, but I used to call my friends cat Chairman Meow. And sometimes Rachel Cattow.

    That’s all I have to add. Thanks for being the best, you guys.

  43. Nicky Mar 12, 2013

    I just finally got caught up on all of the JTB podcasts! I finally rated the podcast on iTunes (after 86 podcasts worth of reminders) and I figured I may as well leave a comment as well!

    I told my mom to listen to the JTB podcast because she is a big podcast listener, and this is the only podcast I listen to, so I wanted to share. This episode (apocalypse meow) was the one that she chose to listen to, and later told me she didn’t think it was for her. When I got to this podcast this week I think I figured out why – the discussion of what went down in the 90’s might have been a bit much for her! :) I think she related too much with joy’s uncle!

    Love the podcast…keep them coming!

  44. When I was a teenager, there was this kit that I kept on seeing on TV where you could string beads on your hair. I eventually purchased it but it was so not worth it. The beads would not stay on my straight hair very well, it was sad!

  45. Jenna May 14, 2013

    Hi Tracy – not sure if you still read comments on these old podcasts but you talked about self-raising flour in Donna Hay’s recipes & how you don’t want to have to buy a special flour. It’s really easy to do a substitute – it’s just one teaspoon of baking powder per cup of flour (and then split or multiply that as you need to). I never buy self-raising flour & that formula (something my grandma taught me growing up in NZ/ Australia) has always worked for me. PS. Love the podcast so much, I listen to it while I cook/ bake & also when walking anywhere.

  46. I’m dying here! My husband thinks I’m crazy because I was laughing hysterically over the cat thing!! Cat stop won’t stop.

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