We’re giving you advice whether you want it or not.  Sit back, relax, and take it all in.  We’re dishing on everything from family photo wardrobes to cocoa powder.  We’re north, south, east, west, and just left of Norway.  But first, let’s talk about Bachelor Pad 3… just to get it out of the way.  (Sorry.)

photo from sole city

It’s Fall family photo time!  Keep it classy with a Fall blazer in navy, green, or grey.  Pair with slim fitting pants, great knee-high boots, and some clean and classic accessories.

Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft would be just the ticket!

Top knot how to video tutorial!  Hair knowledge.

image credit

Honey Boo Boo.  Mos Def Not Honey Boo Boo Cocoa.

It’s like Uhh Yeah Dude… but not at all.  We love this podcast!

Let’s talk chocolate.  The good stuff is important.

King Arthur Double Dutch Cocoa Powder

Valrhona Extra Bitter (at a pretty reasonable price).

Callebaut Bitter Chocolate Pieces

Dark Chocolate Cake Doughnuts. Boom.

Lost Crates is a gift subscription program wherein you can receive awesome monthly or quarterly gifts from Joy.  It’s rad.  Read more about it here.  Last month Lost Crates partnered with pretty pretty Rifle Paper (above).  This month Lost Crates partnered with Cup4Cup Gluten Free Flour and Beanilla.

Tracy has some really amazing ways to organize her recipe.  Journals.  Folders.  The Internet.  She’s all over it!  Well done!  High Straightenence : Recipe Organizing.


Thank you for listening.  We love you , we do!

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41 comments on “Ask JtB and Shuts

  1. Noooo Jerry! You killed DJ Roomba! I was laughing at the parks and rec reference. Thanks for the chocolate lesson. PS Joy don’t chomp on some mistletoe I think it’s poison.

  2. I clicked that Honey Boo Boo link and was equally horrified and excited to find the Honey Boo Boo nickname generator… You can simply call me Jinxy Honey Pie. Thank you, come again! P.S. I love your podcast and look forward to it weekly. Is it too early for a two martini lunch?

  3. Jenny Sep 13, 2012

    Tracy, your obsession with infinity scarves makes me smile. And not only do I have a little chuckle every time you say the words, but your numerous mentions of this fine accessory have gotten me obsessed too. (I am easily influenced…sometimes dangerous, but usually for the good) I love to knit, and after an afternoon of searching patterns and rummaging through my yarn stash, I am armed and ready to create my own arsenal of infinity scarves. Thank you for the inspir-ah-tion. :)

  4. For your outfit ideas you two totally should have used Polyvore to create some outfits!
    And what’s wrong with Honey Boo Boo? I think she’s adorable!

  5. Tracy: Take me to your leader.
    Joy (quietly): He died.

    I almost choked, I laughed so hard.

  6. Amanda Barkey Sep 13, 2012

    Hey Ladies, GREAT advice today but fyi (from a former Canadian resident) they dont have Ann Taylor or Loft in Canada :(… I think they just opened up their first international store in Toronto but Family Photo Fashion Girl could go across the line to Washington to find one I suppose (peeps from Vancouver do that allot… there are lots of good outlet stores on the way down to Seattle) They do have a store called Reitmans that might be similar to Ann Taylor stuff. Also, those dark chocolate baked doughnuts look AMAZE! That was an awesome chocolate lesson- I was totally picturing Joy in a lab coat with thick rimmed glasses during that little lesson! Learned a ton, thanks!

    • hehe i was just gonna comment, there’s no ann taylor in canada (yet)! the one in eaton center toronto will open on oct 5.

  7. clare Sep 13, 2012

    J & T have you seen this blazer? Gray & white stripes, T-shirt material – aka perfect.


  8. Thanks so much for answering my question! You guys are awesome!

  9. Maija Sep 14, 2012

    Ahhh JTB- when is Lost Crates coming to the UK! Cali girl here and stuck in the UK for as long as i can see in the future. Although I am comforted by pimms, proper cups of tea and HENDRICKS GIN- i still miss my cali roots- and its expensive to feed my avocado addiction!!! But you and lady shutterbean seriously make the hole in my heart just a bit less empty ( Like i seriously swoon at the idea of Trader Joes… )!!! BUT SERIOUSLY! When are we gonna get some CRATE LOVE in the UK!? Share the love… INTERNATIONALLY! :)

    ok. bye.


  10. Helene Sep 14, 2012

    We have eternity scarves in Norway!

  11. Joy, I love you, but btw, Steve Jobs can’t come take away your iphone because he died last October. Unless you meant that he would come back from the dead? Creepy!

    PS: I’m also thinking about getting an iphone. Adulthood!

