Why are we talking about blazers!?  It’s too dang hot!

This week on the Joy the Baker Podcast, Joy and Tracy sweat it out together in NYC and Pennsylvania.  They talk about jealousy, inspiration, destruction… and maybe-dates.  Also… what’s a red flag in a dude’s apartment… and why is there never any toilet paper!?  Geez.

We met Sara in the streets of Soho!  It was fantastic and we were sweaty.

She was listening to our podcast right when we ran into her!  How nutso is that!?


We spent the weekend at a small blogger conference called The Big Summer Potluck.  We made fast friends with Deb from Smitten Kitchen, and promptly made her pose in tons of pictures with us.  No biggie. (total biggie).


Celia was a gemstone and made us Boom Boom Pow tshirts.  This is such a big deal.  For real.

THANK YOU! (Joy is wearing hers tomorrow.)

Joy made these Toasted Marshmallow Squares at The Big Summer Potluck.  A total win, and bonkers easy!

What do you bring on a Maybe-Date!? Well… a Plum Crisp, some lip gloss, and a novelty door mat.  Duh.

Plums & Peaches with Sesame Crumble. Bonkers Good! 

Katy on a patio in Brixton!

Susan walking the dog!

Judi is living her life, listening in the bathroom.  Good  morning!

Megan is just getting through the day!

Meli is working from home!

Not Miranda is driving past Watergate.

Brianne is showing off her summer digs, listening to the podcast.

Tess is in the car!  Hello…!

Rachel is at work… you the, the usual.

Sherri runs with us while her boys are in bed!  She runs sideways…. like this picture.

Sophia knows science!

Whatcha doin, Bob?

Wait… is this our producer Michael?

Samantha lives in the wild!

Anne listens and designs.  i LOVE this view!  And I want a necklace.

Jocelyn in Connecticut!  I love your finger puppets!

Lizzie we love your face!


Graylin is on her chores.  Laundrytown.

Megan is chillin at work with her cookie headphones!

Stephie is on a business trip.  We hope you ordered room service!

Doing big things at the Picking Daisies shop!

Carey is on the road!

Lucy is on t he train!

Jennie is shucking corn! Shuck it!  Buck it!

Fraeuline Kitty is on her way to work.

Aysha in Michigan!

Holly is at work.  Hello!

Ellie in the streets of Hoboken!

Lauren listening on a Friday at work.

Leah is listening, and waiting for 4pm.

Jesi is listening at Trader Joes’s… buying cheap wine.

Sam in her empty office.  It’s the weekend!

Katherine is packing for a move.  Go on, girl!

Gwen is in the kitchen!

Anne is book keeping.

Jill is on her way to work!

A belly blogger is on a run!

Becky is making fondant flowers!


Cassie is going on a run.  Good on you!

A Family’s Life is hanging with her bebe.

Kali in the kitchen with a pie!

Kayla is on her grind (with cute hair).

Bridget is making her baby listen to us.  hahaha!

Delmy can’t sleep…


Sara is packing!

Jen is really getting down to it!

Carolyn is coming back from Vancouver!  Happy listening!

Kim is driving through the night.

Amy has been Trader Joe’s inspired.

Grace getting her walk on!

Nicola is getting her cat and sew on!

Jennifer on the night shift.

Anila on a cross-town bus!

Michaela at the gym!

Jen Whitfield is chillin at work!

Tina listened on a road trip from Washington to Idaho!

Liz wrote from Portugal!

Winter listens in the garden!

Jon and his wife listen on road trips!

Laura listens in Canada. Yum!

Matt stepped it up with a biking collage.  Boom!

Sha listens in Singapore!  Wow!

Joanne listens while she irons.

Tracy listens while she trains for a Susan B Komen bike ride in Aspen.  Go get em!

Sarah listens while shopping.

We love you We love you We love you and we certainly don’t tell you enough!

Thank you for sharing your world with us!  We just adore you.

We’ll be back with more jokes next week.  Promise!

Cover art for this episode from Brain of A Food for Thought.  Thank you!

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55 comments on “Bleazy Steez

  1. heathedora Aug 2, 2012

    Great Show! Love the pics, but I’m 0-3 with my pictures. I guess I need to step up my game because I’m clearly not producing a cool enough photo for the show notes.

    • Where did you send your photo? We tried to post them all.

