Joy and Tracy are in it to win it!

Have you made your Summer Bucket List!?    What’s in your summer?  Nail polish, S’mores, and a spontaneous dance-off?

We want to hear what sort of planned spontaneous fun you’re planning for summer!

Anne did it up right with a Summer Bucket Video!

Cookies shaped like doughnuts are totally a good idea!  Take this inspiration from William-Sonoma!

Funfetti from scratch!

Can we turn this into a loaf and serve it in a park!?  For sure!

Tracy got an emotional haircut this week.

Astrology Zone told her not to…. but she came out clean, pretty… and she got her feelings of her chest.

You all are looking mighty fine this summer!  Thanks for sharing you summer looks!  We’re totally inspired!

Kelsey!  That’s a good wedge!

Megan!  Dark lipstick and neon nails!  Work!

Meredith!  Out in the world lookin’ right!

Nicole!  RIDE!

Nikki!  Get sketching!  That’s totally a good summer bucket!

Sara!  This dress is perfection!

Staci!  White pants office chic!

Peetu!  Stripes whaaat!?

Rachel!  Purple always works!  So does literacy.

Beate!  These glasses speak summer!

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83 comments on “Birthday in Hoboken

  1. Whoaa.. My socks on HomeFries?? Among the other awesome pics that are posted here?? ***takes deep breaths to let this sink in***
    I was over the moon when you guys retweeted my pic, but this is knock-your-socks-off (see what I did there?? ;)) awesome!! Doing my happy dance.. I know what I’m listening to tomorrow at work..

  2. Aeshna Jun 7, 2012

    Tracy, you look lovely. The haircut was good!

  3. One step ahead of you lovely gals! Totally made my bucket list as soon as I was done listening to the last podcast– it involves throwing an old-fashioned slumber party, a drive-in movie theater, mustache tattoos, and a “Tour de Franz.” Thanks for the inspiration, ladies!

  4. I really enjoy you gals! Great job as always and Tracey really, really good job at saying what was on your mind to that hairdresser. You guys are awesome and I’m totally addicted to your podcast and a bit of a nerd about it. Anyway have a great summer and I look forward to all the quirky fun things that are said here. Much love all the way form Trinidad & Tobago ( it’s in the Caribbean) :)

  5. Yay, this is great! I’m so happy for summer!

  6. Betty Jun 7, 2012

    A few bucket items: 1. attend a meditation intro class (signed up!) to calm my anxious mind; and 2. road trip around the Great Lakes and to Canada; practice French in Montréal! I’m a teacher and today is the first day of summer vacation, soooo. Time to bucket and PARTY!

  7. oh and joy! it’s anne with an e, like anne of green gables. not annie! :) watch out or i might get just as feisty as the girl from avonlea.

  8. Yay, you answered my question!! *Thank you* I love all your ideas, especially the sprinkles cake (although the ice cream cake served as soup is a close second 😉 ) – I’m thinking the sprinkles would be pretty in bundt form with powdered sugar, then those long skinny candles. Or what about red velvet cake with white sprinkles in the batter and strawberries/blueberries in the center…(too much maybe?). As a second dessert I like Tracy’s idea of brownies; I don’t think I’ve made them in years (can that be true??). The cookies are gorgeous but might be out of my skill-set. Anyway, I’ll have fun puzzling over this and maybe making a test batch of something during a “post-baby-bedtime-at-home” date with my husband :) P.S. You should have seen Ava’s face when I pulled up this web page. Neither of us knew anything about it being related to my question… but as soon as she saw the cake, she said “Mama, let’s make that!” :) P.P.S. Everyone is totally invited, especially Elizabeth! :)

  9. Becky Jun 7, 2012

    I lie about little stuff like that ALL THE TIME.

    One time, this lady I didn’t know very well was asking me questions about my upcoming very small wedding. And I could tell that she was disappointed with my first couple (true) answers — that my arrangements were too small and boring and I was omitting things that she thought were important. (May I remind you: I hardly knew this person.)

    So I started lying! She asked me whether I was having bridesmaids. I wasn’t, but I said yes. How many? Three. What color dresses? UM, purple?

