Hello friends!  We’re back with another podcast for you!

This week, we ramble on about how to have houseguests (Tracy suggests dark colored towels and lots of pillows), and some of our favorite treats for the upcoming summer months.  It’s the usual chit-chat with a side of Instagram booty.  We’re way too into it.  Thanks for joining us!


My friend Whitney is helping me define and curate my look for summer.  It’s a cross between Solange and 90’s Sade with a side of tribal vibrancy and Paris chic.  Sounds crazy? I’m all the way in.  Here’s a look at the fashion inspiration mood board Whitney created for me.

I’ve found my true calling:  making super couture Jell-o shots.  I will have a few recipes on my blog soon, but in the meantime, here’s some Jello-shot inspiration:

Cadillac Margarita Jell-O shots

Champagne Jello-Shots

Watermelon Lime Jello-Shots

Tracy requests a Root Beet flavored Jell-O shot perhaps containing this ROOT liquor which is actually really really tasty.


Tracy’s Mexican Peasant Blouse

Because we’re obsessed, here are some of our favorite Instagram fitness/booty/workout accounts:











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29 comments on “Blasting My Abs

  1. Yeah, totally agree with your caller – you girls are just fab (ps I’m so like you Tracy in the whole stress of having visitors/hating the phone thing) xx

  2. If you all figure out a good recipe for root beer Jell-O shots, please let us know!

  3. I was cracking up listening to you guys this morning while running with my jogging stroller while my little guy napped. I must’ve looked like a crazy person laughing to myself. At one point, I kind of forgot you weren’t live & stopped to tweet you this shot recipe I saw the other day, it looks awesome: http://www.tablespoon.com/recipes/margarita-jello-shots/211279e9-f36d-4f69-94f2-94c7a4dbbf58 Then I realized, it could wait. Like I need another excuse to stop exercising.
    Also, Joy…my cat gets out when guests come over, thank god we live in a condo. One morning after my husband had his bro over late I couldn’t find him anywhere…he slipped out when he left at 1am and neither of them noticed. Poor guy was in the hall all night – it’s a huge mill – he made a friend who was going to “foster” him and another that wanted to adopt him. Really? He was gone maybe 7 hours!!
    And Tracy, guests make me so nervous, especially ones that haven’t been over before! And I SO hate phone calls. How do you start them? How do you end them? Texting is simple. It’s defined.

  4. Tracy, I got my blouse/dress from Forever 21. It’s the same one everyone and their mother owns, but I really like it. It’s called “on the range.”

  5. Super excited about the mention on the show today! Thanks, friends!! So you have to look at cjaneplay on insta. She is my besties daughter and a mother of two of the cutest littles. She is crazy amazing with her yoga. And she doesn’t fake tan. Love you girlies!

  6. BTW – from now on you guys will be talking to each other (or anyone) and find a sentence so perfect that you will want to count the words. It is super satisfying when it’s six. :)

  7. Nicci May 20, 2014

    Speaking of good Instagram feeds, you ladies may appreciate one I discovered while listening to this episode – youdidnoteatthat URL:http://nymag.com/thecut/2014/05/seriously-stop-pretending-you-ate-that.html

  8. I loved checking out this blog- alcoholic Jell-O shot recipies from scratch ( Pinned pinned pinned) http://myjelloamericans.blogspot.com/

  9. I am now obsessed with an instagram account “@youdidnoteatthat” its about busting all the skinny girls who post pictures of themselves holding baking goodies and it’s hilarious… sometimes I feel bad for them though…

  10. Heather May 21, 2014

    Hi, Joy. You can get H.H bagels at Stein’s Deli on Magazine. I have also heard that Cake Cafe in the Marigny makes a pretty good bagel.

  11. one day on an instagram spiral (omg I got lost for too many hours!) I noticed that Joy, you were following all these hunky, busty bodybuilders. I was like, hmm? But I instantly popped from picture to picture and was totally absorbed. hilarious and I get it. insta addiction spirals. beautiful, horrible, fascinating things. loved that you got all into on this episode.
    Tracy, your laughing is the best.
    thanks! always

  12. Natalie May 21, 2014

    Aww! I was just clicking through the instagram feeds you guys posted when my husband walked by and I was all like…”Uh, nothing going on here.”

  13. Joy, houseguests have (accidentally) let my cat out TWICE. Fortunately we were able to find him both times within a relatively short time frame but I acted exactly the way you did. Trying not to be passive aggressive but really struggling to deal with that persons presence, all the while thinking “i hope for the sake of our friendship i find him because i dont think I could handle seeing you anymore if you lost my pet forever” so STRESSFUL. I am thinking of posting a sign up on my door whenver someone comes to stay “Close the Door Behind You. The General will try to get out!”

  14. Jackye May 22, 2014

    Tracy Ive been wanting to do a whole 30 for a while now. I never have anyone here to hold me accountable! I would definitely do it and follow along with you, hearing you talk about it on here motivated me to start it in between my old job and my new job.
    And btw – I totally follow those insta accounts (among other #fitfam accounts) and get lost for hours when I should be sleeping. Meal prep, abs and burpees for days

  15. Holly May 22, 2014

    Wait, do the cat-loosing guests not listen to your podcast? If so … AWKWARD

    • Joy the Baker Jun 2, 2014

      i didn’t say anything that i wouldn’t say straight to their face! that’s real. too real?

  16. Dark washcloths… genius!

    Joy, how did you define your style for Whitney to make the mood board? Did you send her photos of stuff you like and let her take it from there? Such a great idea.

    So glad peasant blouses are back, but yeah, the cut needs to be right or they can make you look pregnant.

    • Tracy May 31, 2014

      it’s all about the cut!

    • Joy the Baker Jun 2, 2014

      well… whitney is actually a really old/great friend so she really helped me define my style without me having to send her a bunch of mood board pictures. she has vision! i feel like every girl needs a friend with real vision.

  17. Love you guys! I never miss a podcast and love to re-listen to the old episodes. I wanted to go and look at the old show notes for the really old episodes but I can’t seem to find them on this site :(

  18. Sort of in line with the above comment, but is there any way to listen to the 1st 20 episodes? I can only (only being used loosely) see 100 episodes on iTunes but I’d love to listen to the first one, just to hear how it all started! :)

    • Tracy May 31, 2014

      We’re working on it! Thanks for your patience!

    • Joy the Baker Jun 2, 2014

      we’re working on building a whole new site and fixing the feed for you! so sorry about that! thank you for your patience!

  19. Stacey Oct 1, 2014

    UUUUM is there a link to the photo at the top? I am dying for that recipe if its out there- it looks AMAZING!

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