      Try contact – at – homefries

    • Don’t feel too bad. Mine didn’t make it either!

      • Guys! We didn’t filter, we tried to include everyone. If yours didn’t make it, let us know how you sent it. (Twitter, email, etc). Or send us a link and we will add it.

  2. You girls are lookin’ cute! So know THAT.

    Thanks for the podcast that made my Thursday way more fun.

  3. heather Aug 2, 2012

    Great show, ladies. It was a bit mellow, but I love hearing lots of real-life talk. Speaking of real-life, I have to say that I am a bit bummed that my photo didn’t make the cut yet again! I am now 0 for 3 with my pics and am totally rethinking my entire philosphy about iphone photography. I clearly need to up my game to end up in the show notes. Thanks for making Thursday mornings entertaining.

  4. Tracy! I love your dress in the top photo! I was wondering where its from? Thanks!

  5. I am loving y’all’s dresses in the pic for this podcast, especially Tracy’s! Where can we find those?

  6. Love the real talk ladies. Very Oprah-esque! I do hope buh-bye-o becomes a frequently used word!

  7. Shanna Oakley Aug 2, 2012

    Please tell me you ate the entire bag of dill chips? That could easily be dinner for me and I wouldn’t feel bad about it! 😉

    • When I woke up the next morning…the bag was sitting on our hotel desk…EMPTY. YES!

  8. Grace Aug 2, 2012

    Now that I’m all caught up on the podcast episodes, I look forward to Thursday afternoons at work. Today I bursted out laughing in my office when you guys were talking about what you look for at a guys apartment. Everything you mentioned was so true!

  9. fusilliamy Aug 2, 2012

    Loved the new podcastio and I love looking forward to Thursday mornings! Have to say, I’m curious how Joy’s jealousy v inspiration went. I actually feel this a lot just as a reader. Like I’m not doing enough with my life or my house is a mess, etc. BUT there’s a great quote that I saw on Pinterest (not gonna lie!) that I remind myself of all the time: “Comparison is the thief of joy.” It’s helping with less jealous moments.

    And I was laughing so hard at your Lemon OUT moment!

  10. Jayne Aug 2, 2012

    Don’t forget me from Malaysia! You’ve got a listener from South East Asia here. :-)

  11. Linda Aug 2, 2012

    So true that we tend to remember negative feedback over the positive. Something to work on in my life, for sure. Accepting a compliment is a skill! So often I will hear a woman deflect a compliment rather than just say thank you and accept it. You ladies are fun and thought-provoking. As well as seriously funny. Thanks for living big and bringing us along on the ride with you!

  12. So great seeing these pics and all the different people and places. I sent mine via email, but I don’t see it here. No worries, though, because at least Portugal got a little shout-out! 😉
    Great show as always!! Thanks guys!

    • We were thinking of you when we shouted out Portugal. Not sure why it wasn’t added. I fixed that. Thanks!

  13. Thank you so much for posting my photo! Loved listening to last week’s podcast in the Brixton sunshine, but was back in the gym for this morning’s real talk! Miss you ladies x

  14. May I suggest extending the homework deadline to next week? Didn’t quite get the chance to send a pic before this week’s episode…

  15. heather Aug 3, 2012

    Hi Michael,
    I send my homework pics through Homefries’ twitter account. I also see that two comments were posted. When I attempted to send the first, it gave me some sort of error, so I sent another. Yikes, now it looks like I’m a total weirdo.


    Thanks for answering my phone call (about the blog comments, not about the maybe-date, I’ve been married for 5 years…so I’m pretty sure I know that our Chipotle dates are Real Dates).

    I wish I could post links to the angry comments, but I feel like that would be mean. And I try to be nice. 😉

    It tends to happen most often when I post about stuff about choices I made or how I feel about parenting stuff (ie: I write that we are renting, not buying right now. Which obviously means I am telling YOU you are a stupid idiot for buying a house. DUH. Or, I don’t have many mom friends because I have a hard time connecting over the singular fact that we both happen to have kids.). People get defensive, yo! And like Joy said, the vaaaaast majority are lovely, wonderful people, but then one person angry comments and suddenly I’m like, “Am I a spoiled brat? Am I snooty? MAYBE THIS ONE PERSON IS RIGHT.”