    IT WENT ON AND ON. I basically made up a whole other wedding, on the spot. It was truly ridic.

  10. Valerie Jun 7, 2012

    Oh man, Tracy I was totally enraptured by your story! That was super intense… I totally admire you for saying what you were feeling in what sounded like a matter-of-fact way rather than yelling at her or whatever. That was awesome. Also, great ideas for a summer party!! You ladies are fabulous 😀

  11. True life: I went to Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago for our groceries. I normally buy stuff to last two weeks. A big staple to last the two weeks is wine. Trader Joe’s has good and cheap wine so I bought four bottles. NBD to me… The nice lady ringing up my groceries asked, “Having a party?” I clearly was not but was shamed into saying yes and then creating a false party and false party menu. I feel your pain Joy!

  12. Elaine Jun 7, 2012

    Totes thought of 30 Rock w/James Franco and his body pillow, “Kimiko”, when you were talking about body pillows w/faces:

  13. Hi Joy and Tracy!
    Thank you for yo-selves and yo-happy voices.
    Terrible day at work. You guys are totes fixin this totes wack sitch fo-me.

  14. So awesome that you put my pic up. Glad you like the wedges, the brand is called Splendid! Love the podcast. Love you.

  15. Tracy….mad props on the hair as well as standing up for yourself….go girl go!

  16. That blue and white checkered dress totally inspired me to buy another dress and so now this summer is going to be dress-tastic! I’m super excited!

    and Tracy! Way to speak up to your hairdresser! You rock :)

    Sometimes, when I’ve had a crummy day at work, I’ll hit the drive-thru on my way home and I’ll get the combo meal and an ice cream. I always ask for two spoons for the ice cream…like I’m sharing it or something. It totally feel you! And sometimes I like to use an accent. Just for funs! :)

  17. emilynn Jun 7, 2012

    Tracy! You are my salon hero! Way to tell her what was up! This is exactly what I wish I had the guts to say……instead, I have just been cutting my own hair for the last 12yrs which now means I can NEVER go back! The ridicule for doing it myself would be too ridiculous to handle.

  18. Julie Jun 8, 2012

    I spent my birthday abroad 2x! The 1st time, it was my 21st so my parents threw me a surprise party before I left the states. I also had a big dinner with my closest college friends. When I was abroad, I celebrated my bday with the ppl in my program. Everyone was sweet and I didn’t expect anyone to really care b/c I had just met them. The 2nd time was definitely more low key. I took the “treat yoself” route….dressed up even though I didn’t want to impress anyone (but myself!), bought some expensive shoes (which are my fave heels to this day!), ate good food, and “shared” a drink w/ my bf on skype. I didn’t tell anyone it was my bday b/c I felt it was really awkward and I didn’t want to feel entitled to anything.

    I guess my best advice is to have low expectations, that way you don’t set yourself up for disappointment.

    Also wanted to comment on the college friends question. I joined a lot of groups and lived in the dorms which I think are the 2 biggest things you can do to make friends. The most meaningful relationships I formed were from my sorority. Greek life is not for everyone, but I really enjoyed it and still keep in touch with my sisters to this day :’)

    Ok, I’m done with my essay now. haa.

  19. Rachel Jun 8, 2012

    My little sis’ birthday is on the fourth of July. We usually make her angel food cake with blueberries and strawberries. Very festive and totes weather appropriate.

  20. Lauren Jun 8, 2012

    Heck yes, I want a beer and a wine! Heck yes, they’re both for me!

    Heck yes, I dye my own hair! Heck yes, something’s wrong!

    I’m so proud of both of you. It’s such a relief to know that other people my age have the same crazybrain thought processes as I do.

    I think we learned something about JUDGEMENT from this episode. It’s okay to order two room service beverages for yourself without fear of feeling judged. If you do feel judged, be honest and say something about it.


  21. Linda Jun 8, 2012

    Summer bucket list — 1. See Joy the Baker at BookPeople in Austin on June 19!!!