  12. Honey Boo Boo cocoa! Oh man, I couldn’t stop laughing–I don’t think I can make anything with regular or Dutch processed cocoa without thinking of that sassy little girl! Also, I think it is super funny when Michael “fights” with you while you’re recording. Fun times. Thanks again for another awesome podcast!

  13. hey, thanks for the mention :)

  14. When I heard the story about the girl in Austria I wanted to scream because that is exactly my story; I am doing my internship in Sweden also not a party girl and find it diffucult to meet people. But I do have a few tips:
    meetup.com is a place where foreign people all over the world make groups and meet-up; the groups are sorted on interest I have joined a foodie group.
    Join a sports club, maybe a student sportclub.
    Google what you want to do + Vienna, I love reading so I googled Stockholm + book club and found a great group.
    Learn the language
    Hope the tips reach the girl and they are useful…

  15. When I heard the story of the girl from Austria, I wanted to scream from recognition; I am doing my internship in Sweden (originally from Netherlands) and also not a real party girl and love cooking and baking as well; and I am aloso feeling lonily sometimes, but I do have some tips:
    – Look at meetup.com; its a community of people who want to meet other people it is represented all over the world and it is divided in subgroups; I for example joined the foodie group.
    – Join a sport club
    – Learn the language
    – Google what you want to do + Vienna, I love reading books and googled bookclub + Stockholm and found a great group.
    – Be open; ask people if they want to hang out and bake cookies, I know it is difficult but you might suprised…
    Hope you can use my tips (and that you read them girl in Vienna).


    ps Joy and Tracey love your podcast :)

  16. OMG Tracy…the fact that you dropped the “Multi Pass” line makes me love you more than i already do…if that’s even possible. Did anyone even hear that??? I almost fell off my treadmill from laughing so hard! Thank you ladies for always making my Friday Morning Ridiculously Long Treadmill Session something to look forward to :)

  17. Becky Sep 16, 2012

    I have this habit of listening to your podcast while I’m taking a nice, long bath (hence no pics for the photo-homework…) and it’s probably the most relaxing part of my week. Thanks for yet another awesome podcast!

  18. Carrie Sep 16, 2012

    I was listening to this podcast while on mile 11 of a 12 mile run. I was pretty worn out by this time and laughed out loud at Tracy’s “demand it” comment. A man rode past me on his bike as I was laughing out loud. He turned around and gave me a funny look. “What is this girl laughing at? She is running alone!” That is what he was probably thinking. It made me laugh even more. Thanks for making my long run a little more enjoyable :).

  19. Jenna Sep 17, 2012

    Hi! I’d like to give “Swiss Miss” a suggestion for making friends in Switzerland. Check out the website http://www.couchsurfing.com. It’s a website that matches up travelers with people to stay with, but it also acts as a place to connect travelers who simply want to socialize. Create a profile on there, and check out the group page for Geneva:


    They have local events posted on there, and I even see an event on there right now called “social and international cooking party” :) If you don’t see an event you’d like to attend, you should simply post on there that you’re new to the area and would like to meet people.

    I taught English in Poland for a few months, and was miserable at first but ended up meeting some great people through couchsurfing.com. It’s by far the easiest way I’ve found to make friends in a foreign country, and everyone I’ve met through there has been awesome. Hope it helps!

  20. Y’all are my honey boo boos.

  21. Nicole H. Sep 17, 2012

    Tracy, a Kate Spade case would be awesome but check out LifeProof.com. They have indestructible, waterproof cases and some cute colors. I have twin 2&1/2 year old boys and a busy life, this thing has put up with some abuse and my phone is still like new;)

    As always, love you ladies!

  22. inquiring minds need to know (before ann taylor opens in toronto in a few weeks):

    what is the difference between ann taylor and ann taylor loft?


  23. Thanks for talking about my fav guilty pleasure show Bach Pad 3! In January, maybe there could be a tiny weekly review of The Bach for us addicts, b/c I know my husband does nooot want to talk about with me. Pretty pretty pretty please?

  24. Did you know that there is already a “Swiss-miss”? She has a very interesting blog (I think Tracy will like it): http://www.swiss-miss.com/

  25. I just saw this and it reminded me of the family photo conversation. One of you said that you didn’t think babies could wear blazers. Apparently they can! So cute! http://www.fashionfreax.net/outfit/251503/Omg-Sooo-cute

  26. What i have seen here is that they do the orange and cinnamon with the gold tequila.

  27. I just listened to this podcast, and maybe I am a bit late, but I just wanted to say to “Swiss-Miss” that I live in Switzerland (Berne) and if you ever want to visit Berne or meet for a coffee, you should totally contact me. We have a great farmers market, too.

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