    I try to tell myself, “It’s about them and their own baggage, not about me,” but sometimes it’s hard! Anyway. Thank you, ladies. Nice to know I’m not alone. :)

  17. Michael, you’re a rock star for helping get everyone’s pics up. Can I add mine too? I sent it through Twitter to both Joy and Tracy from @reddparty on Tuesday. I usually listen while I garden! By the way, it is really awesome to see where everyone is from that listens to this here podcast.

    Ladies, what a fun (but chill/jet-lagged) podcast! I second all the comments on your cute dresses–you two seriously are so cool.

  18. Emily Aug 3, 2012

    Joy–while I love your recipes, I love your “real life” posts just as much! I like to read them and relate and think that we’d be bffs if we lived in the same place (not to be creepy). Keep on keeping on! Your blog wouldn’t be yours if it wasn’t authentically YOU.

  19. Joy the Baker Aug 3, 2012

    i’m sorry i didn’t get everyone’s pictures loaded. i really did try my best to hunt them all down!

  20. Don’t worry Joy. You already know what my face looks like. I need to get one with Calvin wearing some mini earbud and strolling around our house wearing a head scarf. I will try to get Matt to post one while he is on his ride tomorrow. Happy weekend Homefries. You all deserve to relax and enjoy the sunshine!

  21. I didn’t get around to doing the homework for this (so bad!!), but my husband and I usually listen to the podcast while we make and eat dinner on Thursday nights. You two totally make the day better! Our baby listens as well, but I see we’ll have to step up the competition and teach her the song… when she learns to talk. Maybe “totes” will be her first word. This week we couldn’t listen on Thursday night, so we listened this morning while eating blueberry pancakes.

  22. I just want to say that it totes made my day when I saw my picture on the show notes. And if I were to say totes out loud in front of my teenage children they would tell me to never say that again in my life. Because I’m not cool enough to say stuff like that. So Tracy, enjoy that little boy while he still thinks your the most wonderful person in the whole wide world. It may change. Just sayin’. And…listening to you talking about totally important unimportant important things is the highlight of my week. Love you guys!!

  23. I would not survive my excruciatingly boring job without Joy and Tracy! Sometimes as soon as the podcast is over, I just start it from the beginning again. LOL! Thanks for making our everyday routines so much happier!

  24. Great podcast as always :) Slightly off the subject of maybe dates, but on the subjects of guy’s houses… I once stayed a few nights in a guys shared house, purely platonic, just mates giving me a place to stay, and they were using newspaper because they had run out of toilet paper. I was horrified, fortunately I’m a girl, so I always have emergency tissues for any situation – but yeurgh!!

  25. Jillian Aug 6, 2012

    I always @joythebacker and @tracyshutterbean on instagram. Is there a better way to make sure my homework makes it in? I don’t have twitter.
    I’m a teacher…. completed homework is very important to me HAHAHA =)

  26. My photo would be just like Tess’s – in a Honda, using a cassette iPod adapter. Somewhere on the Mass Pike.

  27. Is there JTB podcast merch in the works? I could use a Boom Boom Pow apron, just sayin.

  28. Boo! My picture wasn’t posted either :( I put it on Instagram & tagged Joy & Tracey

  29. Yay! You used my picture! I was half-dead coming home to Hartford after traveling, but I still managed to do my homework and take a picture of my mini AirCanada plane.

    My dad used to say “I’ll give you something to cry about” too! As a child, I never understood what he meant; I thought he had a snake or tarantula hidden in the closet that he would use to scare me. Weird.

    – Carolyn (from Western Mass, traveling home from Vancouver!)

  30. I’ve decided there should be a variation of the boom boom, pow! shirt made for a family. Mom (boom) Dad (boom) and baby (POW!)

  31. Cynthia H. Aug 16, 2012

    I thought I’d try to get a shout out to my baby girl Jossalynn… she’s due 9/13/12 and has been listening to yous guys ever since her little earballs have been able to hear. She just might be the youngest listener!

  32. I’m a little late on this but…I think the dude in the “maybe date” scenario is getting bad props. He asked her over so he could cook her dinner, I would say that’s a date. Is he supposed to preface it by saying “I would like you to come over so I can cook you dinner: this is a date by the way”. I say he gets points for having a plan (not asking, “what do you want to do?”) and cooking. You go dude. And, it’s a date. :)

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