    2. Short summer haircut (did it yesterday — check)

    3. Pedicures and toenail polish all summer. Had my first one ever last week and now must maintain for sandal time here in hot Texas)

    4. Finish my 50 Random Acts of Kindess project before my 50th birthday in July. I just did number 44, started in November. Inspired by The Birthday Project. I’ve been posting them on facebook and many friends have said they have been inspired toward kindness by reading them. And I am less freaked out by the impending birthday…

    Thanks as always for your podcast, a great treat for my earballs!

  22. I am a teacher so I start thinking about summer a little early, so I made a summer bucket list wayyy back in May:

    I’d like to add one thing though — making Baked Alaska. It’s been on my Life List forever and I’ve decided THIS is the summer! Girlfriends, cocktails and setting cake on fire! YES!

  23. Yay, summer bucket lists! This is what I needed to kick start working on my blog again. Homework done and done! Thanks for the podcast (and the blogging) inspiration, ladies!

  24. attn tracy: two boozy (susan) popsicles with bourbon –

    a) Bourbon Peaches & Cream Popsicles

    b) Bourbon Butterscotch Latte Popsicles

  25. This could be a popsicle? Idk…

    I like doing Random Acts of Kindness for my birthday too. Also, when I was stuck for a whole day in O’Hare airport, I went around making life better by acts of kindness.

  26. Kelley Jun 9, 2012

    re: bra freezing – I had a slumber party for my 12th birthday, and my friends sneaked up to my room, took a bra from my dresser, and froze it in the little bar fridge in our den. Clearly I didn’t wear it frozen, but it was maje embarrassing when they showed it to me in the morning. Never really figured out what the point was.

  27. So, hey, I made a summer bucket list, too! :)

    Mostly because I wanted to have fun creating a cute graphic.

    Sno-cones, camping, and photographing my first wedding. Yeehaw!

  28. Katie Jun 10, 2012

    So… My birthday is on the 4th of July…and I have an Ice Cream Cake…EVERY YEAR!

    Is this a strange thing to do? It’s hot. Doesn’t everyone want a cool and delicious Ice Cream Cake? ( I suppose if you party away from home, it would be cake soup in the making.)

  29. homework! homework!

    not a bucket list per se, BUT a list of my summertime ESSENTIALS:

  30. Isabella Jun 10, 2012

    Thank you for the fun this week joy, Tracy, and mr. M. Happy summer-ness!

  31. I live in Hoboken! It would be an amaze-balls place to have a birthday. Tracy, I love your hair story. I’m so bad at standing up for myself in those situations so you’re my hero this week!

  32. Homework alert!

    Can’t wait to start crossing some of these off soon.

  33. Yay for homework!

    (Wait–did I just say that?)

    My summer list involves people and gardens and reading and learning and organizing. Thanks, Joy and Tracy, for the great homework assignment–I feel like I’ve got a summer of possibilities now!

  34. I made a bucket list too! Thanks for the motivation and another great podcast. I wrote about it @

  35. Summer bucket list- done! On time this time around too. Thanks for the homework, it was actually fun!

    • sorry I should clarify…fun, unlike the homework I used to do in school. Anything Homefries related is almost always awesomely fabulous and entertaining.

  36. Y’all “totes” inspired me to make my summer bucket list. Even though I have a few days still left in school (just need to make it through one last final) I have already been working on a few of the items on my list. Gotta’ love the accountability that comes from posting it to your blog haha

    Check it out here:

  37. Laura Jun 13, 2012

    Hi ladies! I have a question and I’m hoping you can help me. I am helping to throw a party at the end of this month- for food we’re just doing desserts, and small one or two bite things. Trouble is that I volunteered to make the food. Don’t get me wrong, I love to bake, but I also work full time and there’s no way I can make it all right before the party. So- question is, do you know of any recipes that might fit those requirements that I could start making now and freeze?

    Thanks ladies!!! You are the best :)

  38. Here’s my summer bucket list:

    Yay summer!

  39. Am I too late to submit my homework? Hopefully not! Thanks for the awesome homework assignments, ladies! It definitely beats studying for finals…

    Excited for summer now!

  40. Well, here’s a list of my summer essentials. Which is not a bucket list, but whatevz.

    Since it’s summer and we’re all talking about summery things, did you ever go to summer camp? This summer, I’m a counselor at a day camp and I would lovelovelove to know your favorite summer camp activities/crafts/if you were ever a lanyard master.

