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Homefries University

Birthday in Hoboken

Joy the Baker Podcast 52

In This Episode…

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Joy and Tracy are in it to win it!

Have you made your Summer Bucket List!?    What’s in your summer?  Nail polish, S’mores, and a spontaneous dance-off?

We want to hear what sort of planned spontaneous fun you’re planning for summer!

Anne did it up right with a Summer Bucket Video!

Cookies shaped like doughnuts are totally a good idea!  Take this inspiration from William-Sonoma!

Funfetti from scratch!

Can we turn this into a loaf and serve it in a park!?  For sure!

Tracy got an emotional haircut this week.

Astrology Zone told her not to…. but she came out clean, pretty… and she got her feelings of her chest.

You all are looking mighty fine this summer!  Thanks for sharing you summer looks!  We’re totally inspired!

Kelsey!  That’s a good wedge!

Megan!  Dark lipstick and neon nails!  Work!

Meredith!  Out in the world lookin’ right!

Nicole!  RIDE!

Nikki!  Get sketching!  That’s totally a good summer bucket!

Sara!  This dress is perfection!

Staci!  White pants office chic!

Peetu!  Stripes whaaat!?

Rachel!  Purple always works!  So does literacy.

Beate!  These glasses speak summer!