    ALSO ALSO, Dear Joy, I just used the money I made from selling back my books on Amazon to buy your cookbook. I traded learning about feminism and the economy for cookies (no regrets).

    • Tracy Jun 13, 2012

      I loooooooooooooooooved camp. LOVED LOVED LOVED. Perhaps we’ll talk about it soon!

  41. Tracy, good job answering the “stylist” honestly! Sadly, I bought the advice for many years and now that I’m using Trader Joe’s shampoo and no product, my hair looks healthier than ever. Go figure.

    • Tracy Jun 13, 2012

      Woot! I love the way Trader Joe’s shampoo smells. Sadly my hair does not like it. Whatever WORKS!!!!!!!

  42. Ladies, my summer bucket list is to have a dinner party. I never have people over because I’m too neurotic about the state of my house (I’m messy!), my guests staying too late (no really, I have friends that won’t leave my house even after I go to bed!), feeding non-family my home-cooking (what if they don’t like it and they’re just being polite?), everything! But, I want to have a dinner party and serve turkey. Because I have one frozen in my freezer that I’ve had since December – my friend works for Costco and they get them every year for Christmas and she always gives me hers. My QUESTION for you ladies is…what’s a good way to do a summer dinner party with turkey!? Maybe butterfly it and grill it? I want to totally ditch the Fall traditions and break out some fun flavors. Any ideas?

  43. Rachel Jun 13, 2012

    “In the SummerTime” by Mungo Jerry is a great summer song! It would be perfect to do a happy, fun dance to!

  44. katie Jun 13, 2012

    Joy & Tracy,

    1) I freaking love this podcast
    2) I listened today and totally FREAKED when Joy mentioned how she told room service her order was for two; I’ve totally been there, except in my own home. My husband was out of town and I ordered Dominos pizza and love both thin crust and regular pizza, so i “treat cho self”ed myself and got both. Not only was I paranoid about my double order pizza for one but I was nervous that the delivery man was going to thing I was home alone so I purposely placed my husband’s shoes by the front door (which is glass) so the pizza man (or wo-man) would think he was home. So when I openedd the door i shouted BABE PIZZAS HERE. Im a total freak.


    • I die! “babe the pizza’s here” !!! On a similar note, when I first moved to Tulsa I was by myself and didn’t know anyone. I wanted to order some food from a delivery restaurant catalog… I had never seen anything like it- full menus, fancy meals delivered to my place. It sounded perfect – I had major munchies but wasn’t in the mood to go out to eat by myself. I called and they said the minimum order was a lot of money… like $50 I think. So I panic ordered three entrees and a massive dessert that could have fed a half dozen people. I was super self conscious about the delivery guy wondering who all the food was for, considering my small studio apartment that was clearly empty. I said something awkward to him about how my friends would be so excited to see their dinners when they got to my place. I proceeded to eat that food over the next couple of days…. although I sampled each dish that night. P.S. (unrelated) Tracy is seriously brave for telling that girl what’s up *before* the hair cut…

  45. I’m a little late but I did my homework!
    Love listening to you both every week! :)

  46. I’m also late but just published my homework!

    I listen to you guys every week! Thanks for the smiles!

  47. Jenny Jun 16, 2012

    Late to the bucket list party but it is pretty simple
    Work on open water long distance swimming.
    Stay nice and cheerful even though I live in summer vacation crazy land! This is my goal every year and always by August I totally loose it-which makes me even more upset because I hate to be that person. One of the best ways to do this (I am sure Joy will approve) is to ride my bike every where. That way I am not dealing with the crazy traffic AND who can be in a bad mood when they are riding a bike.

  48. Oh Tracy I have so been there with the emotional haircut! I had a hairstylist once that all of her cuts were some form of a bob. After awhile I broke up with her because she just would refuse to do anything, but some form of a bob. Good for you for standing up for yourself, I’m always intimidated to tell them I don’t like what they’re doing because they might do the Vincent Van Gogh on one of my ears, sharp scissors eek! Love you ladies and the podcast!

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